Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Isolated body

If you’ve been working out for any length of time, you’ve probably heard plenty of voices telling you how to get the most out of your workout… And at this point, you’ve probably established a plan of attack when you head into the gym each morning. But here’s the deal… Getting stuck in your ways […]

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7 “Feel The Burn” Abdominal Exercises For A Sexier Stomach

Sometimes abdominal exercises can get a little tedious… You have your sit-ups, your crunches, and your… hmm, what else? But if you’re stuck in a cycle of less than exciting abdominal exercises, I’ve got you covered. The following are 7 “feel the burn” ab exercises you can do for a sexier stomach. They’re fun, active, […]

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Why Squatting Heavy is NOT the best way to Tone and Shape your Butt

Why Heavy Squatting Is NOT as Effective

Hi! It’s Jess your booty type trainer, Today we’re going to talk about why doing Heavy Weighted Squats is not the best way to tone your butt. I’m going to take you into the gym with me and show you me doing heavy weighted squats versus using alternative booty exercises that require no equipment at […]

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BiOptimizers: P3-OM Review – The #1 Nutrient for Your Gut, Brain and Waistline?


Losing weight can be tough when your metabolism doesn’t want to behave. It’s even worse when you follow the same diet as those close to you, only to see them have much more success. The difference lies in your metabolism. This is the reason why some people can eat all that want, but not gain […]

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The Secret Supplement You Need To Burn Stubborn Fat

Burn Stubborn Fat

So you’ve been working your booty off to look your best this summer… And you should be proud of yourself for that… But if you’re like most women, you probably have a stubborn area or two where you aren’t seeing the results you want. You’ve been training hard and eating right but you just haven’t […]

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FREE Report: What Pineapples Do To Your Body

What pineapples do to your body

Can pineapples help you burn fat, or do they cause weight gain? You may be shocked to find out the answer in this brand new free report that you can download for free for the rest of the day today: =>> What Pineapples Do To Your Body (shocking)

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3 Feel Good Ways To Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Sometimes working out, dieting, and simply trying to do the right things for your health can be discouraging… Maybe you don’t see the numbers on the scale that you were hoping to see… Maybe you haven’t reached that dress size that you’ve been working hard to fit into. But I want to encourage you, that […]

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Fat Decimator Review – Is This New Program From Kyle Cooper Worth Your Time?

Fat Decimator System

Here is our Fat Decimator review. Have you been following diet after diet without making much progress? Are your exercise programs not having the desired effect? What if you could find a combination weight loss and exercise routine that actually works? That’s what Fat Decimator is. This program, officially called the Fat Decimator System, is […]

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4 “Healthy” Foods To Avoid This Summer

4 Healthy Foods To Avoid This Summer

It’s almost that time of year… Time to show off the results of all your hard work in the gym and self-control in the kitchen. Otherwise known as your summer body. But what if I told you that your hard work and consistent creativity in the kitchen could be in jeopardy? That some of the […]

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3 Weird Moves That Lift Your Butt

Booty Type Training

Hi! It’s Jess, your booty type trainer. I was doing a booty type workout at home and I just did these 3 exercises that I think are kind of a little bit weird but they really work at lifting your booty. I just did them and I feel like my booty went from low to […]

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