Metabolic Factor Review – Is Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Program Worth It?

Here’s my Metabolic Factor review. Doctor Jonny Bowden, a well-known nutritionist who has helped thousands of people over the past 17 years lose significant weight and retake their lives has finally released his brand new Metabolic Factor blueprint program to the public. This is a new diet and fitness program designed to repair/restart your metabolism by introducing certain foods and exercises that stimulate M.A.T. (Metabolically Active Tissue).

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This allows your body to burn more calories, increase fat-burning potential and create more energy. I review a lot of fitness programs, but never one which makes the types of claims Dr. Bowden does. However, after hearing Dr. Bowden claims my interest was sparked and I decided to write up this Metabolic Factor Review.

In this review, I’ll do my best to provide you an overview of the Metabolic Factor so you’ll know if it’s worth your time, money and effort. In the next part of this Metabolic Factor review, we’ll take a look at what his new program is all about.

What Is The Metabolic Factor System About?

In short, the Metabolic Factor system focuses on the hormone IGF-1 which allow you to shed those pounds and it is produced in your body on its own, designed to burn off extra body fat, turns those pounds into energy, boosts your brain heart and other critical organs while also making you look and feeling years younger.

It is a natural weight loss hormone that was first discovered in 1957 and with no restrictive dieting, counting calories, worrying about eating fat or even deprivation of your favorite carb-happy foods, you can still lose and maintain significant weight while also achieving a healthier lifestyle.

The Metabolic Factor System is similar to opening a can of soda as this new hormone literally pops open your fat cells and forces the stored fat to be converted into energy.

Metabolic Factor Review

It also shrinks your fat cells and helps prevent weight gain in the future. The process is called Metabolically Active Tissue and burns 255% more calories than muscle and it’s all due to that wonderful hormone called IGF-1. After several studies, the Metabolic Factor system proved that the IGF-1 hormone is the single most important factor in continuing and maintaining weight loss.

This hormone activates your metabolism, which is responsible for converting fat and calories into energy as opposed to storing them as fat, and with the proper foods, tips and tricks provided in this program, you can boost your energy and shed those pounds faster and more effectively than ever before.

Review Metabolic Factor

There are three factors that significantly decrease this hormone with your body which can result in weight gain, such as aging, toxins found in food, water, homes and in the air, inactivity, as well as carb-rich diets truly diminish the power of IGF-1.

Low IGF-1 levels are also the heart of 4 deadly age-related diseases. So naturally enhancing this hormone definitely comes with more than just one benefit. Now in the next part of this review let’s take a look at Dr. Jonny Bowden, the creator of the Metabolic Factor blueprint system. 

Who Is Dr. Jonny Bowden?

As I do with all reviews I like to take a look at the author of the program. Dr. Jonny Bowden is the creator of the Metabolic Factor System and is highly recognized within the industry, and is often called “The Weight Loss Myth Buster” as he has helped over 250,000 men and women lose weight and maintain their weight loss afterward.

Metabolic Factor Review

After struggling with his own weight and even drugs, Dr. Jonny Bowden decided to change his life around. He got his Masters in Psychology and Ph.D. in Nutrition Science and has even earned 6 advanced exercise and nutrition certifications over the past 17 years. These years of experience have been installed within his new program so everyone can have access to it.

In the next part of this Metabolic Factor review, I want to take a look at what you’ll get with the entire system.

What Included With The Metabolic Factor Blueprint System

The Metabolic Factor system certainly doesn’t fall short in content and has every avenue of your fat loss journey covered to ensure that you get the personalized coaching from Dr. Jonny Bowden himself. It’s a pretty in-depth program and is laid in a step by step format. All you have to do is follow the program and watch your body start to burn fat. 

The Metabolic Factor IG1-1 Booster Blueprint – This is a 22-day guide that is straight to the point as he informs of the 5 natural IGF-1 Boosters that include craving-killers, movements, sleeping, stress relief, and detox. You’ll also receive the metabolic Factor Daily Nutrition Planner so you never have to guess what you’ll be eating next or when you’re allowed your next cheat.

The Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide – This is a guide that allows you to jump right into the program. It’s the entire program condensed into a quick process for anyone who is just too busy to read the 75 pages in the Blueprint and wants to get started right this second. I still recommend you check out the main Blueprint though so you’ll have a complete understanding of the entire system. 

Metabolic Factor Review

Click Here To Visit The Official Metabolic Factor Review

The Metabolic Factor Progress Tracker – This Progress Tracker is a visual way to track your overall fat loss, as well as the fat loss from specifics parts of your body. You can also monitor your Metabolic Response, and how quickly it’s increasing.

The Metabolic Factor 10-Minute Meals – I love this one. It’s full of delicious, easy-to-make recipes that only take 10 minutes or less to prepare. It’s even perfect for the pickiest of eaters… and contains tons of delicious milkshake recipes!

Metabolic Motivation™ – I don’t think enough programs spend enough time with motivation and inspiration. It’s critical for long term weight loss success. This part of the Metabolic Factor program is where you receive a daily email message that will give you guidance, tips, and inspiration needed to keep you on track to transforming your body.

What Bonuses Come With The Program?

The Metabolic Factor System includes 4 bonuses that help to round out the program. These bonuses just add to the value, but unlike a lot of other programs out which just throw a bunch of random bonuses together these actually make sense and enhance the current program

FREE BONUS #1: The Top 50 IGF-1 Trigger Foods: This is where you learn about the foods that trigger the IGF-1 hormone to further activate your metabolism and weight loss. This is a awesome bonus since it helps provide you with clear guidelines on the foods to follow to produce more IGF-1

Metabolic Factor Blueprint

FREE BONUS #2:5 Worst Exercise Mistakes That Kill IGF-1 And Destroy Your Metabolic Response: This is where you learn the forms of exercise that should absolutely be avoided or minimized to keep your IGF-1 levels at its peak.

Review of The Metabolic Factor

FREE BONUS #3:The World’s 7 Most Powerful IGF-1 Booster: This is a bonus dedicated to 7 specific all-natural ingredients that can also accelerate your results by increasing IGF-1. You’ll be surprised at how many foods have these IGF-1 boosting properties. 


FREE BONUS #4: My Metabolic Factor SUPER BONUS: This is where you receive weekly personal coaching calls from Dr. Bowden so you can make the incredible transition into a lean, active, and healthy lifestyle.

As you can see the Metabolic Factor program comes with everything you need. Now let’s keep this Metabolic Factor review going by looking at the pros and the cons of the program.

The Pros Of The Program

The system comes in either digital or printed copy, so you can choose what option is best for you. This ensures that everyone will be able to have Dr. Jonny Bowden’s personal coaching with them wherever they are or however they like.

It is also a huge pro that the program is supported with scientific studies that prove the method to work, and of course, the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the program and return it if it isn’t for you.

Another pro, in my opinion, is that The Metabolic Factor doesn’t try to tell you how to lose weight because weight gain isn’t the problem. It’s the effect of a metabolic system that needs help. Your body wants to burn fat and it wants to supply you with energy, but without the proper repairs, your body just continues to store weight and not work as intended. This program allows for steady, consistent weight loss along with fat loss for those hard to lose spots.

The Cons of the Program

The only con of the Metabolic Factor Blueprint System is that you get a lot which can overload some people and it does require you to make some lifestyle changes, but nothing major. You can still enjoy burgers, pasta and more of your favorite foods, but this isn’t a program that lets you have all your cake and eat it too.

If you’re truly serious about making a better life for yourself then you must make a few changes.  The quick start guide does help with the information overload and Dr. Jonny Bowden does lay everything out in a step by step manner so it’s not a big issue.

Still, if you’re not committed to the program and willing to give it a go for 60 days you may want to avoid it. The Metabolic Factor isn’t magic and will require you to put in some time, but the results are worth it in my opinion. We’re now coming to the end of this Metabolic Factor review. Let’s take a look at my final thoughts regarding the program. 

The Metabolic Factor Review Conclusion

We’ve finally come to the end of this review of Jonny Bowden’s Metabolic Factor system. Hopefully, I’ve provided you enough information to determine if this program is worth your time and energy. The Metabolic Factor System is definitely a program that is ideal for those that are serious about losing and maintaining their weight loss.

The biggest advantage of this program is that it helps promote a healthy lifestyle rather than promote quick results and that’s a rare thing in this world.

Programs that promise quick results rarely give you long term results, but the metabolic factor by Jonny Bowden provides you a complete system which, if you follow it everything you need to reboot your metabolism and start burning fat, losing weight and having more energy then thought possible.

Metabolic Factor Jonny Bowden

Even if you’re in your 40,50 or 60’s this program can work to restart your body so it’s performing the way it was intended. As I mentioned this is a diet based program, but it does share exercises as well. Although Dr. Bowden warns people of just doing any old exercise because a lot of them have been known to damage metabolism.

I like the program and I like what Dr. Bowden stands for in that the best way to lose weight and feel great is to live a healthy life. And that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods to make that happen.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program click here to visit the official website. Even if you have no intent to purchase the information on the page is really interested and actually pretty helpful. Once again, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee so feel free to give it a try. I think if you commit you’ll going to feel great in the end, lose weight and have more energy than you know what to do with.

Btw, here’s a video from Dr. Jonny Bowden and while it’s not related to the Metabolic Factor program I thought it was pretty interested and would just include it