NativePath Daily Turmeric Review – Is This New Turmeric Supplement Worth It?

Here’s our NativePath Daily Turmeric review. If you follow news about supplements and natural remedies, you’ve heard about the healing powers of turmeric. Curcumin, the chemical compound in turmeric, is touted as one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory substances.

The claims about turmeric are true, but NativePath’s new Daily Turmeric product claims to have the secret of unlocking turmeric’s amazing healing powers so your body can use them. We decided to check out the product, find out about their secret ingredient, and talk about whether there is research to support the claims of what Daily Turmeric can do.

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NativePath Daily Turmeric

What Is NativePath Daily Turmeric?

Daily Turmeric is a nutritional supplement made by NativePath, a well-respected company in the nutritional supplement industry. The company was founded by Dr. Chad Walding and Dr. Brenda Walding, Doctors of Physical Therapy, together with businessmen Scott Rewick and Chris Clark.

The company claims that Daily Turmeric can do all the following things:

  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Soothe body, joint, back, and hip discomfort
  • Enhance your body’s detoxification capabilities
  • Protect against the build-up of unhealthy fat deposits
  • Support healthy brain activity and cognitive function
  • Improve mental clarity and active memory
  • Minimize mood swings
  • Increase your body’s natural defenses against cellular damage and cellular aging

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Native Path Daily Turmeric

Those are big claims, and in this review, we’ll see if the available research supports them. A product that could do these things would certainly be in high demand.

What Are the Ingredients of NativePath Daily Turmeric?

There are lots of nutritional supplements on the market. Many of them have a laundry list of ingredients, but that’s not the case with Daily Turmeric. In fact, it has just two active ingredients:

  • Curcumin from turmeric
  • Piperine from black peppercorns

NativePath Daily Turmeric

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The basic premise behind the product is that while curcuminoids – the active compounds in turmeric – are hugely beneficial to the body, they are not readily bioavailable. You’d need to consumer curry all day every day to get enough turmeric to make a difference.

What NativePath has discovered through research is that the addition of piperine to turmeric makes the curcuminoids it contains 2,000 times more bioavailable than cumin alone. The combination of these two ingredients is what gives Daily Turmeric its power.

Does Research Support Claims Made About NativePath Daily Turmeric?

Now, let’s look at some of the research about turmeric and piperine to see if the claims about Daily Turmeric are true.

A 1997 study conducted in Bangalore looked at the effects of turmeric and piperine when taken in combination. It found that combining the two substances dramatically increased the bioavailability of turmeric in both rats and humans.

Likewise, a 2014 study looked at the impact of turmeric and piperine supplementation on volunteers with metabolic syndrome, a condition that causes weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It found that the study group experienced a greater reduction in their cholesterol and triglycerides than the placebo group.


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There has been some talk about a potential link between inflammation and certain forms of cancer. A study from 2010 measured the reaction of breast cancer cells to turmeric and piperine taken in combination. It found that the combination inhibited the growth of cancerous cells. While the results are not conclusive, there is certainly a reason to pursue additional research.

Inflammation is a root cause of many serious diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. A 2016 study looked at patients who had COPD resulting from exposure to mustard gas. It found that the patients who took a combination of turmeric and piperine experienced a reduction in measurable serum levels associated with COPD as well as an improvement in self-reported symptoms of respiratory distress.

We’re always wary of products that claim to aid with depression and mood disorders, but it turns out there is some evidence to support the idea that turmeric and piperine might be an effective treatment for depression. A 2009 study gave turmeric and piperine to rats with chronic unpredictable stress. It found that curcuminoids increased production of the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine.

The takeaway here is that there is ample research to show that curcuminoids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial to people with metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation, depression, and chronic stress. The bioavailability of turmeric is improved by combination with piperine. That shows that the claims made by NativePath are valid and that there is every reason to believe that Daily Collagen will do what they say it will do.

What’s the Dosage of Curcumin and Piperine in Daily Turmeric?

Each capsule of Daily Turmeric contains 1325 milligrams of high-quality curcumin and piperine. To get that much of these amazing substances in your diet, you would need to pile every meal high with heaping spoons of cumin and black pepper.

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Daily Turmeric NativePath

That’s not practical, and as tasty as cumin and black pepper can be, you’d seen weary of their flavors, too. The high dosages in these capsules ensure that you’ll get all the curcuminoids you need every day simply by taking your Daily Turmeric.

Pros and Cons of NativePath Daily Turmeric

Every product has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at Daily Turmeric from both sides, starting with the pros:

  • NativePath is a company with a good reputation for manufacturing high-quality nutritional supplements
  • The scientific research supports the idea that taking turmeric and piperine together is the best way to get the full benefits of the curcuminoids in turmeric
  • The ingredients are all-natural and have no dangerous side effects – unlike prescription drugs for inflammation
  • This product is easy to order online and can be at your door in a matter of days
  • The product is backed by NativePath’s guarantee

Now, let’s examine some of the potential downsides of this product:

  • This is not a product that’s available in stores – you can only buy it online
  • The price per bottle may seem expensive compared to the copay for prescription drugs

We think the pros clearly outweigh the cons here. The health benefits of curcumin and piperine are well-documented and the only real inconvenience here is that you’ll need to order your supply of Daily Turmeric online instead of buying it in person.

How Much Does NativePath Daily Turmeric Cost?

By now, you’re probably asking how much Daily Turmeric costs. Many supplements, particularly those containing the highest quality ingredients, can be pricey. The good news is that NativePath is offering a special, so you can save a substantial amount off the original price for Daily Turmeric.

The pricing changes depending on how large a supply you order. Buying in bulk will save you money on every bottle of Daily Turmeric. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • One jar of Daily Turmeric is $49.95 per bottle (that’s 60 capsules)
  • Two jars of Daily Turmeric cost $44.95 per bottle (that’s 120 capsules)
  • Four jars of Daily Turmeric cost $39.95 per bottle (that’s 240 capsules)

NativePath Daily Turmeric

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If you order four jars at once, you’ll save 20% off the original price per bottle. That’s a substantial savings, particularly if you have a lot of weight to lose and want to ensure you don’t run out of Daily Turmeric.

The recommended dosage is one capsule before or after your first meal of the day. In other words, each bottle gives you a 60-day supply of Daily Turmeric.

One last note about pricing. The per bottle price might seem high, but every one of NativePath’s products is backed by the no-questions-asked, 90-day, money-back guarantee. You can try the product and, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it for a refund even if the bottle is empty.

Our NativePath Daily Turmeric Review Conclusion

Our final recommendation is that NativePath Daily Turmeric is a worthwhile product for people who want to calm inflammation, boost their energy, and lose weight. NativePath has a solid reputation and the money-back guarantee means there’s no real risk involved in trying it.

To get your own supply of NativePath Daily Turmeric, please click here now to visit their official website.