Metabolic Prime Review – Can Jade Teta’s Workout Program Melt Fat For 72 Hours Straight?

What does it mean to “prime your metabolism?” Just like priming the carburetor in your car, using a method to prime your body systems, puts them in a mode to reactivate. Why does your body need to be reactivated? Maybe you can tell me. If you are over the age of thirty-five, you might have noticed what most of us might call “a middle-aged slowdown.

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The slowdown we notice as we age is typically characterized by sluggishness, weight gain and the inability to sleep as well as we would like. Most of us have experienced some form of slow-down as our birthday count increases. The program I am reviewing in my article below, chalks these aging symptoms up, not to the years we have lived, but to accelerated metabolic aging.

The program’s author, Dr. Jade Teta, claims that his Metabolic Prime system is capable of actually resetting anyone’s genetic roadmap back to their physical prime, as they experienced in their teenage years.

metabolic prime

Who is Dr. Jade Teta, and Why Should I Believe Anything He Says? 

It sounds like quackery, right? How is this possible? My first thought was, “This guy must be a snake oil peddler,” but I was more than a little intrigued when I read his credentials. Below are his qualifications:

  • Naturopathic Medicine Doctorate Degree
  • Baccalaureate of Science in Biochemistry
  • Twenty-five Years of Personal Training Experience, with more than ten-thousand personal training sessions completed
  • “Rest-Best Training” Pioneer and Creator

Jade Teta Metabolic Prime

Potentially, if I had not seen Dr. Teta’s qualifications, I would not have bothered to pursue his program, but the price of his course materials was inexpensive and I figured it could do me no harm to check out Metabolic Prime. I’m ashamed to admit that forty-five minutes of exercise per week was more than I was accomplishing at the time, but it made me hope for a reasonable and natural way to inject more energy into my life.


A Younger Metabolism Explained: What is Metabolic Prime? 

Dr. Teta claims that his system contains “the world’s fastest workout.” The secret to the protocol is “45-second metabolic micro-bursts.” I thought a “micro-burst” was a weather event, but here’s how the system was explained:

When we are teenagers we all have a rampant abundance of particular types of molecules that keep our energy and drive at high levels. These molecules, which tend to decline as we age, keep the younger body energetic, slim, fit, active and lean. Below, I summarize these five molecules and their functions:

1.) IL-15: keeps our muscles strong, our bodies lean and our bones dense.

2.) Nitric Oxide: opens our circulatory pathways, enhancing the function of vital organs.

3.) Lactic Acid: activates different hormonal responses in both men and women that strengthens the body, while energizing the psyche.

4.) IL-6: releases stored fat to make it available as fuel for the body. This molecule has the ability to either be inactive, as a dangerous inflammatory substance or transform to liberate stored fat.

5.) IL-8: is the creator of new young blood cells to carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Defined as “Metabolic Priming Activators,” or MPAs, Dr. Teta’s program is based on the premise that these agents are not merely elixirs of youth, but can be resurrected later in life with the postulates outlined in the Metabolic Prime program. The central tenant of Teta’s regimen is the utilization of 45-seconds of motion, defined as “micro-bursts.”

These motions precede fifteen-minute “Primer Sequences” that unleash the above-referenced molecules to have positive, youth-enhancing effects on the body, no matter what your age. These sequences can be performed in only forty-five minutes each week.

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What Did My Money Buy? More Than I Expected! 

I received both the downloadable version and the DVD versions of the Four Phases below, for one price:

  • Phase #1 is AWAKEN: Teaches the body to re-activate the nervous system to drive muscles into action.
  • Phase #2 is ENERGIZE: Rewires your metabolism to access and burn stored fuel in the form of fat and sugar.
  • Phase #3 is OVERLOAD: The fifteen-minute workout phase that enables you to continue burning fat, even while at rest.
  • Phase #4 is MAX: Although MPAs are released by your body at every phase of the program, this phase contains specifically targeted motion to accelerate the process.

Metabolic Prime Review

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Each of the phases takes three weeks to complete, while a workout is accomplished in fifteen minutes and each move takes approximately forty-five seconds.

In addition to these workout videos, I received a few other materials, that I found useful as I progressed through each phase:

  • Body Transformation Tracker: This tool tracks your progress in the form of stats so that you can actually see your progress.
  • Super Simple Workout Calendar: A calendar for each workout day that allows you to check off your workouts, once they are completed.
  • Rapid Results Quick Start Guide: A seven-day starting guide that simplifies the program blueprint, for easier implementation.
  • 12-Week Metabolic Meals Plan: A sort of nutritional bible, that tells you everything you need to know about meal preparation for optimal program results. Topics covered in this thick volume include tons of advice on how to eat healthier. Hunger control, heart health, body-sculpting, anti-inflammatory foods, and gut metabolism restoration are just a few of the covered topics. Recipes for entire meals, including a guide to healthy carbohydrate consumption are found throughout the book.
  • Body-Sculpting Bonus Burnout Workouts: I have not yet tried the optional workouts contained in this volume. They are more advanced than the original routines but complement the initial volumes by providing more difficult exercises for those who want to go a step further.

I also got the “Fast Action Bonus” called “The Truth About Belly Fat Loss.” This volume addresses the myths of midsection sculpting and provides tips for both gals and guys to create sexy, sleek abs.

PROS and CONS: Did Metabolic Prime Work for Me?

Before investing, in the Metabolic Prime program, I stopped to consider what I would have to lose if the system didn’t work for me. My decision to go ahead with the program was based on these facts.

Metabolic Prime

  • My big, limited time discount
  • I could get both downloadable and DVD versions for the same price, so I could use them anywhere.
  • I had ninety days to try out the program
  • I could return it within ninety days, if I was unsatisfied.
  • Maybe I could save money on my gym membership!
  • The author’s credentials
  • The scientific backing behind the program’s methods

I figured at the very least, I could learn some new recipes, cooking techniques or exercises. My experience with the system certainly proved this to be true. What about Metabolic Prime disadvantages? As with anything, there are a few:

1.) Lots of materials and reading – This may or may not be a disadvantage to all. There is lots of materials, lots of literature and a lot to be learned. Be prepared for an education!

2.) I didn’t consistently lose weight or gain the advantages of the program in a week-to-week fashion. My results were uneven, leaving me wondering what would happen next. I did however make progress every week.

3.) The key element that everyone most certainly requires to achieve success with Dr. Teta’s system is motivation! If you don’t have it, this program will not work for you. It will fail you if you do not put in the time and effort.

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Is This Metabolic Prime Review a “Thumbs-Up” or a “Thumbs-Down”?

My experience suggests a “thumbs-up.” for Metabolic Prime.  I’ve tried, and reviewed (both positively and negatively) quite a few weight loss and fitness protocols.

Although this one has much common ground with many others currently available, its methods differ in quite a few aspects. This makes it a good overall choice if you are considering more than one exercise and fitness purchase.

Metabolic Prime

The amount of information I received for the price was dramatically greater than most others I have tried. The materials were well-written and easy to understand. I’m not sure if my results can be classified as typical, but I did experience success with the program in these areas:

  • I was able to lose an average of approximately 1.75 pounds each week.
  • My physical measurements decreased over time.
  • My energy levels increased over time, and I experienced less general fatigue.
  • My ability to fall asleep and stay asleep increased dramatically. (I have been a victim of insomnia for many years.)

I’m not sure whether Metabolic Prime actually is “the world’s fastest workout,” as claimed, but I think it is certainly one of the fastest. If your outlook is similar to mine in your approach to fitness, you are not a fan of long sweaty hours spent in the gym. This program does not subject you to them. You do need to break a sweat, though. However, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

I’m no “Spring chicken,” so I was initially worried that the movements might be too strenuous, or that the time I spent with the active physical portion of the workouts might be too intense for someone of my age and ability. However, this fear was not realized in my work-out. To learn more you can visit the official Metabolic Prime website.