My Bikini Butt Review – Tight, Toned Booty You’ve Been Wanting For?

Here is the My Bikini Butt review. Booties are super trendy right now, so forget about the days where getting bikini ready meant that you slim down and get skinny. The modern-day sexy is “thick and fit”; ladies with curves, confidence and cushioning on the booty. Oh yeah, I went there.

My Bikini Butt workout regime claims to be able to give you the butt you want, whether you’re looking for a Beyonce booty or something slim and tight, and with summer right around the corner, let’s figure out what this program truly offers so we can get your butt in gear for your bikinis!

My Bikini Butt Review

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What My Bikini Butt Is All About

One of the very first things that you learn about My Bikini Butt fitness program is that by targeting your butt, your ideal body will follow. So, not only will you get a banging booty, but you also receive the ultimate body and thorough health as a result.

How is this possible? My Bikini Butt provides short workouts that you can do right at home but also gives you the tricks and trades (based on biology) of the industry to help burn as much fat as possible while toning you up at the same time.

That little something extra infused into the guidelines of this beach-perfect-prep regime is what is going to get everyone turning their heads as you strut down the shore, but more importantly, it’ll leave you feeling and looking confident in your bikini!

Who is Andrea Albright?

The creator of My Bikini Butt is Andrea Albright, and to describe her to you, all I can really say is, she is just like you and I. She’s been there. She’s had a higher-than-wanted weight, and she’s struggled with her self confidence about her own body image. Andrea Albright is just a regular person. 

My Bikini Butt Andrea Albright

The difference is that she found a way to make fitness and eating fun, and she utilized her knowledge to recreate herself by getting her body and health back on her priority list. 

As a result, she properly (and I place emphasis on that) went from a size 12 to 2, and you can too. She shows you how within her My Bikini Butt program.

What Do You Get With My Bikini Butt?

As mentioned previously, My Bikini Butt program includes several short workouts that can easily be done at home. They are broken down into different videos which allow for easy navigation and organization of your fitness plan that you can print off.

 My Bikini Butt gives you a calendar and instructions on how to trigger your fat-burning elements with such exercises and also has instructional videos about eating, breathing and moving. As an extra, the videos give bonus vital tips on how to trigger your body’s natural way to burn off fat. As for the exercise videos, they are broken down as follows:

My Bikini Butt reviews

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The Bikini Blaster: These easy-to-follow moves target your butt, hips, thighs, and belly, toning you up in those difficult areas!

The Tighten & Tone That Butt: These fitness moves tighten and tone you up, even more, allow your butt to get that natural lift while also shedding fat.

The Cheek Chiseler: Chisel away even more fat in stubborn areas, such as your thighs. This simple sequence is designed to chisel away at butt fat in those hard to lose places like where the thigh meets the butt!6

The Bubble Butt: It’s the ideal butt out there, and these workouts show you how to do it. Say goodbye to a flat, saggy butt.

The Bikini Sculptor Series: This exercise video shows you moves that will shrink your fat cells and slim your body flawlessly.

The Butt-Kicker: This is an entire body workout, getting you fit head-to-toe. Prepare to sweat, ladies.

The Butt Feels So Good: More booty-inspired workouts.

The Smooth Out Cellulite Intro: These easy-to-follow sequences smooth out those areas on your body where you often find that awful cellulite that gives you nightmares.

My Bikini Butt review

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The Bonuses:

Although the bonuses aren’t specifically mentioned with the sales page, you do actually get many of them with My Bikini Butt. I guess this is why Andrea calls them “surprise bonuses”. Since there are so many extras that you get, I have broken them down into categories, making them easier to understand and follow.

The Mini-Vacation Spa Escape Bonus: 3 workout videos that focus on relaxation, breathing, and movements that are natural and calming. These kinds of take on a yoga-inspired workout.

The Fat Burning Foods: You receive incredible fat burning resources that can be an excellent read while you’re laying on the shore, showing off your new sexy body. These include 100 Fat-Melting Recipes, Blast the Fat eBook, Healthy Ways To Eat In Your Car,

Mystery Bonuses: Grab your reading glasses and a glass of wine (which offers excellent antioxidants as well as you enjoy it in moderation). These resources are full of information that will help you achieve your ideal weight and body;  6 Moves To Slim and Tone Inner ThighsHow To “Cheat” And Still Lose Fat, How To Eat Clean With A Busy Life, Stop Feeling Lazy and Sore Now, The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike.

The Blast Belly Fat Bonuses: These include audio files, reading and videos; the Blast Belly Fat Coaching Intro, The 4-Day Slim Down, Coaching Week 1, Week 2, Destroy All Excuses with Sean Stephenson, Coaching Week 3, Hormones, Menopause and Belly Fat, Coaching Week 4, Break Free From Sugar Bonus, Lisa’s Weight Loss Story, Hormone Balancing with Dr. Nancy Snacks, Vanessa’s Weight Loss Story, Belly Fat Nutrition Virtual Workshop and Wrap Up Call.

The Reveal The Thin Within: These bonuses include; Reveal the Thin Within eBook, Weight Loss Audio Program, “Overcome Anything!”Virtual Workshop and another audio program.

The Smooth Out Cellulite Bonus: No one likes cellulite on their body and these bonuses will come in hand; 10 Shocking Truths About Cellulite, Blast Cellulite 3 Super Tips, Slim Down Water Plus Simple Snack Solutions, and Demo Workouts.

Audio File Bonuses:  Instead of videos or reading, there are some audio files which can be excellent to plug into while going for a jog or even commuting to and from work. These include; Bikini Body EAP Weight Loss Audios, 60 Day Bikini Body Journal, Butt of Your Dreams, Slim Hips, Your Lean And Sexy Thighs, Your Ageless Face, Sleeker Sexier Arms, Your Flat Belly Bliss, and Your Inner Confidence Forever.

The Pros

The My Bikini Butt is definitely a well-rounded program, and there’s no kidding about that. There is a lot of information, and they all come in different formats such as audio files, videos, and eBooks which makes the program perfect for different moods that you may be in.

It also covers all elements, from your diet to relaxation and of course, fitness. The bonuses even further that. In addition, My Bikini Butt also offers 24/7 support, which is always nice to have if needed, and you get a 60 Day money-back guarantee to take advantage of if this isn’t the program for you as well. You can learn more about all of this by visiting the official My Bikini Butt website.

If You Love The Video Above Check Out My Bikini Butt Which Has More Workouts Like This

The Cons

The only thing I didn’t like about My Bikini Butt is that it didn’t really tell you what you get with the program and what are the bonuses, without doing some research or reading this review. It tells you that you’re going to get a fit butt with workouts, but doesn’t tell you all about the other stuff that you benefit from within My Bikini Butt, such as the diet, breathing, fat burning tips and all the abundance of bonuses.

On the bright side, if you didn’t know about these amazing elements, you’d be pleasantly surprised when you download My Bikini Butt! There are a lot of bonuses and it can seem kind of busy when you start the program, but at the same time, you can’t really complain about having too many resources and ways to get that ideal body, right?

My Bikini Butt is also only available as a digital version so you won’t be able to order a physical copy shipped to your door. Some people may consider this a benefit, but I enjoy having a physical product to hold, but with this program, you’ll get instant access to the entire program which can be accessed on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How This Program Can Help You Reach Your Goals

By targeting stubborn, hard-to-lose-fat areas on your bodies, such as your butt and thighs, you’re slimming down head-to-toe. The difference with this program is that it focuses on these areas, to not only shed body fat all over the place but to also enhance those areas on your body that can make you feel awesome. So, you lose weight and tone those legs and booty!

My Bikini Butt Review Conclusion

Since the fitness and health trend is all about a nice booty, My Bikini Butt is an absolute must-have. Mind you, I would say that regardless of the trends because these workouts are a fun way to get excited about working out and eating healthy. You can go all Kim Kardashian style, or keep your booty a little tamer.

It’s completely up to you. The rest will follow, and those fat cells will burn off. You can learn more and watch a special presentation from Andrea by visiting the official website here.