Mommylicious Review – Can Flavia Del Monte Help Moms Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby?

Mommylicious is one of the latest fitness programs from fitness expert Flavia Del Monte. Her new fat loss program is geared toward moms who want to get back in shape. And getting back in shape can be especially challenging after a pregnancy. Your hormones and your metabolism go through changes.

If you find it hard to burn fat, even when counting calories or working out daily, there could be an underlying reason. For most, this reason is a metabolic slowdown.

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Repairing your broken metabolism could be what you need to reach your ideal weight. And, the Mommylicious Challenge hopes to help you deal with these repairs.

The Mommylicious Challenge is a weight loss program that challenges you to transform your body in just 30-days. But, are these types of results possible?

If you want to know if you really can turn your health around in one month, then check out the rest of this Mommylicious review.

What is Mommylicious?

Mommylicious is another weight loss program that is available as a digital download. It promises to deliver step-by-step solutions for mothers struggling to get in shape by rebooting their metabolism. The purpose is to boost your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories throughout the day.

Mommylicious Review

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The creator of this program believes that the main reason that most fitness programs designed for women don’t work is because they don’t address this issue.

Instead of helping you improve your ability to burn calories, they simply give you a strict workout regime or a difficult-to-follow meal plan. The person behind Mommylicious knows that most women will need a different approach.

Who Created Mommylicious?

This program was created by Flavia Del Monte. She is a well-known fitness expert, with a popular health and fitness blog. She is also the author of a number of popular online fitness and fat loss programs.

The idea behind Mommylicious came about after Flavia struggled to lose weight after the birth of her son Gianluca. When she had her first child, Milia she was able to recover and get back into shape pretty quickly, but that wasn’t the case after Gianluca.

So after a ton of trial and error, Flavia Del Monte was able to construct a specific workout protocol that helped her reclaim her body…


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Eventually this specific protocol became the foundation for Flavia’s Mommylicious program.

Flavia knew that moms needed shorter, but more effective workouts that could be done from home. It’s tough for moms to get a lot of free time so the workouts needed to be quick. Meals that were delicious and healthy, but didn’t take long to prepare.

How Does the Mommylicious Challenge Work?

Mommylicious 30 Day ChallengeThe focus of the Mommylicious Challenge is repairing your metabolism. This is achieved using methods that may go against what you’ve been told before.

Flavia tells you to stop doing cardio, stop dieting, and start eating more.

How can eating more help you out? This is how the Mommylicious Challenge helps deal with an unhealthy metabolism.

The reason that most women suffer from slow metabolisms is either due to years of yo-yo dieting or due to the hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy.

Yo-yo dieting can be particularly harmful to your metabolism. When you randomly try to make changes to your diet, such as skipping a meal or severely restricting your calories, you’re not getting enough nutrition.

When you do this, your metabolism shrinks. Over time, the damage can make it nearly impossible to get positive results with diet plans or exercise routines that work for other people.

With Mommylicious, you get a series of workouts designed to help you boost your metabolism. Then, you can effectively burn fat.

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The workouts are short, which is meant to leave your body in an energy deficient state, which wakes up your metabolism and forces your body to begin breaking down fat cells to get the energy that you need.

But, the workouts are just one aspect of this program.

You also get a 7-day “Juicing Kick Start” guide, which helps jumpstart your metabolism by flushing toxins from your body. This includes 7 days of juicing recipes to improve blood flow, relieve muscle soreness, and kick start your fat loss.

Mommylicious Flavia Del Monte

Next, you get 4 weeks of meals and recipes. You don’t need to plan anything for the 30-days. Your entire schedule, including meals and workouts, is planned for you.


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You even get a weekly printable shopping list to make it easy to gather all the necessary ingredients for the meal plan recipes. The shopping list also includes cooking and preparation tips.

Mommylicious Program

If you have trouble finding any of the ingredients, you can use the provided Food Exchange List. The exchange list includes food substitutions and a conversion calculator.

Another feature of the program is the 30-day success calendar. This is your day-to-day guide for completing the challenge. It includes a summary of exactly what you need to do each day.

Mommylicious reviews

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This calendar simplifies everything, as you always have the plan at your fingertips.

Flavia also believes in the power of dealing with stress. By reducing stress, you can reduce cortisol levels, which interferes with hormone production – one of the issues that this program hopes to address.

To deal with this stress, the Mommylicious Challenge includes a set of guided meditations and Sunday rituals to help de-stress and rejuvenate your mind and body.

You can keep track of your progress on the challenge with the Success Tracker. This includes instructions for taking the right measurements and provides a spot for you to record all your fitness data.

These added features are great, but the core of the program is the workouts. The short, simple workouts are fun and don’t require any equipment.

You get 3 different workouts that should help improve your metabolism and lead to improved fat-burning power.

Mommylicious Workouts

All this is great, but there is more. You also get printable workout sheets. These sheets provide full-color photos of the exercises used in the workout. Each exercise is broken down into steps so that anyone can follow the workouts.

That covers all the components of this program. The videos and content are all available instantly after you purchase the Mommylicious Challenge.

You don’t need to wait for the program to come in the mail. You simply download the content to your computer and get started.

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Pros and Cons of the Mommylicious Challenge

To help break down some of the main benefits of this program, and possible reasons to skip it, here are the pros and cons of the Mommylicious Challenge:

  • You can stop performing cardio
  • You can continue eating your favorite foods
  • You get access to daily coaching and support
  • The program comes with everything that you need

The approach that Mommylicious takes to fitness should appeal to a lot of people. Instead of a grueling 60-minutes or more of exercise, you can follow a series of short workouts. No more cardio, no more lifting weights.

You also get to eat your favorite foods. A healthy metabolism should be able to efficiently process the fat that you consume. This allows you to continue eating your favorite meals and not deprive yourself.

You should then find it easier to make healthy changes to your diet, as you don’t need to follow a strict diet plan.

You also get access to daily coaching and support through the private Mommylicious Facebook Group. You can share your journey with the program with other women that are going through the same steps.

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Flavia Mommylicious

With the Facebook Group, you can ask any questions that you have about the program and receive helpful tips to increase your chances of success.

This also results in added support and commitment, as you’re interacting with other people going through the same program.

Another advantage is the wealth of information and content that comes with the program. As mentioned, you get meal plans, recipes, workout videos, meditations, a success calendar, and so much more.

In addition to these benefits, you should know that we couldn’t really find anything to complain about. This is a well-rounded program.

But, there is no way to prove that everyone will get the results that they want. This can be said for any program. Your chances of success really depend on whether you follow the program.

Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge Review Conclusion

The Mommylicious Challenge is one of many weight loss plans available. And, it promises many of the same results as other plans. What sets this program apart from other options is the focus on repairing your metabolism to boost your ability to burn fat.

You also get several great bonuses and a complete step-by-step workout that anyone can follow. All this is backed by a money back guarantee and a challenge that you’ll finally start getting positive results from a fitness program.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you visit the official website for Mommylicious to learn more. It has additional information and details you might find useful.