Morning Exercise Tips For An Awesome Early Workout

Mornings can be tough, and sometimes, the last thing you want to do is crawl out of bed and instantly start pumping yourself into a sweaty mess of fitness. Despite how hard it may be at the crack of dawn, and start getting your blood flowing in the morning, it truly is the best time to get your fitness on and for many reasons.

Some personal favorites are that working out can instantly snap you out of your groggy, hazy state and promote clarity that will last for the entire day, and the same can be said for your mood. Even if you roll out of bed on the wrong side, that entire mood will be positively flipped around when you start your workout regime, and it will too, last the entire day. The same can be said for your bad mood.

Benefits of working out early in the morning

So, wake up cranky and work out to be happy, or don’t work out and just stay unpleasant for the rest of the day… Without shedding pounds and toning your body. To each their own, right? Just as a little tidbit; you’re more likely to devour that cheesecake in the fridge or bag of potato chips when you’re in a bad mood than you are in a great mood.

So, need I say it again…

Exercise in the morning is totally essential. Let’s wake up better, feel better, live the day better, all the while boosting your metabolism, building optimal muscle, shredding those fat cells while also giving you a natural dose of energy!

The Concept Behind Working Out In The Mornings

Before we get into the early morning tips for working out, it is vital to understand why the early bird gets the worm, even within the fitness industry. The best style of exercise that you should be doing in the morning to far exceed your body’s best potential is 5 to 10-minute circuit-style movements that use your natural body weight to shred, tone and tighten your figure.

Morning Exercise Tips

Consider it cardio for the soul, if you will. This is a natural way to wake you up; from your nervous system, blood flow, hormones, oxygen, and brain. So, set the barbells and kettlebells aside. As soon as you get your booty out of bed, get it moving! You’ll feel absolutely amazing as you step out of your front door, ready to tackle the day. Eh, you’ll also look just as good too!

Now, let’s get into it!

Forget the Weights

After sleeping for such a long period of time (assuming at least 6 hours), your spine and discs fill up with water, resulting in your back is stiff. Instantly picking up heavy weights can actually significantly increase your risk of injury, and your back simply isn’t something you want to be playing games within that regard.

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t lift weights for the entire morning. Generally speaking, it’s only within the first 30 minutes of your morning workout. So, allow your body to wake up with circuit-style movements first, and when you feel loosened up, then feel free to start pumping some iron if you desire.

Prep and Plan

Mornings suck; we already established that, and the best way to enhance the mood is to already have your workout prep done the night before, and your workouts planned. You don’t want to have to wake up, prepare your pre-workout meal, and your post-workout smoothie, and then get to your gym or yoga mat and have no idea where to start. So, prep and plan.

Eat It Up

With the prior said, don’t forget to eat, even if you have a hard time even thinking about food right in the morning and prior to training. However, you should never, ever train on an empty stomach because food is your body’s fuel and without it, it’s like baking a turkey without a baster; or in other words, you have no gas in the tank.

You’re running on fumes, ladies and gentlemen, and you definitely aren’t going to be getting the kind of workout in that you hope to achieve. So, get some sort of breakfast prior to breaking a sweat, such as a protein shake, oatmeal, or even some eggs.


It really doesn’t matter what time you’re working out, you should never start without some sort of warmup, as forgetting this vital step can lead to injury. Use a foam roller, do some stretches or march around for a bit with your knees high. It’ll just get your body warmed up and prepared…

Work Out ASAP

As briefed on previously, you should be starting your workout within minutes of waking up. Of course, this isn’t always plausible if you’re driving to the gym, but maybe you could get that initial 5-10 minutes of circuit style training in before jumping in the car. This is a surefire way to amp your energy up for the rest of the day.

Short and Sweet

Speaking of that initial 5-10 minutes that you should be doing as soon as you get out of bed, you’ll actually benefit by keeping it short and sweet. This doesn’t mean that you get to climb back in bed once you worked up a little bit of sweat, and you definitely won’t feel the need to do so as short morning exercises leave you energized and ready to tackle the day.

Hard, intense morning workouts can exhaust you for the rest of the day; so leave those ones for later.

Reach Your Peak

Have your workout planned, and schedule in at least one movement that truly maximizes your body’s potential, whether it’s with jump squats, lunges or tornado jumping jacks. This will enhance your muscle-building potential, increase your metabolism and get your blood pumping to keep you going for well past the morning hours.

Never forget to stretch it out after your workout as well, and if you have specific workout goals that you’re progressing towards, feel free to channel them into your early-bird movements as well. For example, if you’re targeting your legs, focus on them within your morning routine as well to boost up your results.