My Bikini Belly Review – Can Shawna Kaminski Help You Get A Flat And Firm Belly?

If you’re a woman over 35 and are sick of that stubborn belly fat that seems to be clinging onto your body for dear life, you definitely need to look into the My Bikini Belly program. Shawna Kaminski, the creator of the My Bikini Belly has based her entire program on one simple yet effective component; a little gene that is believed to be responsible for forcing your body to shut down its belly fat burning capabilities for women once they reach the age of 35.  

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Could it possibly be true? Well, let’s check out this program and see if this body change called ‘menopause molecules’ can truly be the thing keeping you from reaching your health and fitness goals.

My Bikini Belly Review – What Is My Bikini Belly All About?

You can actually make your health and fitness worse and can even encourage fat gain by exercising improperly, which is why it is so crucial to have a regime that fits you, your age and your personal goals. This is exactly why My Bikini Body was created.

The program is a 21-day workout system that helps reset your hormones (yes, that little gene stopping your fat burning capabilities), boost your metabolism and of course, shred that stubborn body fat especially in the stomach area. The exercises aren’t extremely strenuous and don’t require you to invest a whole lot of time or to make drastic lifestyle changes.

The system focuses strictly on movements and exercises that get your hormones back on track in very little time. This is not only beneficial to your schedule, but also for reaching your goals because plenty of research shows that working out too intensely can cause your hormones to actually work against your fat loss efforts.

Short bursts of energy are more effective, especially for women over the age of 35, which is why the program provides a 3 system exercise regime full of short and specific movements that will get your body back in shape while also activating your metabolism and fat burning hormones. 

Within My Bikini Belly, you also have the option to select a workout solution that matches your new body desires and the hormonal state that it currently is. This offers a personalized program that is unique to every individual, which is excellent because no two people are the same nor do they have the same goals.

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Who is Shawna Kaminski?

Shawna Kaminski is, for starters, someone who knows what they are talking about. She is in her late 40s and has helped thousands of women achieve the slimmer figure and flatter tummy that seems to come inevitably with age.

My Bikini Belly

Her fitness training and expertise stems from her many athletic accomplishments in areas such as swimming, bodybuilding, and freestyle skiing. She was even featured on Spike TV’s series Gym Rescue due to her massive experience in helping women get amazing results!

She even runs a success business in Calgary Alberta called NW Fit Body Boot Camp but now, you don’t have to book a flight to reap the benefits of her experience and knowledge.

What’s Included In The Program?

The My Bikini Body program is broken down into 3 workout sessions on DVD that cover a total sum of 21 days.

Workout #1 – Bikini Belly FLUSH

This section of the system is all about turning off those menopause molecules to get your body back in gear and shredded off that annoying belly fat.

The exercises are very simple yet specific to ensure that you are triggering and targeting the correct parts of your body to switch your metabolism into a fat burning machine instead of a fat storage slump.

My Bikini Belly Review

Workout #2 – Bikini Belly BURN

This section is all about activating the belly-shrinking hormone even more. These exercises build on the prior and as a result, your body will begin the rebalance phase within your hormones, which will further improve your metabolism.

All of the movements are very specific and easy to follow to get your youth hacking hormones back in power. 

Workout #3 – Bikini Belly BLAST

This section is the third and final phase of the workouts that are built off of the first 2. It is here that you will thoroughly optimize your metabolism, which will maximize your belly burning results. The exercises are quick and easy to follow and turn on your anti-aging molecules, which will help increase your energy levels and get rid of fatigue and brain fog.

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The Pros of the Program

It is excellent to find a program that is specifically geared for women over 35 and that also focuses on the aging hurdles that many women experience. The program is also very simple yet effective and allows you to see results almost instantaneously.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time or make serious lifestyle changes to finally get a flatter tummy. You just need to follow through the 3-system program and get your metabolism and hormones back on track. There is also a full 60-day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the results, opt for a refund – no questions asked.

The Cons of the Program

In order for you to receive full results of the program, it is required that you complete the full 21-day blueprint. However, as soon as you start up the My Bikini Belly, you’ll see that 21 days is very realistic.

My Bikini Belly Review Conclusion

The creator of My Bikini Belly certainly has a reputable background within the fitness industry, especially with women over the age of 35 that are experiencing body changes that come with age.

As many women know, your hormones change and in order to truly target your trouble areas, you need to have a system that speaks specifically to that which is exactly what My Bikini Belly does. It also allows you to get that youthful energy back and regain full confidence in the way you look and feel. With only 21 days required, can you really go wrong?

If you’re looking to learn more about Shawna Kaminski’s My Bikini Belly program then visit the official website to get all the facts. On the site you’ll also find 3 belly fat triggers and discover their solutions. So check it out and discover how to finally get rid of that Menopause Belly and get a flat and firm stomach in 21 days.