Old School New Body Review: Does The F4X System Work?

We all know that there are thousands of exercise programs in today’s market, but how many really work? Maybe you’ve tried a few fitness systems, but haven’t yet found the right one.

How do you sort out the great ones from the mediocre or the downright dangerous ones? This question may have many answers, but I have written my Old School New Body Review with the idea of informing you about this one program and hopefully helping you to decide if it is for you.

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Old School New Body Review. What Exactly Is The F4X Protocol?

The Focus 4 Exercise Protocol(abbreviated F4X)is a trademarked exercise approach that incorporates unique movements, in specific combinations, to enhance fitness and sculpt the body for both men and women. This approach is called “Old School,” because it doesn’t incorporate “New Age” equipment or workouts, like those sold on TV or at most gyms.

In the course of researching my Old School New Body Review, I found that the exercise program was fundamentally the same for both men and women, no matter their age or fitness level. Only the amount of resistance required to achieve results differed between the sexes. In the next part of this Old School New Body review, I want to take a look at why the authors think Old School is better.

Old School New Body Review

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Why Do The Authors Think “Old School” Is Better?

When many of us think of the term “Old School,” we think of outdated methodology, that we often believe just can’t work as well as the shiny and sophisticated programs of the modern age. As we all know, sometimes this is true, but not always.

In the case of exercise, a Boston Sports Club study found that short workouts of twenty to thirty minutes in duration help us stick to our exercise routine better than longer ones. According to this study and others like it, both men and women experienced less burnout and achieved faster results than those who worked out for forty-five minutes or longer. What’s more, fewer than 2% of gym-goers experience any meaningful or lasting body transformations in a year’s time.

Old School New Body Review

Another phenomenon addressed by the authors of Old School New Body is the production of free radicals, which the body produces in abundance during a lengthy workout. Free radicals are energy deficient cells that take energy away from other cells, resulting in accelerated aging.

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The Old School New Body Authors

Steve Holman and his wife, Becky co-authored the Old School New Body system, and are living proof of its efficacy. Both are in their 50’s. Steve Holman is Editor-In-Chief of Iron Man magazine, one of the oldest fitness magazines on the market.

Iron Man has a large readership encompassing both men and women who have the desire for ultimate fitness. The magazine is as relevant and popular today, as in the early days of its publication.


John Rowley is the pioneer of many fitness programs and is an avid student of all facets of fitness, including exercise, nutrition, anatomy, and kinesiology. John made lemonade out of the lemons that life dealt him when he was in a catastrophic auto accident which cut short his sky-rocketing college athletic career.

He has been a top New York real estate executive and has owned his own fitness facility. As the author of many books dealing with health and lifestyle, John has shared his knowledge and inspiration with millions, worldwide. Let’s keep this Old School New Body review moving and take a look at what’s included with the program.

Old School New Body Reviews

What Does My Old School New Body Review Say About Bang for the Buck?

What do you really get for your money, when you purchase this fitness system? Below, I will outline what is included the Old School New Body F4X Youth Enhancing Body Shaping System for Men and Women.

1.) The Old School New Body Handbook with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (This costs $20.00 for a limited time.)
2.) Bonus #1: F4X Quick Start Workout Guide that covers the phases of the system: Lean, Shape and Build (Free)
3.) Bonus #2: Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets Special Report (Free)
4.) Bonus #3: Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets Special Report (Free)
5.) Bonus #4: Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets Special Report (Free)
6.) Bonus#5: Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets (Free)

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What’s Good About The Old School New Body

90 minutes a day (or maybe even less) is all you need to see results with this system. The workouts are safe and short, and they can be accomplished either at home or in the gym. The book makes following the movements simple, but they must be done correctly.

The system is just $20.00 (or $27.00 if you wait too long!). You can review the materials for sixty days, but if you still aren’t satisfied, your money will be refunded 100%. The program is completely digital so you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. All you have to do is order and download the program. It couldn’t be any easier.

Review Old School New Body

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What’s Not So Good About Old School New Body

You must use resistance, and this program is hard work! If you are not the type to motivate yourself, these learning materials are likely to just sit on the shelf and gather dust.

Additionally, you must make dietary changes, in order for the system to work effectively. If you have bad eating habits, your results will not come easily. I prefer videos with my workout system, but the program is still really effective so don’t let that keep you from checking it out.

Can The Old School New Body System Help You Meet Your Goals?

Old School New Body is not for everyone, but it is for anyone who is willing to take their body sculpting regimen seriously. Fortunately, men and women of any age can use the program successfully and safely.

My Old School New Body Review Conclusion

The price is certainly right, considering all the materials you get for your money! The program takes a bit of study, and quite a bit of effort, but it will be time well spent. You truly can transform your body and health with the F4X Protocol, providing you follow its instructed course of action.

If you can spare 90 minutes each week, you can make your body and your life better. I hope you found this Old School New Body review helpful in deciding if it’s the right fit for you. To learn more you can visit the official Old School New Body website.