Patriot Power Greens Review – Green Drink Restores Energy & Stamina?

Patriot Power Greens is a Probiotic powder that helps improve your health in nine different ways. It contains 10 strains of probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes that aid in your digestion and reduce inflammation. Reducing the inflammation is key in providing relief for several other health-related issues.

In this post, we’ll conduct our Patriot Power Greens review and do our best to provide you the information you need to know to determine if this green drink is a fit for you.

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The reality of the situation is that most people don’t get enough fruits and vegetables, but everyone “should” be getting 5-7 servings a day. The Patriot Power Greens drink provides you with the equivalent of 38 fruits and vegetables in a single serving in an easy to mix drink which comes in a powder which is quickly absorbed by the body.

The green drink plays a huge role in helping to regulate your digestive system and also helps to reduce inflammation which then helps reduce the pain of achy joints, reduces fatigue and many other issues.

What Exactly Is Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens started in the military as a solution for older soldiers who couldn’t keep up with the younger recruits. The powder helped them with their stiff muscles and lack of energy. After seeing how well received the product was, testing was done on 1000 regular people. After about a week, this test group responded very favorably to the powder stating that it helped them with overall body pain, reduced joint pain, heartburn and indigestion. People also reported sleeping better at night and being mentally sharper.

Patriot Power Greens review

Specifically, the product targets inflammation in your intestines. The digestive enzymes found in Patriot Power Greens not only provide relief for constipation but it also relieves diarrhea issues. Besides reducing the inflammation in your intestines, it also boosts the “good” bacteria that you have in your stomach. Most other probiotics only include 5-7 strains of probiotics but Patriot Power Green uses 10 strains, including 3 strains not found in other probiotic products that help you digest difficult foods like bread, fatty foods and dairy products.

Because Patriot Power Greens has reduced this inflammation, it also helps other issues that you might be suffering from such as restricted blood flow. It’s been proven that those that eat 8 or more servings of fruits and vegetables are less likely to suffer from heart issues. Other reports have found that the nutrients from fruits and vegetables can help keep your blood pressure at healthy levels and improves your overall cholesterol levels.

Patriot Power Greens also has natural enzymes that help reduce the pain of aching joints. Instead of suffering from the side effects of NSAIDS, the natural enzymes reduce inflammation and joint pain by improving the digestive and immune systems which is important when it comes to managing pain.

Another added benefit of Patriot Power Greens is the increase in memory that a lot of older people get when taking this product. Some doctors believe that this is caused by oxidative stress which is a loss of dopamine neurons which affects your memory. The product uses a tiny nutrient that is popular in Japan called Spirulina that noticeably improves memory recall of names, dates and events.

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Because you are starting to feel so much better on the inside, customers have also reported noticing a difference on the outside. Inflammation emits bad proteins that damage collagen. The product helps you prevent inflammation and absorb nutrients that soak up and nullify skin-damaging free radicals from UV light.

Weight loss is another great by-product of Patriot Power Greens. Inflammation is linked to fat cells and when inflammation increases, fat cells expand. Oxidative stress is also the culprit here and as the inflammation increases, you will start to gain weight in your midsection and hips. Fruits and vegetables help to nullify the acid and inflammation that is adding to your weight gain. Taking Patriot Power helps you get the 5-7 servings your body needs daily which will help you get to a healthy weight.

In the event you have issues with your blood sugar levels, Patriot Power Greens helps reduce the inflammation that causes blood sugar problems. Eating too many acidic foods like canola oil and soda increases blood sugar levels. Eating more fruits and vegetables will provide more alkaline foods and fix your digestive problems. Neutralizing the inflammation and getting your digestive tract working properly are great steps towards many of our physical issues.

The last two benefits of using Patriot Power Greens is increased libido and an increase in your overall energy levels. Customers have happily found an increased amount of energy and deeper sleep. They have also not had an energy crash in the afternoon so the energy sustains itself all day. Customers have also seen an increase in their sex lives as a result of the Probiotics ridding your body of excess estrogen and allowing the testosterone to act naturally.

Who is Dr. Lane Sebring M.D.

I’m a big fan of knowing a little bit about the person behind a product because in many ways a product is a direct extension of the knowledge and experience of the author. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want someone who has no clue what they’re talking about selling me a product.

In the case of Patriot Power Greens, the creator is a well-respected Doctor. Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is an expert in anti-aging therapies and holds practice in Wimberley, TX. He’s a veteran of the Air Force and is a proud conservative who believes the government should stay out of our personal lives.

Dr Lane Seabring Patriot Power Greens

He is also a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. has also received compensation from Patriot Health Alliance for his research, endorsement and for helping to develop this Patriot Power Greens product.

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What Ingredients Are In Patriot Power Greens

When working on our Patriot Power Greens review we thought it would be useful for you to see the list of ingredients included in this drink. As you can see Patriot Power Greens includes a wide range of Probiotics which are critical for good gut health which plays a huge role in weight loss and overall health.


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What Included When You Purchase Patriot Power Greens

If you decide to purchase Patriot Power Greens you’ll get the following items:

Main Product: Patriot Power Greens – You’ll receive a 16 oz canister of the green drink mix which is shipped to your door. In addition to the main Patriot Power Greens product you’ll also receive a couple of free bonus gifts which are:

Bonus Gift #1 – 16 oz Patriot Power Greens Shaker Bottle – The shaker bottle is great for mixing up the powder with water or juice or you can even make a smoothie. Dishwasher safe, the 16 oz bottle comes with a detachable lid is BPA-free.

Bonus Gift #2 – “How To Survive Obamacare And Medicare ”
This is an 8-page report that tells you:

• How to determine if you are eligible for a healthcare tax credit.
• How to keep your doctor no matter what plan you are on.
• How to keep up with Medicare changes.
• How to beat the Medicare Advantage deductible.

Bonus Gift #3 – “The 13 Deadliest Mistakes Hospitals And Doctors Are Making And How To Avoid Them”
This is an 11-page report that tells you:

• Why you shouldn’t eat the food in hospitals.
• Why early cancer and prostate screen can hurt you.
• Why you need to talk to a nurse before you have surgery.
• How to avoid “Fred Flintstone” type doctors.

Bonus Gift #4 – ZERO Shipping Costs

Bonus Gift #5 – A donation to active duty military of a can of Patriot Power Greens – With the purchase of 3 or 5 canisters, a donation of Patriot Power Greens will be made to our active-duty troops.

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Pros & Cons

Anytime I write a review I do my best to find pros and cons because there is nothing perfect in this world and that includes this product. Let’s take a look at some of the positives in my opinion. The first is that this product saves you a ton of time and money because trying to purchase all of the needed fruits and veggies can get expensive. Plus who has the time to eat all of those fruits and veggies?

Patriot Power Greens allow you to easily mix up this drink and within a couple of minutes, you’ll have it all finished and you can keep moving with your day. The other pro, in my opinion, is that probiotics are included.

Anyone who takes supplements or vitamins knows that Probiotics can be expensive so to have them included within the drink saves money and is one less thing I have to remember to take every day. The third pro is that Patriot Power Green comes with one of the best Money Back Guarantee I’ve seen in the industry. There are two of them and here is a breakdown for you:

Guarantee #1 is a 200% Money Back Guarantee if the product is returned after an honest trial of the product for at least 30 days. This would be enough for most products, but it goes a step further with the next guarantee which is a 100% Money Back Guarantee (Lifetime Guarantee) if, after as much time as you like, you decide the product is not working for you.

Another plus, in my opinion, is that the official website offers contact information which is great for customer service. So if you have any issues or questions you’ll be able to get some help.

There are a couple of cons, but I want to be clear that a con isn’t always a bad thing. In some cases, the con is just things to be made aware of so you have all the facts. A con wouldn’t keep me from trying a product unless it was something really bad and I couldn’t find a huge con to this product, but here is what I found. The first is that the people in the advertisements were given a free canister of Patriot Power Greens in exchange for their feedback.

Patriot Power Greens reviews

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The reason this could be a con is it’s hard to say that their feedback is 100% truthful. My gut tells me they are telling the truth, but I would have preferred if the feedback came from them without them being given a free canister. Another con is that there is no guarantee of results.

The testimonials were examples of exceptional results and don’t apply to the average customer. The product performance has not been scientifically validated and there are no promised for specific results. The FDA has not evaluated the statements made on their website. The product is not designed to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any particular disease.

Overall I think the pros outperform the cons, but it’s smart to provide the pros and the cons so a potential customer has all the facts to make an informed decision. In the next part of this Patriot Power Greens review, we’ll bring things to a close.

Patriot Power Greens Review Conclusion

Patriot Power Greens is an interesting product made up of a lot of natural ingredients that provide customers with their 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. It also includes probiotics that help with digestion.

So without considering all the extra claims that the product makes, if you are someone that doesn’t get your allotted servings of fruits and vegetables each day or you have stomach issues, it’s not a bad product to try.

Patriot Power Greens

If you’re looking to treat something beyond that, there’s no guarantee that you will receive the same results. There is also a great money-back guarantee included with this product so you’re not losing anything if you do give it a try.  I recommend if you want to know more information about Patriot Power Greens beyond what’s written in this review to visit the official Patriot Power Greens website. The website also includes an FAQ which may answer any additional questions you may have too.