Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Review – Can Clark Shao Help You Get Lean and Ripped?

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a hormone training program from Clark Shao that uses a workout system created to increase the production of body sculpting hormones, Leptin and Testosterone, that help you reduce belly fat and get those awesome abs that you have always wanted. Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a three-step system designed to give you quick results that last longer than other programs.

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The key to this program is boosting hormones that control weight loss and build muscle. This program does not require any gym equipment besides a pair of dumbbells to gain the best results. The author,  Clark Shao claims all of the workouts were designed to be kept under 35 minutes in length. In this Six Pack Shortcuts 2 review, we’ll do our best to provide you the information you need to know.

The average person doesn’t realize that there are hormones that regulate the speed that you burn fat or that there are hormones that tell your body it’s time to store more fat. Taking control of these hormones is the solution to getting rid of the annoying belly fat and the start of creating the body of your dreams.

How Does Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Work?

There are several guidelines you need to follow to use the program correctly –

Cut down on your calories gradually – Most people just cut their calories all at once which seems like a great idea. However, if you change your caloric intake that quickly, your body has the opposite reaction that you want and goes into survival mode and actually packs away more fat than you will lose.

Skip low-fat diets – Again, this seems like a great idea and, again, this has the opposite effect. One of the hormones you want to increase is your testosterone levels which are created by dietary fat. This means you should actually eat more fat or at least the right type of fat. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The Six Pack Meal Plan will show you which foods include the right type of fat.

Skip the workouts that disrupt your hormone production – Everyone is used to doing the standard exercise routines, but did you know some of the most common workouts actually damages your hormone production? Long and intense workouts can also trigger your body to produce stress hormones that tell your body to store more fat. This program shows you which workouts to avoid so you can stop the damage to your hormone production.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Review

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Here are three workouts that you should avoid –

  • Aerobic Exercise – Basically any group fitness classes available at the local health club or any of the infomercial group fitness courses. These workouts reduce your levels of Leptin which increases your appetite leading you to eat more and increase fat storage in your stomach area. These exercises do help you with endurance conditioning but have little effect on fat-burning hormones.
  • Skip the Cardio – This includes exercises like cycling, the treadmill, and the elliptical machine. Cardio damages fat-burning hormones and actually burn very little fat when you work out. These exercises also reduce the amount of Leptin that your body produces.
  • Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding does build muscles, but the muscles are trapped under a layer of fat that the bodybuilding never helped you get rid of. Bodybuilding can stress your body’s hormones and cause mild inflammation and sometimes bloating. This then causes you to store a lot of water weight which kills your muscle definition and gives bodybuilders that balloon look which is often mistaken for muscles.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 uses compound exercises so you are working out 2 or 3 major muscle groups all at once. This allows you to double and triple how much fat you are burning and how much muscle you are stimulating which then burns more calories. This much muscle activation tells your body to boost your hormone production and your body will burn more fat.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 also reveals how to utilize “pause reps” and “tempo training” and in each of the workout videos, you’ll discover how to turn up or turn down the intensity of each workout by using specific rest periods between each set.

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Three Phases of Six Pack Shortcuts 2?

Phase 1 of the program is called The Afterburn Training Phase and this lasts a total of 30 days. The second phase of the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program is called Leptin Boosting and this lasts for 30 days. The 3rd and final phase which lasts for another 30 days is called Testosterone Boosting. Here’s a breakdown of each of these phases:

  • Phase 1 – Afterburn Training Phase: Burn off the belly fat that crushes your fat-burning hormones. Too much belly fat throws your Leptin levels off balance and negatively affects how your body can then burn fat. It’s essential to this program to lose that belly fat. The Afterburn training program includes workouts that reduce your belly fat quickly and stops the damage to your hormones.
  • Phase 2 – Leptin Boosting: Eat well so that you can maximize your levels of Leptin. At this point, you will have less belly fat and will no longer be damaging your hormones. You will also have less of an appetite which will stop you from gaining the weight back and help you make healthy meal choices.

The author of the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 system, Clark Shao, developed it with a Men’s Health and Wellness specialist Dr. Don Allen Salyer. Clark is not a doctor or nutritionist and it says in the fine print not to use this as medical advice.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2

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Features and Benefits:

I usually don’t do this in most of the reviews I write, but many of you have asked for me to start including a list of features and benefits. So in this Six Pack Shortcuts 2 review here is a list of features and benefits from the program.

  • Full-body workouts designed to trigger the Afterburn Effect
  • More endurance-based workouts designed to boost fat­-burning metabolism and get your body burning calories 24/7
  • Optimizing Leptin Hormone Levels to ignite rapid fat loss
  • Body part specific workouts (isolation training)
  • Core cardio: 60 seconds of core exercise added into each set
  • Boosts thermogenesis, accelerates calorie burn
  • When the body is in a thermogenic state, leptin sensitivity is greater, henceforth this phase is all about thermogenesis
  • Boosting Testosterone Production for continued weight loss and maximum muscle development
  • Compound resistance training to support optimal testosterone levels
  • More advanced functional movements added
  • Core strength: weighted ab exercises added into each set
  • Increase core development to generate visible ab lines by the end of the 90-day program

What do you get when you purchase Six Pack Shortcuts 2?

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 aims to be a complete fat loss and muscle building program and from everything we’ve seen it’s pretty complete. Also, unlike many fat burning and muscle building programs, this one takes about 3 months to complete.

So this isn’t a quick, get results in 5 days type of program. It was designed for men serious about making gains. In addition to the main Six Pack Shortcuts, the program also comes with a number of bonuses. These bonuses help to round out the entire program and really make it a complete fat burning and muscle building solution. Here’s what you get when you purchase the program:

Six Pack Shortcuts 2

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BONUS #1 – Two weeks free supply of The Six Pack Meal Plan 

This eating plan was created to increase the Afterburn Effect, help remove belly fat faster and improve your hormone levels. It’s a simple nutrition plan that uses foods that you love. Live meal plan videos help you learn how to make these foods and also how to make some cheat foods.

BONUS #2 – Accelerated Abs 

The Accelerated Abs and Arm Blaster training program were created to help you get impressive abs faster. This program works at the same time you are working to remove your belly fat. The program showcases 21 different “Ab Accelerator” five-minute workouts. Accelerated Abs comes with 21 different five minutes “Ab Accelerators” workouts.

BONUS #3 – Arm Blaster 

The Arm Blaster program is a series of workouts geared towards sculpting your arms that can be used at the same time as hormone training.

BONUS #4 – Six Pack Mobile App 

The App allows you to have instant access to all the workout videos anywhere you might be. It also allows you to set alarms to schedule your workouts and there are quick demonstrations videos on each exercise. You can also keep track of your progress with pictures that can be uploaded to the app.

BONUS #5 – DVD Set and Instant Online Access

Not only can you watch training videos at home on your DVD player but you can also go online to watch them before you even receive the videos. Instant online access gives you the opportunity to start watching training videos immediately so you can start your journey to reduce belly fat and getting the abs you have always wanted.

Pros & Cons

There is no such thing as a perfect program. There are always pros and cons and this section of this Six Pack Shortcuts 2 review will go over some of the pros and cons of this program. The biggest pro, in my opinion, is the 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s important to know that when you invest in a fitness and workout program that you’ll protect in the case it’s not for you.

Another strong benefit is that the program can be accessed online instantly and includes workout videos. A lot of programs don’t contain workout videos which leave many people confused about how to perform the exercises. So Clark Shao makes sure you have videos to follow along every step of the way.

Another plus is that unlike some companies Six Pack Shortcuts 2 provides contact information and phone numbers on their sales page. This is a plus because sometimes you just need to speak to someone in person and Six Pack Shortcuts 2 provides that option.

Click Here To Check Out The Official Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Website

In terms of cons, I really don’t have anything bad to say about the actual program. It’s solid and covers all the bases and is laid out in a step by step manner, but the marketing of the program may make it seem or have people believe results are guaranteed.

This is far from the truth because no program can guarantee results. All programs like Six Pack Shortcuts 2 do is provide the information, but it’s up to the individual to complete it and see it through. I highly recommend you consult your physician before starting this or any exercise/workout program.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Review Conclusion

We’ve now come to the conclusion of our Six Pack Shortcuts 2 review. I apologize for taking so long to get this review ready, but the course is massive and contains a lot of information. Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a unique system and only for men who are really serious about getting rid of belly fat and building muscle.

If you’re looking for quick results then I recommend you avoid this program. It takes effort and work, but the information is solid and contains a wealth of knowledge which would take most individuals years to acquire on their own. Sure, the marketing contains a lot of hype, but that’s to be expected with a fat loss and muscle building program.

In my personal opinion, it’s a solid course and worth using if strength gains and fat loss are your goals. You always have the 60-day money-back guarantee in case it’s just not for you. I highly recommend you visit the official website to learn more about Six Pack Shortcuts 2