Metabolic Renewal Review – Is This New Fat Loss Program For Women Trustworthy?

Here’s our Metabolic Renewal review. If you’re a woman who’s struggled with her weight, you may feel like none of the diet or fitness programs available work for you. It can be frustrating and demoralizing.

That’s one of the reasons that many women are turning to Metabolic Renewal, a diet and exercise program that was designed by a doctor, especially for women. We’ve decided to review it to see if it lives up to its claims. Can Metabolic Renewal help you lose weight? Let’s find out with our Metabolic Renewal review.

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Metabolic Renewal

What Is Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal is a diet and exercise program developed by Dr. Jade Teta. He’s an integrative physician with an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and a PhD in naturopathy. He also works as a personal trainer, and he’s made it his life’s work to help his patients lose weight.

He developed the Metabolic Renewal program when he noticed that the intense workouts that delivered results for his male clients weren’t having the same effect on his female clients. Dr. Jade Teta dove into research about female metabolism and discovered that women’s bodies simply don’t respond to traditional workouts.

Metabolic Renewal is tailored to each woman’s hormonal type, so everybody who buys it starts by taking a questionnaire to determine your exact hormone type. The questions include information about:

  • Menstrual cycles
  • Symptoms
  • Weight gain
  • Body type
  • Age

If you’re interested to see what your hormone type is you can start the quiz by choosing your age range below:

Metabolic Renewal program

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The plan you receive provides you with specific information to help you balance your hormones, lose weight, shape your body, and banish exhaustion and brain fog.

While women of any age can benefit from Metabolic Renewal, many of the women featured in testimonials are over the age of 40. Hormonal changes in perimenopause and menopause can cause women to gain weight. At this time of life, a typical low-calorie diet may not be enough to help women get back to a healthy weight.

What Do You Get When You Buy Metabolic Renewal?

Now that you know what Metabolic Renewal is, let’s talk about what you get when you order it. Once you’ve taken the quiz to determine your hormone type, you’ll get all the following items:

  • A quick start guide that serves as a two-page, easy reference for the program
  • Exercise videos for your metabolic type that you can access on DVD or online
  • Metabolic Renewal Roadmap, a detailed book outlining your diet plan, including recipes and menu suggestions
  • A Transformation Tracker notebook to help you track your progress and results

In other words, you’re getting a comprehensive diet and exercise program that’s tailored to your body type. Regardless of your hormonal type, the plan you receive focuses on four pillars developed by Dr. Teta. He calls them “The Four Ms” and they are:

  1. Meals – eating the right foods for your hormonal type at the right times
  2. Mindset – reducing what he calls your mental load, meaning that you must reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Movement – harnessing your non-exercise movements, called non-exercise associated thermogenesis, or NEAT, to burn calories and fat
  4. Metabolics – doing the right kind of workouts with the right intensity to kick your body into fat-burning mode

Metabolic Renewal

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Each of the four pillars will be tailored to your metabolic type based on your answers on Dr. Teta’s questionnaire.

What’s unique about Metabolic Renewal is that it’s the first commercially available diet and exercise program that recognizes two key things:

  1. Women have different diet and exercise needs than men; and
  2. Women’s hormones change not only from month to month but from year to year – meaning that what works for a woman when she’s 30 may not work when she’s 40.

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These are important differences because they mean that the foods you eat and the workouts you do aren’t generic. They’re designed specifically for your body and its needs.

The workouts are particularly important because they acknowledge that the intense workouts designed for men’s bodies simply don’t work for women. That’s something most diet and exercise plans don’t address – and it’s what sets Metabolic Renewal apart from other weight loss plans.

Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

The big question that you want to be answered is this:

Does Metabolic Renewal work? Can it help me lose weight?

There are many promising-sounding testimonials on the Metabolic Renewal website, but that’s true of any diet and exercise plan.

We tried it out and we’re happy to report that Metabolic Renewal does work if you stick to it. You need to follow Dr. Teta’s guidelines and be patient with your body. That’s essential because correcting a hormonal balance is not something that happens overnight.

It’s important to note here that this is not a strict diet in the sense that you don’t have to eat exactly what’s suggested in the meal plans. Dr. Teta provides substitutions and suggestions and encourages each woman to eat meals full of food she likes. That’s important because if you get bored with your diet or eat things that make you feel deprived, it’s more likely that you’ll binge on something unhealthy.

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For example, the suggestions for Metabolic Type 2, or Hormonal Overload, are designed to help you bring the amount of estrogen in your body into balance with the progesterone. Women with this body type need to eat a diet that’s very high in fiber.

Likewise, the exercise programs are tailored to your body type. The workouts are short, typically only 15 minutes a day, three days a week.

What we particularly like about the workouts is that they’re graded. Dr. Teta might recommend 10 repetitions of something but if you can only do 5, he’s careful to stress that it’s better to do something than nothing.

The workouts are easy to modify if you have injuries or health issues that prevent you from doing them as outlined in the videos.

An important part of following the Metabolic Renewal plan is keeping track of your progress in the Transformation Tracker. Research shows that people who track what they eat tend to lose more weight than people who don’t. One reason may be that a lot of us eat without thinking.

When we commit to noting our food decisions on paper, we become mindful of them in a way that we’re usually not.

Women who follow the diet plan, do the exercises, and make the lifestyle (stress-reducing) changes recommended will see results. Of course, as is the case with any diet plan, the results may vary from person to person.

Pros and Cons of Metabolic Renewal

As is the case with any diet and exercise program, Metabolic Renewal has its advantages and disadvantages. While it can work for many women, there are some for whom it isn’t an ideal choice.

Let’s start by looking at the pros of Metabolic Renewal. The four biggest are:

  • It’s the only diet and exercise program specifically tailored to women’s personal hormonal types
  • It encourages healthy eating and targeted exercise for long-term results
  • It’s an affordable plan that provides the kind of personalized guidance you could normally get only with an expensive personal trainer
  • Unlike fad diets, Metabolic Renewal is sustainable as an ongoing lifestyle – it doesn’t make drastic calorie cuts or put your body into starvation mode

And now, let’s talk about who this plan might not work for – and why you might potentially want to look elsewhere for a diet and weight loss solution

  • This plan is not ideal if you’re unable to exercise – to reap its benefits, you need to be able to move your body enough to do the recommend three workouts per week
  • Likewise, this is not an ideal plan for pregnant women
  • If you need a group environment or one-on-one coaching to stay on track, you may not be able to get what you need from a book
  • Metabolic Renewal is for women only. It’s not designed to help men lose weight or get in shape because the science backing it is based on female hormones and balance

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Metabolic Renewal review

We think that many women will feel that the pros of trying Metabolic Renewal outweigh the cons. This isn’t a fad diet and it’s not based on pseudo-science. It’s practical, easy to understand, and sustainable. Most women will be able to lose weight and tone their bodies using this program.

Metabolic Renewal Review Final Recommendation

Our final recommendation is that Metabolic Renewal is a science-based diet and exercise program that can help women who need to lose weight do it in a healthy and controlled way. In a world of cookie-cutter fitness and weight loss follow-along programs Metabolic Renewal is a nice change of pace.

All of us are different and it makes so much sense that each of us requires a unique, personalized approach. And with the high cost of personal trainers and nutritionist, it’s almost impossible for us to afford them. So the fact that Metabolic Renewal is affordable and can be done from the comfort of a home makes this a no-brainer.

The team that supports Metabolic Renewal is excellent and provides great customer support and will take care of you if you need help or assistance. Once again, I recommend you start by taking the quiz and discovering your hormone type and discover how Dr. Jade Teta can help you slim down and feel great.

To take the quiz and visit the official Metabolic Renewal website today, please click here.