Metabolic Fire Review – Is This New Supplement Trustworthy?

In this Metabolic Fire review I’ll take a look at the brand new fat burning supplement from the team over at Sherpa Formulas and provide you the facts and information you need to know. There is currently a lot of buzz about this supplement and I’m sure you’ll hear people talking about it in the next few days, but just because a supplement has a lot of buzz around doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you.

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So as I do with all of my other reviews I’ll provide you the information you need to know to become informed about Sherpa Formula’s Metabolic Fire supplement. I’ll break down the ingredients, what it’s supposed to do and much more.

What Exactly Is Metabolic Fire

Metabolic Fire ReviewAs I mentioned above Metabolic Fire is a supplement from the Sherpa team. The ingredients within Metabolic Fire are ones that have a proven track record of promoting safe, natural and healthy fat loss. Unlike most of the fat-burning supplements on the market Metabolic Fire doesn’t contain any stimulants, ingredients which are questionable and especially no appetite suppressors.

If you’ve ever taken fat burning supplements in the past you know most of them to contain appetite suppressors, but you won’t find that here. According to the official website, Metabolic Fire kicks the fat burning process into overdrive by releasing fat cells and then those cells get teleported to the muscle cells. Once there it can be used as energy and the body can burn it off.

In addition, this supplement is designed to promote healthy hormones and accelerates your metabolism. Most people don’t realize that one of the biggest causes of weight gain is bad hormone health and Sherpa Formulas wanted to make sure they had a supplement that promotes great hormone health. A side effect of the supplement is increased energy as well because the body is using up the fat.

Btw, Metabolic Fire was created by a doctor who is respected and well known in his field and has helped thousands of patients in the 37 plus years he has been in business.  Speaking of the doctor lets take a look at Dr. Dean Raffelock because I think it’s important to know a little bit about the person behind a product. In this case, the product is Metabolic Fire.

In the next part of the Metabolic Fire review let’s take a look at the doctor who created Metabolic Fire.

Who Is Dr. Dean Raffelock

Dr. Dean Raffelock is the creator of the supplement, Metabolic Fire. He is a retired Quadruple – Board – Certified Doctor, has over 4,500 hours of medical training and has worked with over 10,000 patients over a successful 37-year career.

Metabolic Fire Review

During the course of his career, Dr. Raffelock discovered that if your metabolic hormones aren’t working properly then you have a very slim chance of fat loss. The problem is that keeping hormones in balance isn’t easy and can be a little tricky…So Dr. Raffelock took quite a long time searching for a safe, all-natural “short-cut” to help people get a boost in mood, energy and fat loss.

The goal wasn’t to create some fat loss magic supplement but to just create something to help them jumpstart the changes they need to make to create the long term changes. Lifestyle changes can be difficult so Dr. Raffelock wanted to help make it easier. During his time working on Metabolic Fire he discovered 7 Metabolic Enhancers…You can learn more about them here on the official website.

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Who Are The Guys Behind Sherpa

If you’re interested in fitness, fat loss, health or just overall well-being then I’m sure you’ve heard of Sherpa. If you haven’t then you’re about too. Sherpa is a website that provides tons and tons of information about natural ingredients and practices which are supposed to be excellent for your overall well-being and health.

These guys spent a lot of money to research products, supplements and other items that have been proven safe and effective.

Metabolic Fire

These guys don’t just recommend any product or food. They are strict and do their research because they know it’s hard to build credibility, but easy to break it. So if you ever want to get down to the truth then the Sherpa website is a good place to start.

A while back they decided to align themselves with certain products and brands that match their beliefs and thus Metabolic Fire was added to the Sherpa Formulas collection. In the next part of this Metabolic Fire review lets take a look at the ingredients within this supplement.

What Ingredients Are In Metabolic Fire

One of the things I find interesting about Metabolic Fire is that the Sherpa team didn’t spare any expense and put only the best ingredients into their supplement. The ingredients within Metabolic Fire aren’t cheap and if you decided to buy them all separately could cost you a lot of money. Let’s take the first ingredient within Metabolic Fire called Forskolin. If you look on Amazon you’ll see it’s sold for about $40 which isn’t cheap.

In addition, here are the 7 all-natural ingredients within this supplement. Btw, Metabolic Fire is gluten, soy, dairy, egg, sugar, GMO, Stimulant free.

Metabolic Fire Review

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Now let’s move on with this Metabolic Fire review and take a look at the pricing and discounts.

Metabolic Fire Pricing & Discounts

This supplement is considered a high-end supplement and the standard price for a 1 month supply is $97.00 so this isn’t a cheap supplement, but at the time I’m writing this review there is a pretty nice discount of about 30% being given, but I can’t say for sure if this discount will still be available over the next week or so.

Metabolic Fire Review

As with must supplement deals the more you order the best the discount. So if you decide to order 2 bottles of Metabolic Fire then you’ll pay $59.00 for each bottle which is a slight discount from the $69.00 per bottle with the 30 percent discount. Obviously this trend continues so the more you order the better the deal.

If you’re looking for a cheap supplement then you should go elsewhere because Metabolic Fire is top-notch and provides the best ingredients available. Shipping isn’t included in the price so you will have to take that into consideration as well.

Metabolic Fire Pros

  • You save money by getting 7 very powerful and proven fat loss ingredients in one supplement. Buying separately would cost a lot of money.
  • Metabolic Fire helps boost your metabolism safe and healthy which triggers faster fat loss.
  • Aids in removing fat that has been trapped and doesn’t want to be released. Improper hormone balance is a big cause of this problem.
  • This supplement was created by a respected doctor who has helped thousands of patients and has over 37 years of experience.
  • Metabolic Fire is backed by Sherpa. Leaders in the health and well-being industry for bringing you the truth about natural ingredients.
  • No stimulants or questionable ingredients. It’s also gluten, soy, egg, dairy, sugar, and GMO-free.
  • You can chat with representatives to answer any questions you might have before you buy it. This is nice because it seems like finding good customer service is how to find.

Cons of Metabolic Fire

  • Metabolic Fire isn’t the answer to fat loss, but an aid in helping to get you on track and helps to promote healthy and safe fat loss
  • Metabolic Fire isn’t the cheapest supplement on the block, but it’s made with the best of the best.
  • Shipping isn’t included
  • You still need to exercise and eat well while taking the supplement for best fat loss results

Where Do You Get Metabolic Fire From

If you’re interested in learning more about Metabolic Fire or buying it then you can only get it from one place and that’s the official website. The entire ordering process is simple and easy. After you order you’ll know exactly how long your order will take a ship and in most cases, the support team behind Metabolic Fire will ship your order on the same day.

Metabolic Fire Review

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I forgot to mention it earlier, but you’re completely protected by an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee. You have up to 60 days to decide if Metabolic Fire is for you. If not, all you have to do is get in touch with the Metabolic Fire customer support team and they will take care of you.

In addition to the 60-day money-back guarantee, Metabolic Fire also has the buySAFE stamp of approval. These guys basically make sure that the Metabolic Fire team performs on what they claim. So think of them as looking out for your best interest.

My Metabolic Fire Review Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of this Metabolic Fire review and I hope I’ve provided enough information for you to make an informed decision about Metabolic Fire. It feels sort of odd for me to review a supplement as I’ve never really been into them since the majority of them rarely work or rarely do as they promise, but I’ve been following the guys at Sherpa for years now and I trust them.

If they back something then I know it’s legit and worth it, but you have to keep in mind that a supplement isn’t a cure or answer to all weight loss problems.

It’s a supplement and it’s designed to aid you in your journey not become the journey. Metabolic Fire is one of the best supplements on the market in terms of ingredients. Metabolic Fire was designed to help you fix your metabolism and aid in balancing out your hormones which are critical to successful weight loss. You still need to exercise and workout, but I think when you combine it with Metabolic Fire you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck in so many words.

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Supplements aren’t for everyone and this is why I say I can’t tell you if this is the perfect fit for you, but with a 60-day money-back guarantee you can at least take it for a try and if it’s not for you get your money back and move on. No risk at all to you!

Once again, if you want to learn more about Metabolic Fire or pick up a bottle or two you can visit the official website located HERE. Once again, I hope you found this Metabolic Fire Review useful and helpful.