Psychology of Strength Review – Can Mike Gillette Make You Tough As Nails?

My Psychology of Strength review is finally ready and as I promised here it is. It’s not every day that you come across a fitness program that has a name like this one; Psychology of Strength. It even seems a tad bit intimidating but sometimes that’s exactly what we need within our exercise regime to be able to completely blow up our fitness goals.

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Even the pictures on the website are rough and tough, but don’t be deterred to try this program without knowing what it is all about. Before we get started though, it is important to know that, despite being military enthused, this program isn’t about pumping out push ups and jumping squats.

Instead, it focuses on the opposite and teaches you how a powerful mind can be all you need to tackle your goals. So let’s dive head first into this Psychology of Strength review.

Psychology of Strength Reviews

Let’s Dive Into The Psychology of Strength Review

It doesn’t take long to realize that this program is military inspired, focusing on methods and techniques that transform people from the toughest special forces and secret government agencies. You get that tough exterior (and sculpted body), as well as the hard-as-nails attitude, mind and nerves.

Basically, the program turns you into a combat ready warrior… Whether you’re an accountant working 9-5, a teacher, or someone interested in the military lifestyle.  The mind-strengthening techniques that the Psychology of Strength program teaches you are actual methods used to train FBI and DEA agents.

Psychology of Strength Review

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If you’ve always wanted to be someone who thrives on a powerful mind that can stay calm in the craziest of situations, your ears should be perked right now. Plus, all the training you need in10 minutes? Don’t mind if I do.

The Man Behind Psychology of Strength, Mike Gillette?

As we continue this Psychology of Strength review I want to take a look at the creator, Mike Gillette used to be ‘the small guy’ and didn’t have an easy life growing up, to say the least, as he was in a household controlled by domestic violence and substance abuse.

Psychology of Strength Review

However, he managed to positively turn everything around as he became a true hero being an army paratrooper, SWAT commander, counter-terrorism consultant to the Department of Homeland Security, A member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, a bodyguard for prestigious people and was even once featured Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Guinness World Records for being a record-setting strongman.

Long story short, this guy went from one spectrum to the other and throughout his experiences, he has mastered the techniques needed to remain mentally strong which is a vital component to overall strength.

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What Do You Get With The Psychology of Strength?

In this part of my Psychology of Strength review, I want to take a look at the product. The key to The Psychology of Strength is broken down into 3 steps; mindset, planning, and mastery. These can be found well throughout the Psychology of Strength 2-disc DVD set which also comes with the Strong Mind Manual. You learn all the secrets, steps and methods to building that strength within your mind. However, let’s break it down a bit more to see what we can really expect.

STAGE 1: THE MINDSET OF MENTAL TOUGHNESS is the very first section of the Psychology of Strength, and this is where you learn how to develop mental toughness by controlling your thoughts, and why it’s so important to avoid negative thinking.

Some elements of this stage also include; how to discipline your thinking, how to use military secrets to conquer fear, 5 different mindset strategies, and the 1 thing you need to thoroughly succeed within this program, and a tough mindset altogether.

Psychology of Strength Review

STAGE 2: LIFE BY DESIGN is the second section that is all about planning and why your goals help develop your strength and confidence. Some other things you receive in this section include; a blueprint to success, the best strategy to accomplish your goals and tactics to be the person you want to be while also designing the life you want.

Psychology of Strength Review

STAGE 3: MIND STRENGTHENING SKILLS is the last section that places emphasis on the military inspirations of this program, and by doing so, you learn how to handle dangerous situations while also further developing your mental toughness with simple-to-do exercises that only take minutes each day.

You also learn how to discipline your mind, master your mental abilities, mental techniques that help you focus and how to control your mind. You also have the option to get the entire program virtually, physically or a combination of the two.

Psychology of Strength Review

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The Advantages of The Psychology of Strength Program

The 60 Day Money back guarantee is a huge pro to The Psychology of Strength program because you can essentially try the program worry-free. If it isn’t for you; then return it.

As for the actual content of the program, it’s always beneficial to be able to handle real-life situations, and when your reaction is the difference between life and possible death, there really is no price too expensive to learn the tactics provided in this program.

Psychology of Strength Review

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Aside from that, just being able to hold your head high, be confident without brain fog is a huge asset that offers its own set of pros well throughout your life; personally, professionally, physically and so on and so forth. Another pro, in my opinion, is that this program is digital and physical. You can choose if you want the digital version or a physical copy sent to your door!

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy having a physical version of a product that way I don’t have to run to the computer or my phone or iPad every time I want to check the program out. So unlike a lot of other products on the market, you have a choice!

The Cons of The Psychology of Strength Program

The only con of the program is that it kept directly associating the Psychology of Strength to men. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that women can’t do it; or that the program is designed for women.

In fact, it’s even a bit more of a challenge to take on this mind-strengthening program just to prove to everyone that a woman can be just as strong, if not even more so, than the men of this world.

How Psychology of Strength Help The Customer Reach Their Goals

This program allows you to tackle your goals from the inside out. Physical strength isn’t the only thing you need to live to be able to achieve thorough health and happiness. Your mind is a huge component and by tackling that first hand with these military, tough-guy techniques, the rest will follow.

I personally love this program and think that it is an incredible mood and confident booster which so many people seem to struggle with today. Getting control of your mind and emotions can be a surefire way to succeed well past all of your goals, whether their fitness enthused or even goals to get that promotion next month.

Psychology of Strength

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Psychology of Strength Review Conclusion

We’ve finally come to the end of this Psychology of Strength review and I hope you’ve come away knowing a little bit more about what the program is and what to expect. I couldn’t be happier to review a program like this because I’ve been saying for years how the fitness niche is always neglecting the most important part of fitness and strength, the mind.

The mind is what allows you to push harder, become stronger, live longer, run faster, build more muscle. What separates champions from the rest of us, the mind. Their mindset is critical to their success and Mike Gillette is going to show you how to achieve this. If you’re ready to rise above the rest and take your fitness and life to that next level then you have to start with the mind and the rest will follow.

Just imagine how powerful you can be when your mind and body are in the best shape ever! That is the goal and I know once you check out Psychology of Strength you’ll see why it’s so important.

I got to run, but I hope you enjoyed this Psychology of Strength review and if you’re interested in purchasing it or knowing more click the link below. Click here to visit the official Strength of Psychology website to learn more about Mike’s program.