Omega Body Blueprint Review – A Blueprint To Burning Fat?

Here is my Omega Body Blueprint review. This is the latest fitness program by John Romaniello. Doesn’t it seem like those last couple of pounds are pretty darn close to impossible to lose? You probably lost the first 5 pounds like a champ, but the last bulk is dragging you down, refusing to drop off…

And it almost seems like the Murphy’s Law of fitness – you’re doing everything plausible to achieve your health and weight loss goals to the max, but there are those stubborn 5 pounds left that are standing in front of you like a massive roadblock the size of Mount Everest.

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It can definitely take a toll on your determination because you feel like you’ve done absolutely everything you can but the Omega Body Blueprint claims to have the method that will put those hiking boots on your feet and climb you to the peak of your success.

So, let’s stop beating ourselves up about it and start trekking towards our ultimate goal…

What’s The Deal With Omega Body Blueprint?

The Omega Body Blueprint utilizes a combination of hormonal optimization, intermittent fasting, and cycling to create an environment that rips fat from people’s bodies. It’s designed to help you remove those last few stubborn pounds of fats and helps you to build lean, dense muscle in just six short weeks.

The goal of John’s program is to help you create an omega body, or in other words, the final version of your fitness that many people simply never reach because of those adamant pounds refusing to shed off.

Omega Body Blueprint Review

By going over the top 3 reasons as to why those final pounds won’t drop off – workout confusion, nutrition lies, and dysfunctional hormones – the Omega Body Blueprint has found the solution broken down into 4 methods that can easily be incorporated into your daily fitness routine – even if you have a busy job, family, extracurricular activities or simply, a normal lifestyle that doesn’t leave you with hours on end to work on your body.

The Omega Body Blueprint isn’t only for professional trainers, fitness-addicts and aspiring bodybuilders – it’s for real people, just like you and me. In the next part of the Omega Body Blueprint review, I’ll shed a little light on who John Romaniello is.

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Who Is John Romaniello?

Ladies, take a look. How’s that for some motivation? Heck! Even the men can appreciate the body on John Romaniello (aka Roman), the creator of the Omega Body Blueprint. He isn’t all just looks though. Roman has the knowledge to back up that body.Omega Body Blueprint reviews

He is a fitness expert with approximately 13 years dedicated to the fitness industry, and he is even a New York Times bestselling author. He serves on many advisory boards for some of the biggest fitness companies worldwide and is even on the Head of Fitness Advisory Board for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Needless to say, this guy knows what he’s doing… And he looks good doing it. Just saying. Let’s move on with the Omega Body Blueprint Review and check out what’s included with the program.

Omega Body Blueprint Review

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What’s Included With Omega Body Blueprint?

In this part of my Omega Body Blueprint review, I want to take a look at what you get with the program. The Omega Body Blueprint has years and years of research, knowledge and personal and professional experience infused into the mix to create an easy-to-use and easy-to-follow program. It is broken down into 6 different parts, so you just work your way through it.

Component 1: The Omega Body Blueprint Training Manual

Within the very first part of the program,  you get 6 full weeks of training and workouts as you receive a manual that goes over all the training and theory behind it. You also get the 24 Hormonal Response Training workouts, and if you remember, dysfunctional hormones were one reason why many people can’t lose those last few pounds.

Component 2: The Omega Body Blueprint Workout Log Sheets

This section of the Omega Body Blueprint shows you how to keep records, as seeing your progress is not only a vital way to receive motivation, but it also allows you to see when you need to increase or decrease certain movements. The charts are all professionally designed and easy to keep track of everything.

Omega Body Blueprint Review

Component 3: The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Calculator

Food is a crucial step to dropping any weight – including those last couple of pounds, so this part of the system teaches you all about it. From things such as when to eat, how much and of course, the nutritional value of foods.

Component 4: The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Manual

As I was writing this Omega Body Blueprint review I found this section to be really interesting. This section of the program expands on the food side of fitness, and with that said, you are provided with some guidance and theories to truly build that Omega (final version) of your body. Working out is important, but nutrition is just as critical as it helps you to maintain that Omega body.

Component 5: The Omega Body Blueprint Supplement Guide

Supplements; this is certainly a portion of the program that everyone can relate to as the use is truly up in the air when it comes to the fitness industry. Some are awesome. Some; not so much. Learn how to use the right, healthy stuff and how to do so properly within this section. More importantly, you’ll learn all about the supplements that will help you reach your personal goals.

Component 6: The Omega Body Blueprint Quick Start Check List

Boom! Now it’s time to make sure that you’re ready for success. Go through the list and make sure you check it all off before starting the program to ensure that you’re geared up for omega results.

Bonus Component: The Video Database

As I was writing this Omega Body Blueprint review I almost forgot about this component. It’s a complete video workout library with all the workouts you’ll need on video. I’m a visual person so seeing the workouts performed and having them on video is like having your own personal trainer in your home.

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Pros and Cons of Omega Body Blueprint

In this part of my Omega Body Blueprint review, I want to cover some of the pros and cons of the program. The Omega Body Blueprint is easy to utilize and implement into your daily life, regardless of how little spare time you have to dedicate to shredding off those last couple of pounds. Knowledge is a vital component because you have to know why your body is acting the way that it is – or rather, storing those pounds refusing to leave your love handles.

Omega Body Blueprint

In addition, the quality is prominent within the Omega Body Blueprint. You also receive fast, realistic results (as long as you follow the program meticulously), and you become a member of the Roman Fitness Systems community which allows you to have all of your concerns and questions addressed immediately.

The 60-day money-back guarantee is another huge bonus, and you can get the entire series in a downloadable form.

For the first time ever, I honestly can’t find a con of this program. I guess I could say that it’d be nice to hear what kind of workouts are included, but then that would defeat the purpose of following through and purchasing the program.

It’s also a completely digital program so you don’t have to wait for the mail to arrive. Now it’s time for my Omega Body Blueprint review conclusion.

My Omega Body Blueprint Review Conclusion

We’ve finally come to the end of my Omega Body Blueprint review. Over the years I’ve always been a fan of John Romaniello’s fitness and workout products. I really enjoyed Final Phase Fat Loss and it played a big part in my weight loss and fitness journey and I didn’t know what to expect when checking out Omega Body Blueprint because it’s been a while since John released a program.

However, after looking through everything during my Omega Body Blueprint review I can say with confidence that John has outdone himself with his new program.

In some ways, this program is a sequel to Final Phase Fat Loss, but it’s also so much more. It contains all the information and workouts needed to cause some serious body transformations to occur, but to experience this transformation you have to make sure to take action and put the information to use.

Omega Body Blueprint is a 6-week program so you need to commit, but if you can give John Romaniello 6 weeks he’ll help you burn unwanted fat and develop a lean, tone body. I really enjoyed the video workouts and the fact that John takes such a scientific approach to fitness. It’s laid out in an easy to follow format. He doesn’t make a claim unless he can back it up and I respect that, but this isn’t a workout system for everyone.

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This is an intense program so it might not be the best for people over the age of 50 and if you’re someone who is looking for fast results and don’t want to put the time and effort into it then you shouldn’t even buy Omega Body Blueprint.

John wanted to make a program that not only informed people about how their body works and stores and releases fat but also provides those looking to take their fitness and health to the next level. In other words, a blueprint to a healthier, leaner, toner body.

I could easily lie and say you should purchase Omega Body Blueprint, but the truth is I can’t answer that for you. The goal of this Omega Body Blueprint review isn’t to convince you to buy, but just to give you some information about the program and my thoughts. Only you know what your fitness goals are and how committed you will be to the program, but what I can tell you is that John Romaniello isn’t just some guy off the street. This guy knows his stuff helping people all over the world reach their goals.

Omega Body Blueprint contains the knowledge, the workouts, the nutritional information, eating schedules, chart tracking and everything else you need to shed fat and fall back in love with your body as long as you’re willing to commit. In my personal opinion if you’ve been trying to lose weight and just can’t seem to make it work then give it a try.

You really have nothing to lose since Omega Body Blueprint has a 6o day money-back guarantee. So give it try and if it’s not for you then shoot John’s customer service team an email and get your money back. You can at least feel good knowing you tried to change your life for your better and gave it a shot.

Before you buy though I recommend you check out The Omega Body Blueprint official website and give that page a read because it has some great information on it. And to visit the official Omega Body Blueprint website please click the link below. Click here to visit the official Omega Body Blueprint website.