See Your Abs Review – Can Bruce Krahn 3 Step Rotation System Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat?

Here is the See Your Abs Review. You know the “six-pack” I’m talking about, and it’s not your favorite beer! If you have been unsuccessfully attempting to build a physique that showcases your abdominal muscles, you may feel like beer consumption is part of your problem. It may never have occurred to you that your inability to have “ripped” abs might be due to the bad advice that runs rampant in fitness and weight loss literature.

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I have fallen victim to some of this up-to-date, yet apparently inaccurate advice, as well. This is why I have decided to write a review of a system called “See Your Abs.”

Far from being the typical calorie counting diet and insane mega-targeted abdominal workout, this system seemed a little more “do-able” for someone like me. I’m an ordinary college coed, who loves sports and works out regularly. The problem is, I always wanted the “bikini body.” Whether you’re a guy or a gal, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s that flat and defined midsection that has everyone at the beach doing a double-take. Don’t get me wrong! I get my share of glances when scantily clad. I just wanted to have the more athletic appearance that is automatically bestowed by a defined and muscular hour-glass waistline.

Although I’ve spent many hours at the gym, this is something I’d never been able to accomplish, so I just decided that my genetics wouldn’t allow such a transformation. I decided to “leave well enough alone.”

See Your Abs Review – How Does The System Work? 

I was exposed to “See Your Abs” when my workout partner and I were searching for some new ab exercises on the internet. After reading about how the author, Bruce Krahn had learned a method that he described as a “rotation,” to make his abs appear by minimizing the belly fat that was covering them, I was compelled to discover more about the program.

What made me think this system might work where others had failed? The rotation approach seemed, unlike other routines and diets I had attempted, especially after I read that the “rotation” only took three days and involved only three foods and three exercises.

I also began to understand that Mr. Krahn’s regimen wasn’t so much about losing weight, but about creating the appearance (and abdominal definition) that I desired, without extreme diet and exercise. He claimed his program would help me define my abs “from the inside out” and by “spot targeting my belly-fat zones,” he could “create the appearance of muscle tone and abdominal definition.” Was “three” the magic number for revealing my six-pack abs? I was skeptical but convinced my workout partner, who is a guy (and has the same problem) to split the cost of the program with me.

Avoid These 5 Ab And Belly Shrinking Pitfalls

The “See Your Abs” revolves around avoiding 5 common problems which most trainers and program teach is the correct way to slim your belly and tone your abs. Bruce Krahn believes the key is to avoid these pitfalls in the first place. Here are the 5 pitfalls that Bruce Krahn says to avoid:

  • Calories In/Calories Out – A lot of people in the mainstream believe that if you just count your calories that fat will just fall off and this is far from the truth. There are two critical factors that even the most seasoned trainer forgets and this is water retention and internal fat that is pushing your stomach out which makes it look huge and bloated.
  • Crunches and Sit-Ups Are A Waste of Time – Yes, these two exercises will work your abs, but as I mentioned above they can cause more problems then you think in the end. These two exercises can make your waist thicker and reduce ab definition.
  • Your Stomach Isn’t Sticking Out Just Because You Have Too Much Fat – This is one of the most common believes in the fat loss industry. You can still have a big, huge belly, but have low body fat. I know, it seems crazy, but it’s completely possible. Earlier I mentioned that the belly can be pushed from the inside out which gives the pot belly look. This look isn’t caused by consuming more calories either.
  • It Doesn’t Take Months Or Years To Slim Your Belly – In Bruce’s See Your Abs program he claims it should only take a few days if you’re doing everything correctly. The reason a lot of people don’t result in a short period of time is that they’re doing outdated methods.
  • You Should “Feel” Your Stomach Getting Smaller – A lot of people claim that if you can’t feel a tingling sensation that this means your belly isn’t shrinking. This is far from the truth and a complete myth.

See Your Abs forces your belly to shrink from within, improves ab definition and helps to tone your ab muscles and by using a special spot target training you’ll be able to target these fat zones to help you slim your stomach in no time.

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Bruce Krahn, The Author of The “See Your Abs” Program

A lot of people who do reviews of different products online tend to leave out information about the author. This is one of the biggest mistakes in my opinion since it’s critical to know if the author is credible. A product is a direct extension of the author’s knowledge so if the author, in this case, Bruce Krahn knows his stuff then the program should be reliable.

Bruce Krahn See Your Abs

Bruce Krahn, with over 30 years of experience is one of the leading fitness and nutrition experts in Canada. His work has been featured in popular magazines such as Alive, Tonix, Best Health and Revive.

He is also the author of the best selling book called “The Fat Fighter Diet” which helped thousands to live a healthy, lean lifestyle. Due to his amazing physique, Bruce’s image has been featured in Exercise For Men Only and Men’s Fitness magazine.

Bruce has read thousands of books on the topics of nutrition, fitness, health and more. Bruce also holds a number of certifications in the field of personal training.

Bruce Krahn, author of the “See Your Abs” program has worked with names such as Trish Stratus, Nelly Furtado, Criss Angel and a number of other athletes and celebrities. Bruce has also worked with a number of companies from all over including Amgen, Kraft, General Electric and TD Bank.

What Was in the “See Your Abs” Program Kit? 

My friend and I charged his card on the secure website, and got instant access to the purse materials. Considering the tiny amount of money we spent, I was a little surprised at the mass of information we received.

We were able to access the Step-By-Step “See Your Abs” program, in addition to four other PDF books, for other parts of the body. Here is a summary of the materials:

See Your Abs

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1.) See Your Abs – This volume contained everything I needed to know about the targeted abs program, including the fabled “3-Day Rotation,” as well as photos and text demonstrating correct procedures and techniques for the exercises and nutritional guidelines.

2.) Bonus #1: Visually Impressive Arms – A four-week program to define arms, including the link between male and female hormones that can be hacked using nutrition.

3.) Bonus #2: Visually Impressive Legs – This book is four weeks of sculpting for the legs and butt. It also explains how hormonal changes can cause fat accumulation and provides supplementation suggestions to stabilize these fluctuations.

4.) Bonus #3: Visually Impressive Back – Supplementation and training to show a lean and defined back regardless of the clothes you wear.

5.) Bonus #4:Visually Impressive Chest – Nutrition to eliminate “man boobies” and a specialized program to firm the chest.

See Your Abs Program Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the best advantages of the program was its very reasonable price. Although I split the cost with my friend, I could have, and probably would have purchased the program myself, even if he had not shown an interest in it, as well.

As for disadvantages, those who use the program will need to give up some of the foods they may be eating now. This is mostly because of the excessive amount of sugar they contain. Since the rotation lasts only three days, it is really important to follow it exactly to experience good results. You can’t really cheat on this regimen, due to the short time frame. However, you don’t need to count calories.

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The system is targeted for the midsection, so much of its power is in losing the appearance of extra weight that is caused by bloating, swelling or excess water retention. The science is in the program, but you must follow its instructions and stay within the prescribed parameters for the three-day period.

I also experienced a sort of itch on the surface of the skin around my abdomen, but later learned that this was due to “fat mobilization” resulting from the program.

Finally, if you are truly obese or have a body mass index of greater than 40, the author advises against using these methods until you have lowered your percentage of body fat. This means that although the program can work for anybody, there are a few limitations as to who can use it.

See Your Abs Review Conclusion 

The short answer is, “Yes.” I did lose a little weight, but the promise behind the program was that my abs would be revealed and have a lean, defined and toned appearance. How did the program help me achieve this without taking off lots of weight?

I’m told it works by “heating up” my belly fat and removing what is between the surface of my skin and my actual abdominal muscles; water, fat and undigested food. Gross!

I have no way of knowing if these promises were really how my midsection became defined, but here is what I do know:

  • My waistline looks slimmer
  • I didn’t need to find any strange or exotic nutritional ingredients
  • My posture has improved
  • I spend less time in the bathroom
  • I seem to have more energy
  • The exercise portion of the program doesn’t cause undue pain.

My workout partner and I are both adding the bonus training routines into our fitness regimen. Of course, he is mostly concentrating on the upper body, while I’m trying to improve my lower body. I can’t really comment on the full effects of these routines, yet, since we are both far short of the four weeks that each specialized section recommends.

However, I can say that we both feel we are getting something out of these extended workouts. I’m hopeful that the rest of my body may appear as toned ads my abs, once I’ve completed the bonus routines in the recommended time frames! You can learn more by visiting the official See Your Abs website by clicking here.