Perfect Day Formula Review – Is Craig Ballantyne’s Free Book Worth It?

In this Perfect Day Formula review we’ll take a look at Craig Ballantyne’s new free hardcover book. For individuals who ever feel like they are constantly pressed for time, who are trying to lose weight, grow their business, or just build better habits, it can constantly feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.

Regardless of what your goals are dreams might happen to be, a new program has been recently released to help you accomplish those goals. The Perfect Day Formula details proven systems to help you get the most out of your day while creating a fool proof success structure that will help you reach your goals.

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What Is The Perfect Day Formula All About

The Perfect Day Formula includes the precise success formula the author has taught his own executive coaching clients to help them stop wasting time and get more done. The formula presented in Craig’s book is based on focusing on the things around you that you can control as well as taking action each day in order to create a good life for yourself, the life that you define.

According to the author, by following this formula and taking this approach, you will be able to reduce your anxiety and stress while becoming more productive. You will also be able to fine more energy and time to devote to those things that actually matter to you, such as your friends, family, and hobbies.

With the Perfect Day Formula, you learn how to apply the Three Cs; Control, Conquer, and Concentrate, to various parts of your day. This formula not only helps you to establish food habits but also helps you to eliminate bad habits in just a matter of days. Once you get rid of those bad habits, it becomes easier to stick to the good habits, which in turn makes it possible to make the best decisions and obtain even faster results while working toward your goals.

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Perfect Day Formula review

Craig also shows you how to identify and make the most of what he calls Magic Time. This is the time when you are able to get three times as much work done as you would during any other time of the day. Craig points out that everyone has their own Magic Time when they are more creative, energetic, and focused.

This is the first thing in the morning for most people, but Craig stresses it is important to identify your own Magic Time and then block off that time ruthlessly to protected it from being sabotaged by other people, so you can use that time to your own advantage. Leveraging this powerful time during the day is vital to making progress on a daily basis.

According to research, when you begin each day with a victory, you are naturally in a more positive mood. It is this momentum that leads to even more victories and enables you to continue your progress throughout the day. Craig also states that early in the morning is the best time for winning your health battles.

This is the time when you can make time for exercise and choose the right foods that will help you to make the best decisions throughout the day. By making the right decisions, you will have more energy so that you can be more productive, free from fatigue, and mentally sharp. While most people detest rules and rituals, according to Craig developing positive habits can help you to eliminate procrastination.

The Perfect Day Formula also shows you the importance of scripting and how to script for your own success. Basically, this means planning your days so that you know precisely what you will get done. This begins by preparing your mornings to begin each day organized, giving you the ability to attack the top priority in your life. By scripting your day, you can also put your subconscious mind to work for you at night even while you are sleeping.

Understanding what not to do each day is just as important as understanding what you should do. Examples might include:

• Not hitting the snooze button in the morning
• Not checking email first thing
• Not answering every telephone call
• Not mindlessly surfing the Internet
• Not wasting time arguing or gossiping about non-work-related topics
• Not eating or drinking things that would make you feel unwell or tired

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Who Is the Author?

The author of The Perfect Day Formula is Craig Ballantyne. Craig has served as the editor of the personal development newsletter Early to Rise since 2011. His newsletters reach more than 150,000 readers, helping them learn how to improve their health, build their wealth, and become the best they can be.

Craig Ballantyne Perfect Day Formula

Craig has coached entrepreneurs from around the world, helping them to transform their ideas into wealth. In addition, Craig is a fitness expert who has authored groundbreaking fat loss work systems such as Home Workout Revolution and Turbulence Training. He has also been a contributed author to Men’s Health magazine.

Craig is also the creator of the Turbulence Training Certification program, which shows personal trainers how to help men and women lose weight without cardio exercise or special equipment.

What’s Included With Craig’s Perfect Day Formula

Perfect Day Formula

The Perfect Day Formula contains everything you need to redesign your life so that you can accomplish your goals. Topics featured in The Perfect Day Formula include:

• How to Control Your Days
• The Secret to Winning Your Mornings
• The Essential Rules for Your Life
• What to Do on a Perfect Day
• What Not to Do on a Perfect Day
• How to Beat Procrastination
• Seven Steps to Build Habits of Steel
• The 10-3-2-1-0 Goodnight Formula to Guarantee Fifteen Minutes of Freedom
• Put the Big Three into Place
• Conquer the Afternoon
• Make it Personal
• The 1st Pillar: Planning and Preparation
• The 2nd Pillar: Professional Accountability, or the Power of a Pro
• The 3rd Pillar: Social Support, or How to Harness the Power of Other People
• The 4th Pillar: An Incentive, or Treat Yourself to Big Victories
• The 5th Pillar: The Big Deadline, or the Most Important Pillar of Them All
• The Perfect Foundation for Success
• Concentrate on What Really Counts
• The NEW Law of Attraction
• How to Focus on What Really, REALLY Matters
• The Truth about Setting Goals
• When You Should and Shouldn’t Give Up
• Your Perfect Day Formula Revealed

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Perfect Day Formula Review Conclusion

Upon review, The Perfect Day Formula seems to have a solid of solid nuggets of advice to help anyone who feels as though he or she does not have control of their day but would like to establish a solid routine for accomplishing more and reaching any type of goal. Currently, the book is being made available at absolutely no cost.

All you have to do is pay the nominal shipping cost, which makes it well worth trying if you are looking for a system that will help you to develop good habits and establish a schedule for getting more out of your day. You can get your free copy by visiting the official Perfect Day Formula website or if you just want to learn more.