The Short Guide To Sexy Summer Legs

Ladies, summer is right around the corner…

Meaning that it’s almost time to pull out your favorite shorts and show off your legs!

And unlike other parts of your body that you cover up all year round, during the summer, your legs bare all.

How to get slimmer legs

From your thighs to your toes, your legs will make a statement. So there are a few things you want to keep in mind to keep them looking as hot as the temperature outside.

So without further adieu, here’s the short guide to sexy summer legs so that they’ll sizzle throughout the summer.

Keep Exercising

The winter may have its season, but your training doesn’t…

Exercise is a year-round commitment that’ll keep your legs looking hot through the hotter months of the year. Sure, summer comes with it’s own particular set of obligations and adventures…

The kids are out of school. You have vacations planned with your family and friends.

Everybody and their brother has a wedding that they’ve invited you to…

Sometimes summer is the busiest season of them all!

Still, if you want sexy summer legs, you’ll want to do your best to prioritize your exercise. Involve your children in your workouts if you need to…

Find a scenic trail to run on during vacation… 

Find creative ways to get your exercise in during the summer so that you’ll keep your sexy legs all summer long.

Stretch More

Stretching is important for the way your legs look when you put your short shorts on. Stretching slims out your legs by elongating your muscles and also keeps them healthy for plenty of summer activities.

But when if stretching is going to help with sizzling summer legs, you need to keep one word in mind…


Consistency is the key to slimming up your legs through stretching. Take 10 minutes to stretch your legs before you workout.

Or you could spend a little bit of time before bed stretching your legs.

It’s a relaxing way to close out you day and loosens your muscles for a calm night of sleep.

Wear The Right Shorts

When it comes to showing off your sexy summer legs, the kind of shorts you wear matters.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “she’s got legs for days?”

Well, the type of shorts you wear can have a major impact on whether or not your legs can be described as such, even if you don’t have particularly long legs.

To give yourself a little more “height” try wearing short pairs of shorts (as opposed to long or mid-length shorts).

Showing off a little more skin gives your legs a more lengthy appearance.

Of course, you want to have enough material there to cover your booty, and I’m not suggesting shorts that are one loose thread away from bikini bottoms.

Try a pair of cut-off blue jeans.

Or, for a cleaner look for your shorts, look for shorts with a crisp hem. Also, you can wear a pair of high-heels or wedges to make your legs look even longer.

Get Tan

We can’t talk about sexy summer legs without mentioning a tan…

Sun-kissed legs make all the difference in the way your legs look.

In fact, a recent study concluded that tanned individuals are perceived as more attractive than un-tanned individuals.

So if you want to add some sizzle to your legs, get out your tanning lotion!

Sure, you can hit the tanning salon if you’d like…

But like I mentioned earlier, your schedule (and maybe even your budget) simply won’t allow you to spend precious time locked away in a tanning bed.

I recommend spending more time outside!

Go to the park with your children…

Spend more time at the pool…

And whenever you participate in an outdoor activity put some tanning lotion on your legs so that you’ll get those tan and sexy legs that you’re looking for, sooner!

Own Them!

It’s summer time and it’s time to show off your legs…

So own them!

Too many women are self conscious about showing off their legs.

But even if you aren’t totally satisfied with the way your legs look, you should be proud of all the hard work you’ve put into getting them in shape…

And as long as you keep up the hard work, your legs are only going to look better and better as summer progresses.

Be confident and show them off!

Confidence will add even more “sexy” to your legs!

So there you have it…

The short guide for sexy summer legs!

Stick with these steps and you’ll be sure to add some sizzle to your summer look!