Panalean Review – Can This Switch Your Metabolism Into Overdrive?

Here is our Panalean Review. As we grow older, many of us gain weight and find that we can’t lose it as easily as we did when we were younger. Our diets don’t help, and there’s a growing epidemic of diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

There’s no shortage of supplements available promising to make it easier to lose weight. One we wanted to check out is Panalean, which claims to have a proprietary blend of ingredients that trigger your body to burn calories in the same way exercise would.

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In this Panalean review, we’ll talk about what Panalean is, who it’s designed to help, and what it claims to do. We’ll also check out the scientific research to see if it supports those claims.

What is Panalean?

Panalean is a nutritional supplement that claims to be able to jump-start the metabolism and help people lose weight. It includes two proprietary blends of ingredients. They are:

  • Innoslim®, which contains a blend of astragalus and ginseng designed to boost your body’s production of AMP-activating protein kinase enzyme (AMPK).
  • Fit-ns®, a blend of anti-oxidant polyphenols including catechin and EGCG derived from green tea, naringin and narirutin from grapefruit, resveratrol from grapes, and anthocyanin from carrots.

Panalean reviews

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AMPK is a molecule your body produces only when it senses it is low on energy. The company claims that boosting AMPK will kick your body’s fat-burning mechanisms into high gear.

Who Makes Panalean?

Panalean is the brain child of a man named George Bridgeham and his company, Biogenic Wellness. Biogenic Wellness specializes in finding natural treatments for common health problems.

Bridgeham identified a physical state he calls metabolic hibernation. He says that it’s a time when your body mistakenly believes it needs to conserve energy as fat (much as a bear does when it goes into hibernation for the winter.) When it happens, even eating a low-calorie diet won’t help you lose weight.

Who is Panalean Designed to Help?

Panalean is designed to help men and women of all ages who have struggled to lose weight. If you’ve tried many different diets, cutting calories or counting carb grams, then you might be someone who is in metabolic hibernation and needs help getting your body to burn calories.

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Panalean may also be helpful for people who have diabetes or pre-diabetes since it helps the body to burn glucose and may help to reduce blood sugar levels. High blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, is a key risk factor for diabetes.

Is There Research to Support Panalean’s Claims?

Any time we review a nutritional supplement, we like to do some research and see if there’s evidence to support the claims made about the product. Fortunately, in the case of Panalean, there’s plenty of research to talk about.

Let’s start with astragalus. A 2009 Chinese study concluded that taking an astragalus supplement did boost the body’s production of AMPK and improved the ability of mice to process glucose. It also found that AMPK increased insulin sensitivity. More study is needed, but this is a promising conclusion.

A 2007 study found that supplementation with Korean ginseng led to an increase in AMPK production and subsequent decreases in fasting blood sugar levels in rats. The researchers concluded that ginseng might be an effective treatment for diabetes and other metabolic disorders. A later study reached the same conclusion about ginseng leaf extract.

Two of the key antioxidants in Panalean are catechin and EGCG, both of which are derived from green tea. A 2009 analysis of research found that, in general, the catechins in green tea had a positive, although small, net effect on weight loss and weight maintenance. It noted that there were variables based on caffeine intake and ethnicity.

A 2012 study found similar results. Green tea is not a magic pill for weight loss, but it did help overweight and obese people lose more weight than people in the control group. They also noted that green tea did not appear to have an effect on weight maintenance.

Next, we looked for research into naringin and narirutin, two polyphenols found in grapefruit. A study from 2006 found that subjects who ate fresh grapefruit or grapefruit supplements lost significantly more weight and had lower blood sugar than subjects who did not consume grapefruit.

We found a later study that looked only at consumption of fresh grapefruit before a meal. It found that subjects who ate half a grapefruit before a meal lost significantly more weight than people who just at their regular meals.

Resveratrol is another key ingredient in Panalean. A 2012 study found that patients with Type II diabetes who took resveratrol with their usual diabetes medication had lower fasting blood sugar than subjects who took a placebo.

Finally, the last ingredient in Panalean is anthocyanins from carrots. We found a 2015 study that concluded that consumption of anthocyanins could combat both obesity and diabetes thanks to its hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects.

The takeaway here is that the ingredients in Panalean are effective at lowering blood sugar, increasing insulin sensitivity, and promoting weight loss.

It is worth noting that we can’t confirm the claim that Fit-ns® enhances the properties of Innoslim® since there are no studies we could find that looked specifically at Panalean’s ingredients and how they work together.

What Do You Get When You Order Panalean?

As we stated above, Panalean is a nutritional supplement. It’s a simple product and, unlike many products sold on the internet, does not come with bonuses or extras. Panalean is packaged in bottles that contain 60 capsules apiece. Each bottle constitutes a one-month supply of Panalean.

Panalean review

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When we get to the section about price, you will see that there are discounts available if you decide to buy multiple bottles of Panalean instead of buying it one bottle at a time.

Pros and Cons of Panalean

Every nutritional supplement has pros and cons associated with it. Let’s review the pros and cons of Panalean as we see them, starting with the pros:

  • The ingredients in Panalean are all-natural and responsibly sourced. They are carefully tested for purity and are safe to use.
  • There are no known side effects to Panalean.
  • Panalean is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that has been certified in Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • There is ample scientific evidence to support the claims made about Panalean and its ingredients.
  • Panalean is available to order online and will be delivered right to your door if you order it.

There are a few potential downsides to consider, as well. Here they are:

  • Panalean is more expensive than some of the other weight loss supplements on the market, although it is worth noting that it’s less expensive than many prescription drugs.
  • Panalean is not available in stores and can only be purchased online.
  • People gain weight for a variety of reasons and there is no way to guarantee that you will get the same results with Panalean that other people do. Important to keep in mind.

Overall, we’re inclined to think that the pros outweigh the cons. The last pro is perhaps the most problematic one, but as you will see when we talk about payment, there is something that mitigates the risk of ordering Panalean.

How Much Does Panalean Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much you will need to pay to get a supply of Panalean. As we mentioned before, there are discounts available for buyers who purchase multiple bottles of Panalean. Here’s how the pricing breaks down on their website, and please keep in mind pricing could change at anytime. We try to keep this review up to date, but at the time of this review all pricing is correct.

  • One bottle of Panalean (60 capsules) costs $59.95 – that’s a $30 discount from the original price
  • Three bottles of Panalean (180 capsules) cost $149.95 – that’s a savings of $119.90
  • Six bottles of Panalean (360 capsules) cost $249.95 – that’s a savings of $289.75

Panalean Bottles

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You’ll get the biggest savings if you opt to buy six bottles at once. That’s like buying four bottles and getting two free. Keep in mind that each bottle is a one-month supply of Panalean. All orders come with free shipping.

It’s also worth noting that Panalean is backed by a 365-day, money-back guarantee. That means you can try Panalean and if you don’t get the results you want, you can return it for a full refund.

Panalean Review Conclusion

Our final recommendation is that Panalean is a product that is worth trying if you have struggled to lose weight. As always, you should always consult with your doctor before taking any new supplement, but the scientific research backing the product is encouraging and the generous, 365-day guarantee means that there’s no financial risk involved with trying Panalean for yourself.

If you’d like to order Panalean and see if it can help you lose those stubborn pounds, please click here now. We hope this Panalean review has been helpful.