Love Handle 5 Review – Can Todd Kuslikis Get Rid of Your Love Handles Using The LH5 Method?

For busy men and women struggling to get a toned stomach, there is now a new program that can help you to burn off stubborn love handles. This multi-directional LH5 method is designed to give you the toned abs you want in only 5 minutes a day.

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One of the biggest problems that many men and women encounter when trying to tone their abs is that they only work one area. A prime example of this is the typical crunch exercise. Although millions of people around the world use this technique, it is practically worthless, according to the author of the LH5 method. Not only is it ineffective but it can also be dangerous, as it places an incredible amount of strain on your spine and neck.

With the LH5 method, you see other areas of your body, including your arms, thighs, and butt become more lean and toned as well. This is because LH5 targets all four areas of the abdominal region. By strategically targeting each area of the ab region in the right sequence, you are able to dramatically increase your results while decreasing your workout time.

What Is Love Handle 5 All About

Most abdominal workouts focus only on the Rectus Abdominus, which is actually only one of the four major muscles in the abdominal region. This region is comprised of four major muscles.

Rectus Abdominus – This is the region that most exercises target. This muscles enables you to crunch forward. If you only focus on this muscle; however, you are exposed to potentially dangerous injuries.

Tranverse Abdominus – This is the deepest muscle located in the abdominal region. It is referred to as the stabilizer muscle. You must perform certain stability exercises to work this muscle. Once this muscles becomes stronger, you will see your abs become more visible, revealing the tight, toned tunny you want.

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External Abdominal Oblique – This is one of the most critical muscles for reducing the appearance of love handles and giving you a tight midsection. Only specific twisting and side bending exercises will target this muscle and reveal the slim waistline you desire.

Internal Abdominal Oblique – This muscle is located slightly below the External Abdominal Oblique. It runs in the opposite direction, which is why it is imperative that it be worked differently.

Most abdominal workouts focus only on the Rectus Abdominus while completely ignoring the three other muscles within the abdominal region. This is why many people find they can perform countless sit-ups and crunches and still see no results.

By targeting each of the muscles effectively, you can slim your waits, trim your tummy and reveal toned abs while eradicating your love handles. Furthermore, by targeting all of the muscle groups sequentially, you can burn more calories, which is why this workout only takes five minutes a day.

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What’s Included With Love Handle 5

Love Handle 5 Todd KuslikisThe Love Handle 5 Workout System includes four different follow-along workouts that are designed to target your abdomen in different ways.

By performing each of these workouts, you’re able to unlock the different areas of your midsection, creating a toned and tighter abdomen. The following workouts are included:

Workout 1: Love Handle Shredder – This workout allows you to target the Rectus Abdominus muscle group. In addition, this workout includes bonus love handle specific exercises for slimming your waistline.

Workout 2: Love Handle Blaster – With this workout, you are able to target the internal and external obliques to eliminate your love handles. These exercises are typically never included in most abdominal workouts, which is why most people are still stuck with love handles.

Workout 3: Love Handle Annihilator – This workout specifically targets the lower section of the Rectus Abdominus while also tightening the internal and external obliques.

Workout 4: Love Handle Crusher – This 5-minute workout targets the Transverse Abdominus, another area usually not addressed by traditional workouts. These unique stabilizing exercises work to tighten this specific abdominal muscle.

Along with these workouts, you also receive instant access to the following:

  • An effective workout plan specifically designed for busy individuals
  • A food-timing truck that will help you to burn fat throughout your entire body without need to change what you eat
  • 10 easy-to-follow techniques that will boost your metabolism

With this program, you also receive free access to the Bodyweight Physique Program and Bodyweight Physique Academy, which includes exclusive interviews from fat-loss experts to show you how to burn fat while building a tight body without the use of any equipment.

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Each new module of the program includes:

Fat Loss Exercise Library – This includes HD videos to show you the proper form and execution for effective bodyweight exercises to burn fat quickly. There are multiple variations for people of all levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners.

Bodyweight Metabolic Intensifier – This unique and proven bodyweight metabolic intensifier helps you to burn fat using your own body only. Includes HD video and written formats to ensure you perform each intensifier in the most optimal manner and learn how to boost your metabolism even while you’re sleeping.

Bodyweight Physique Academy Workout Plan – This includes HD video and written workout instructions to ensure you know how to perform each workout. Also includes Done For You workouts each month. These workouts are easy to follow and extremely effective to ensure you never hit a plateau in your weight loss goals.

BPA Nutrition for Fat Loss Guide – Learn what and how to eat in order to quickly lose fat. Includes easy to follow fat loss food prep strategies that you can do even if you hate cooking. Also features a simple diet to help you get rid of unwanted fat without tracking calories.

BPA Guest Lectures – This exclusive VIP access to special podcasts and interviews from elite fat loss experts. Obtain behind the scenes access to top experts to learn how to lose weight quickly.

Pros and Cons

One of the great benefits of this program is that you can perform it in just a few minutes each day, which makes it convenient for men and women who want to get rid of stubborn love handles but who do not have a lot of time each day to dedicate to working out or going to the gym.

If for any reason, you don’t feel as though this program is right for you, just let the Help Desk know and you will receive an immediate refund without any questions asked.

Love Handle 5 reviews

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All of the materials in this program are 100% digital. This means you do not have to pay any shipping and you receive instant access to everything in MP3, MP4, and PDF format that can be viewed on any device. Consequently, you can get started right away without waiting.

For the moment, this program is available to a limited number of people for just $1, which is an incredible value. You are also provided with access to the Bodyweight Physique Academy program workouts for 14 days at no extra charge. Be aware; however, that if you decide to continue with the BPA program after the initial 14 days, it’s a cost of $47 per month. You can cancel at any time.

Love Handle 5 Review Conclusion

Overall, the LH5 Method appears to be a solid workout program specifically designed to help you lose weight, burn fat, and tone and tighten your abdomen. It was designed to work for even men and women who do not have a lot of time to a workout program.

In addition, this program contains an impressive number of bonuses, including follow-along videos to ensure you’re doing everything right.

The money-back guarantee is reassuring so you don’t have to worry about losing your purchase price if the program doesn’t work for you, meaning you really have nothing to lose to give it a try. I also recommend you check out the official Love Handle 5 website to learn more about the program. The website has additional details you might find useful.