Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review – Relief From Neck & Shoulder Pain?

After a small delay here is our Shoulder Flexibility Solution review. Chronic shoulder and neck pain, stiff muscles, and aching shoulders can not only make you feel older than you actually are but can also restrict your daily activities.

Even worse, a lack of strength could lead to dangerous injuries. Whether you want to simply be able to move more easily or your goal is better performance, it’s imperative that you learn how to increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility.

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Unfortunately, while many people rely on static stretching, it’s actually the least effective method for improving long-term flexibility. So, what’s the solution? The 3D Flexibility System™ is designed to address all of the many factors that limit your range of motion and flexibility.

This allows you to unlock tight muscles and use your body in the way it was intended without incurring restrictions, pain, or dangerous injuries. Using a 6-step approach, this system helps to improve your flexibility, giving you the ability to work out in the gym, play sports, and handle even everyday activities with ease and without all of the pain.

What Is The Shoulder Flexibility Solution About?

The problem with static stretching is that it simply will not give you everything you need to relieve tight muscles, at least not long-term. While stretching might be sufficient if all you do is get up and down and walk around a bit, if you play a sport, exercise, or move your body in any other way, stretching is not enough.

With static stretching, you may be able to achieve some improvement in your range of motion for that one stretch, but if you attempt a different movement, you likely won’t have the coordination or strength necessary to support it. In most cases, the nervous system will simply tighten up once again and you could even experience an injury because you lack control or strength.

Coordinated muscle action and strength are necessary for stabilizing the joints at the end of any range of motion. If you lack coordinated muscle action and strength, the nervous system will automatically tighten up, which could result in muscle tears and ligament injuries.

Flexibility is critical to improving the range of motion. In order to achieve flexibility, you must be able to loosen up those tight muscles and soft tissues. You also need to improve your coordination and strength while reprogramming your neuromuscular system so it understands how to use your new and improved range of motion. The 3D Flexibility System™ is designed to do all of that.

By addressing all of the factors that tend to limit your flexibility, this system helps you to use your body without any restrictions while protecting you from potential injury. Movements that were once hard and painful require less effort while training becomes easier.

Who Is Eric Wong?

The man behind this system is Eric Wong, a strength and conditioning coach to professional combat athletes, including three UFC fighters and two national team boxers. Eric has also coached thousands through his online programs since 2008.


After years of experimentation and study both on himself and other athletes, while observing what works and what does not work, Eric has identified nine distinct factors that must be addressed in order to achieve fast gains in flexibility. Those factors include:

• Joint Stabilizer
• Core
• Prime Mover
• Control
• Reflexes
• Pain Tolerance
• Muscle
• Fascia
• Joint Capsule

The result is the 3D Flexibility System™.

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What’s Included The Shoulder Flexibility Solution?

You receive the 6-Step Shoulder Flexibility System which is made up of the following:

The Behind the Back Routine – If you experience difficulty in touching your hands behind your back, this could be an indication that you have a restriction in multiple areas, including the shoulders, as well as a lack of active strength and control. The Behind the Back Routine is designed to help you be able to touch your hands behind your back by releasing those restricted tissues and improving functional strength.

The Forward Head Posture Routine – Did you know that for every inch your head juts forward, that’s an additional 10 pounds of force placed onto your cervical spine, which can cause excess tension in the neck and jaw and contribute to headaches? By performing this routine, you will be able to restore a proper head position.

The Overhead Routine – You are at a higher risk for tendonitis of the deltoids as well as nerve impingements when you have flexibility problems reaching overhead. By restoring this range of motion, you can address the shoulders as well as the thoracic spine and ensure your core activates properly.

shoulder flexibility solution review

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The Rounded Shoulders Routine – Due to the amount of time most people spend while driving, sitting in front of computers, and on their wireless devices, most people today experience rounded shoulders, which can lead to decreased strength and flexibility as well as increase the risk of degenerative discs. Improving your posture can resolve this.

The Winged Scapula Routine – Individuals suffering from a winged scapula could have an unstable shoulder blade, which can result in decreased strength and leave you at risk for injury. Activating and integrating the serratus anterior and subscapularis is critical to resolving this problem.

The Pre-Workout Shoulder Prep – This routine is specifically designed to ensure all of the stabilizer muscles in the shoulder are activated and the mobility of the shoulder is maximized. Furthermore, it works to keep your shoulders safe during even the most intense workouts.

Each routine comes with a PDF that outlines the exact exercises, reps, sets, and rest periods. You also receive high-quality streaming and downloadable videos where he coaches you exactly on how to perform every exercise with the precise technique.

This system also comes with the Implementation Guide, which walks you through assessing your current shoulder function and flexibility and tells you specifically which routines you need right now as well as which routines you should wait to get started on to make sure you get the most from your training.

Positives and Cons

All the material included with this system are downloadable, which is great because not only do you save money on the cost of shipping, but you also don’t have to wait to receive your training materials. You can get started right away. Digital materials also mean that you can access it from anywhere, so if you travel a lot, you never after to be without it.

If the system doesn’t work for you, just send Eric an email and you receive a full 100% refund. While a lot of training systems only offer a 30 or 60-day money-back guarantee, this system comes with a 1-year guarantee.

You should be aware that while most of the exercises contained in this system do not require special equipment, some exercises do, so you’ll need to be prepared to purchase some additional items, such as a stability ball, rubber resistance band, foam roller, etc.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review Conclusion

This system addresses all of the major factors that tend to contribute to shoulder and neck pain as well as limit flexibility and range of motion. Whether you are an athlete or you have just noticed that movements are more difficult and painful than they used to be, this system gives you the tools you need to begin moving easier and with less pain.

The entire program is also backed by 1-year money-back guarantee, the 3D Flexibility System™ is a solid investment in your health. If you’re interested in learning more about Eric Wong’s Shoulder Flexibility Solution you can visit the official website.