Organifi Review: An Organic Food Elixir or Green Juice Folklore?

Have you ever heard of Ashwagandha? Neither had I, until I tried Organifi Green Juice dried superfood mix. I guess the beginning two lines of my review would beg two questions. The first one is, “What is Ashwagandha?” and the second one is, “What is Organifi Green Juice?”

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The answer to the first question is that Ashwagandha is one of the primary ingredients in Organifi Green Juice. My review, which appears below, will answer not only these two questions, in-depth but also some others you might have regarding this product. Is it safe? Does it taste good? Are the claims made on its website, really true?

Read on, to discover both my experiences with the product and my opinions regarding it.

What is Organifi Green Juice, What is It Used For and Why Would I Want to Use It?

Organifi is a powder made from eleven natural ingredients in dehydrated form. It is a “USDA Certified” organic food. Its general purpose is to actually replace the effort needed to create healthy juices from fresh ingredients.

You simply mix a scoop of Organifi with water and drink it. The nutrients provided in the mixture are derived from its eleven plant ingredients. Below is a list along with purported benefits of each:


1.) Chlorella is a green algae that helps rid the body of fat, stabilizes insulin sensitivity and raises metabolism.

2.) Moringa is known by the Himalayans as “Tree of Immortality.” It contains the plant hormone Zeatin, known to increase cell growth, resulting in a slowdown of the aging process.

3.) Spiralina diminishes food cravings and helps fight a host of chronic, life-threatening conditions including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, allergies, and high cholesterol.

4.) Mint is a calming herb that helps to mitigate stress and contains lots of antioxidants for healthier skin and digestive system.

5.) Beets contain a natural detoxifying agent that purifies the liver and blood and oxygenates the muscles.

6.) Matcha Green Tea contains the antioxidant EGCG and reduces the effects of elevated Cortisol levels in the body, namely weight gain. It may provide a breakthrough for cancer prevention and treatment.

7.) Wheatgrass is a detoxifying ingredient that promotes healthy aging.

8.) Tumeric decreases insulin and leptin resistance. These two compounds can lead to weight gain when out of balance.

9.) Lemon helps stabilize blood sugar levels and increases disease resistance.

10.) Coconut Water has high levels of potassium, which may help reduce high blood sugar, high blood pressure and relieve oxidative stress in the body. Nutrients in coconut water bind with other nutrients to facilitate absorption.

11. ) Ashwagandha is a stress inhibitor, that lowers Cortisol levels, increases cognitive abilities, increases sleep benefits and gives an overall feeling of well-being.


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The reasons to potentially use Organifi are fairly obvious:

  • The ingredients are not readily available.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The claimed nutrient benefits seem pretty incredible

So far, so good, but…

Who is the Creator And What Does He Know About Green Juice?

Drew Canole is the founder of an Internet health site called He’s a guy that really believes in the benefits of juicing but came to realize that, for the average person, it is an expensive proposition involving a lot of hassle to find ingredients, as well as to juice and blend them.

Organifi Drew Canole

He spent three years researching and discovered a way to combine a powerful list of ingredients to blend in ways that would provide one simple elixir, that boosts metabolism, increases energy and generally upgrades human health.

Pros and Cons: Can One Drink Really Accomplish All That?

Here are some answers to some of your most burning questions about Organifi, based on my personal experience.

How much does it cost and how is it sold?

The dietary supplement comes in a canister containing nine and a half ounces of product and a scoop to measure a daily serving. When mixed as directed, this is a thirty-day supply.

You can subscribe to the product and have it sent each month in varying quantities, or you can make a one-time purchase of one, three or six containers of product, Of course, the more you buy, the less you pay for each serving.

If you are like me, most would choose to initially order only one bottle to see if they like it. This is the most expensive way to buy the product at about sixty dollars, but the larger quantities cost about forty dollars for each bottle.

Shipping is not included in the price, but is, of course, the most reasonable when you order larger quantities. The website said that the price is due to increase, but I’m not sure if that has happened or not.

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I also got a PDF download of an accompanying program called Give Your Body 30 (30 Days of Real Food for Real Results. It includes lots of other info about the use of Organifi and other nutritional information, like meal-planning and recipes. There was no additional charge for this.

How does it taste?

The author maintains that his green juice tastes good; better than other “green juice” products. I have not personally tried many other products of this type, but I have tried juicing. Some of these juices taste great and some, not so much. However, I think that whether you like the flavor of something or not, is mostly just reliant on what you personally like.

As for my individual taste, I do like some of the other green juice products. I also liked Organifi. However, as I find with any of these types of products, no matter how well I like the taste, I always end up getting tired of taking it every day. To me, this just goes with the territory and there is no real way around it!

What if I don’t like it?

There is a thirty-day, one-hundred percent money-back guarantee. This would be your best option. However, I do recommend using the product for at least thirty days. I think this is necessary to formulate a real and well-tested opinion of how the product works for you.

What Is My Opinion of Organifi? Can I point to any real evidence that it enhanced my health or my life?

The benefits promised by Drew Canole’s green juice product are:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Re-balancing of hormones
  • Body detoxification
  • Weight and fat loss
  • Increased energy levels and feeling of well-being

organifi benefits

I did experience many of these effects, and I do believe that Organifi is a good nutritional product. It was my feeling, even before trying Organifi, that something containing lots of nutrition from plants would be an enhancement to most people’s diets since most don’t get enough of fiber or nutrients that are found in veggies. Just the color and type of things that go into the green juice powder were enough to convince me to try it.

You have probably guessed, by now, that I am not someone who takes my health lightly. Staying healthy is a bit of a hobby for me, but I’m not a fanatic about it. I too have had my share of struggles with weight and fitness.

I was never truly overweight, but I was once a little over-zealous about my exercise routine! Those days are long gone, though. As a busy administrative professional, I find too little time in my schedule for both healthy eating and exercise.

In my estimation, the fact that I have little time to take some of the steps that would keep my health on track is what creates the best advantage of the product. One daily drink of something that has this many healthy nutrients goes a long way towards maintaining health and balance.

One of the first things I noticed was increased energy. It took a little longer to start taking off the fat, but this has certainly become much easier, once I got into the rhythm of the program. As I stated earlier, I am not overweight, but still, feel that I could have a better-looking body.

Cellulite and flabbiness, or lack of muscle tone seem to be my main ongoing issues. I believe that this is partially due to eating over-processed food. The supplemental materials were especially helpful in this regard, as I began to plan and create healthier meals from the suggestions. I have always believed in eating well, but I got some new insight and ideas from the literature.

organifi reviews

Click Here To Visit The Official Organifi Website To Learn More

I am now on my second canister of Organifi, and its healthy effects have truly enhanced my life. The ease with which I can get many nutrients that I was probably missing out on before, is probably the benefit I appreciate the most. I believe that the ingredient mixture really is special. Most of them, I would have never even known existed, much less where to find them or how to process them into something palatable.

My juicer now sits idle, most of the time, although I do use it occasionally to get some variety. This is the one thing that I do wish was different about Organifi Green Juice. A little more flavor variety would be nice. However I’m willing to sacrifice that for the benefits I have gained with this product. To learn more about Organifi and all it’s benefits please visit the official website.