Olympic Abs Review – Can Joe LoGalbo Show You How To Shrink Your Waistline Using Ab Secrets Of Olympic Athletes?

Here is our review of the Olympic Abs program by Joe LoGalbo. Anyone who has ever watched the Olympics is well aware that Olympic athletes have incredibly toned, fit bodies. Among those athletes, gymnasts have a tendency to have the leanest, most toned midsections. It’s generally assumed that this is due to all of the hours they spend swinging around on parallel bars.

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A new workout routine introduced by a fitness professional named Joe LoGalbo now shows you how to achieve six-pack abs and a flat stomach using the abdominal training secret used by top Olympians without the need to swing on parallel bars or even go to the gym.

Olympic Abs

In fact, these workouts can actually be performed in the comfort of your own home to help you achieve results in less than a month. Unlike many of the core training programs out there, these exercises show you how to directly target your belly.

If your goal is to lose fat around your midsection, you may have used isolated ab exercises like sit-ups and crunches in the past. The problem with these exercises is that the movements are too small to create the fat burning effect you need to see the results you want.

You might feel the burn, but you’re doing little to burn fat around your midsection. Olympic Abs is designed to help you eliminate some of the most common mistakes that many people make when trying to get fit and trim. Let’s continue this Olympic Abs review…

What Is Olympic Abs All About?

Olympic Abs Training is based on a three-phase program you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

During Phase 1, you learn how to prime your body for fat loss by igniting your fat burning hormones. This phase features full body exercises that are actually used by Olympic gymnasts to strengthen their core and build lean abdominal muscles. In addition, this phase also helps you to activate overnight fat burning hormones, including T3 and T4.

In Phase 2, you begin to shrink your belly. This phase uses the same abdominal exercises Olympic gymnasts use to develop those tight, toned abs that everyone admires. This is the part where you begin to really see noticeable results. Here’s a video from Joe sharing an example of an exercise you should be doing:

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During the third phase, you will begin working on targeting any remaining unwanted belly fat. This phase features conditioning drills that help to get rid of the last stubborn inch or two of belly fat. You also receive advanced ab development movements that help you to achieve your goals without hitting any plateaus.

When trying to get defined abs, most people tend to make some common mistakes. Among those mistakes is wasting time with traditional ab exercises. According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, performing popular ab workouts resulted in no change in body fat percentage.

While many people tend to think that ab workouts will help them to get the defined abs they want, they fail to realize that they are ruining their hips, back, and posture. This is because most traditional ab workouts place a tremendous amount of tension on the hips and spine.

Instead of the abs doing the work, it’s the hips. This leads to absolutely zero abdominal flattening results while creating posture problems.

Olympic Abs Review

Avoid Traditional Ab Exercises And Do THESE Instead To Develop Olympic Abs

Traditional ab workouts also usually do not offer enough time under transition. The traditional sets and raps used in most workouts are a complete waste of time. By comparison, gymnasts make the most of their time by engaging their core as they transition from one movement to the next movement.

As a result, they are able to keep tension on their core for longer amounts of time, allowing them to flatten their abs and build strong six-packs.

There is sometimes a common misconception that you must train for long hours if you want to get abs like a gymnast. That is actually not the case. Gymnasts actually use specific combinations of movements to strengthen their abs to achieve optimal performance. With Olympic Abs, you can achieve the same results by using a done-for-you program.

Since the Olympic Abs program is already done for you, you do not have to worry about wasting time trying to figure out what you need to do to get results. There is no trial and error with this system. It is ready to go and can help you to save a tremendous amount of time.

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What’s Included With The Olympic Abs System

Olympic Abs contains the following when an individual decides to purchase the course:

Done-For-You Coaching Videos -With these videos, Joe personally coaches you through each workout, giving you instruction and guidance.

8-Week Olympic Abs Manual – This manual gives you access to eight weeks of Olympic Ab training that is guaranteed to help you get a better-looking midsection. You also receive access to the precise formula that Olympic gymnasts use to ignite their metabolism.

Olympic Abs Program

Olympic Abs Exercise Guide and Video Library – You receive a simple and easy-to-follow exercise guide that show you every movement in detail so there is no confusion.

You also receive the following bonuses when you purchase. These additional programs provide additional value and help to speed up results:

Lower Ab Exercise Video Library – This video library shows you how to target stubborn lower belly fat. It features complete follow-along videos.

Erase My Low Back Pain Video Exercises – This guide gives you stretching, strengthening, and soothing movements to activate your core gently while relieving low back pain.

Abdominal Stretching Video Library – This video library shows you abdominal stretching secrets that will help you to achieve long, lean abs that are flexible and strong.

Olympic Abs Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Guide – This detailed guide gives you nutrition techniques used by Olympic gymnasts that can help you to maintain your abs. Included are the top 10 world-class goods that can be used for activating your metabolism.

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Who Is Joe LoGalbo?

Joe LoGalbo Olympic AbsThe author of this program is Joe LoGalbo, a fitness professional, who has personally used these routines to transform his own abs.

In fact, he actually hired a former Olympic gymnast to teach him the precise formula needed to achieve six-pack abs.

Joe is a personal trainer and specializes in helping men and women achieve their goals using minimum effort, but resulting in maximum benefits. He is also the author of a number of other personal fitness programs that can be done from home. Anabolic Running is one of his more popular programs.

He strives to provide a lot of value. I’ve also met Joe in person before at a conference. His strives to provide excellent customer service to his customers and goes above and beyond compared to other authors.

Pros and Cons

There are numerous advantages to this program. First, it is available for only $9, which is an incredibly low price, considering all that you receive. Additionally, the author is providing a very unique opportunity to win cash prizes.

When you order the Olympic Abs system, you receive the chance to win cash prizes when you send him transformation photos within the first 28 days of following the program. All you have to do is email him your before and after photos and you will be qualified to win.

This program is designed to be performed in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to purchase a lot of expensive gym equipment or even take the time out of your schedule to go to the gym. You can perform these workouts at home whenever it is most convenient for you. If you have ever felt intimated working out at the gym, this could be the program that is just right for you.

If you’re still not sure about the program, you get his Gold Medal Guarantee, which gives you 60 days to try the Olympic Abs program. If it doesn’t work for you, simply let Joe know and he will refund your fill purchase price.

Joe also provides amazing customer service. He strives to go beyond to help his customers. He’s a nice guy and really wants his customers to suceed.

Everything is delivered digitally, which means you do not have to wait around to receive anything in the mail. Once your payment is processed, you will receive access to everything within just a few seconds, so you can get started putting these techniques to work right away. You will need access to a computer to download the materials, so that might be a slight disadvantage if you do not have access to a computer.

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Olympic Abs Review Conclusion

The Olympic Abs system has quite a bit to offer, including a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose with this program, especially considering the incredibly low purchase price. If you are looking to get lean, Olympic-like six-pack abs, this program could be just what you need to help you achieve your goals.

The advantage of this Olympic Abs program in my opinion is that you don’t have to go to the gym. In today’s world we’re all so busy and it’s not easy to get to the gym, especially when you have kids and other things going on. Joe also walks you through each and every exercise which is really helpful.

As in all of our reviews we always recommend you visit the official Olympic Abs website to learn more. It contains additional information you might find useful and helpful in helping you decide if Joe LoGalbo’s Olympic Abs program is worth your time.