Specforce Abs Review – Can Todd Lamb Give You 6 Pack Abs?

Here is the Specforce Abs review. This is the brand new ab training program from ex  S.W.A.T. team leader Todd Lamb. This program focuses on helping both men and women who are struggling to get rid of that stubborn fat around their stomach and six-pack abs by using Special Forces core and ab training secrets to finally get the flat stomach and defined six-pack abs they’re looking for.

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When you’re a member of an elite Spec Ops unit it’s critical to be in the best shape possible because you need every advantage possible when dealing with some of the people these guys deal with on a daily basis. A lot of us just go to work, do our job and drive home without any real sense of danger, but these guys go to work every single day knowing it may be their last…

And Todd Lamb, with years of experience under his belt turning these guys into elite operators, is sharing his Special Forces core training methods in Specforce Abs so you can have those six-pack abs you always wanted. In this Specforce Abs review, we’ll dive deeper into Todd Lamb’s new program and see what it’s all about.

Specforce Abs Uses 5 Special Force Factors For Six Pack Abs

One of the main problems is that traditional ab training doesn’t work and in reality, maybe causing more hard than good. In some cases, common ab training can actually add inches to your waistline. More and more studies are coming out showing that traditional sit-ups and crunches are one of the quickest ways to injury your spine.

In Specforce Abs you’ll discover 5 specific core training factors which allow these guys to have rock hard, six-pack abs. These factors include:

  1. Abdominal Armoring
  2. Asset Stacking
  3. Fixed Angle Contraction
  4. TQ Work Ups
  5. Strategic Target Selection

Specforce Abs

Discover Special Forces Core Training Secrets To Develop A Flat Belly & Six Pack Abs

Now I know all of this sounds a little fancy, but Specforce Abs will explain all of it in detail. When these 5 methods aren’t used your waistline can thicken and your chances of inflammation keep going up. Increased inflammation also stops your ability to burn fat right in its tracks.

So one thing you WON’T see in Todd Lamb’s Specforce Abs program is traditional ab and core training techniques. Now I know you keep hearing me use the word “core” and “core training” and if you don’t know what this term means that training your “core” is what leads to you developing your abs.

Train your core, get solid, six-pack abs is the reality of the situation. As Specforce Abs shows most people work in reverse and attempt to train their abs which only ends up in failure for most people. In the next part of this Specforce Abs review, we’ll look at 3 risks of traditional ab and core training.

3 Risk of Traditional Ab & Core Training

In addition, Todd Lamb’s Specforce Abs also talks about 3 critical ab risks that you got to avoid if you’re looking to become the best version of you, especially if you’re looking to shed unwanted fat and rock an amazing six-pack…

Risk 1 – Accelerated Aging: When you’re not training your abs correctly your upper abdominals become super overactive which then causes the upper body to pull forward. This seems crazy, but this is what causes a hunch like a posture which puts more pressure and a lot more stress on your lower back.

To make matters worst your breastbone and your pubic bone will start to touch which causes your internal organs to compress and when your body isn’t working the way it should this can, as Specforce Abs says cause accelerated aging.

Risk 2 – Pot Belly: We’ve all heard of potbelly and a lot of us suffer from it or have suffered from it at some point in time. Can you guess what is one of the major causes of pot belly? If you said lack of proper core training and core strength you would be right! Specforce Abs stresses that improper training makes you look a lot fatter. Are you starting to see how everything comes back to core training?

Specforce Abs review

Training your abs using improper methods causes a set of muscles called hip flexors to become tight. Hip flexors are critical to good health and the psoas major, one of these hip flexors which is connected to the discs on the lower back.

Once again, when you aren’t doing proper ab training you end up tightening the hip flexors which then can cause you to pull the pelvis outward and a little down. All of this stuff happening is causing you to end up with a nasty pot belly. Specforce Abs will show you step by step how to do the proper ab training and core strengthening exercises to get the best results.

Risk 3 – Disc Damage: Anyone claiming traditional ab exercises is helpful is plain wrong and can be pretty dangerous to you in the long run. The majority of these ab exercises cause something called extreme flexing. This problem is known to increase intradiscal pressure. Specforce Abs says fluids within your disc eventually leak out which can cause disc hernias, protrusion and even worst…

These 3 risks are proof that traditional ab exercise methods are doing more hard than good and if you really want solid results without all the injuries then following the 5 step approach outlined in Specforce Abs is the way to go.

Specforce Abs Uses Field of Action Training To Provide Rapid Results

One of the unique things about Specforce Abs is that unlike traditional core and ab training programs Todd Lamb believes that to bulletproof your abs you have to train them in 360 degrees. This is a unique view I haven’t heard from many others. Todd calls it Fields of Action and in his SpecForce Abs program he has 3 of them which are:

  1. Rectus Abdominis
  2. The Obliques
  3. The Posterior Chain

By using these Specforce Abs 3 Fields of Actions you’ll supercharge your results and get them in a much faster amount of time.

What Comes With Todd Lamb’s Ab Training Program

Specforce Abs Handbook – This is the core of the entire program and will walk you through everything you need to know to start applying these Special Force ab training techniques. Todd claims by the end of the first week using the Recon part of his Specforce abs handbook you’ll notice more power and energy and that you’ll start noticing the benefits of improving your core strength.

Specforce abs reviews

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This handbook contains everything you need to get rid of belly fat and reveal those brand new six-pack abs to the world. It’s a simple program without any fluff and get’s right to the point. In addition to the main handbook Todd Lamb created two bonuses for Specforce Abs:

Bonus 1 – The Fix & FLATTEN 7-Day Gut Health Protocol: 

This bonus helps with getting your gut health in proper order and working form. As I mentioned above in this review inflammation can literally add up to 3 inches to your waist size which is crazy, but true. So due to just inflammation, you’ll gut is going to look a lot bigger than what it really is and with this bonus, you’ll learn how to reverse it all.

Specforce Abs reviewItems like so-called healthy foods, stress and even pollutants can cause inflammation and if you follow everything in 7 days you should see a pretty drastic drop in your waistline, especially if you are already suffering from this issue.

Bonus 2 – The Blue Jeans Perfect-Butt Solution

We all want to look better because at some level that is one of the reasons we workout. We want to look good and even more important is that we want to look good in our clothes. We want them to fit the way they should and nothing feels better than being able to wear some jeans a couple sizes smaller than we’re used too!

Specforce Abs review

In this bonus, Todd will show you how to take your average butt and make it great and let’s not fool anyone here. Guys and girls want a great looking butt. If you’re a guy reading this then you don’t know women love a guy with a nice bottom right?

So this bonus will help men and women achieve this and a firm, toned butt will go great with your toned, firm, six-pack abs right?

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Why is There A Specforce Abs For Men & Specforce Abs For Women?

Specforce Abs is unique in that there is a program for men and a program for women. At first glance, you might think this is because men and women have to train different, but this isn’t the case at all.

When Todd Lamb works with private clients who are women he trains them in exactly the same way as men. The difference comes from hormones and the fact is that a women’s hormone balance is nothing like a men’s hormone balance. Completely different.

So Specforce Abs for women approaches help women develop that firm, toned shape that men just love and find sexy and attractive. So don’t have to worry about Specforce abs making you bulky or anything.

Since male hormones produce a different response when it comes to ab training they will experience different results than a woman. Specforce Abs was designed to help men increase IGF-1 and testosterone which are critical for men and help to burn fat and pack on lean, toned muscle. The end result is tight, toned, six packs abs and the cool thing is that this program helps remove the fat around the mid-section so you’ll be able to see the abs too!

Even Men & Women Older Than 30 Can Develop A Strong Core And Six Pack Abs

Specforce Abs isn’t just for young people either. Todd was in his best shape when he was over 30 and some of his private clients are in their 50’s, 60’s and he has a few that are well into their 70’s. These ab and core training techniques work regardless of your age. The key is your desire to follow through and commit to the program.

I bring this up because a lot of people buy fitness programs and then claim after 2 or 3 weeks that it doesn’t work, but when asked if they followed the program most of them will say they didn’t finish it or didn’t commit 100%.

Todd Lamb Specforce Abs For Men

Fitness and great six-pack abs aren’t something you get from reading a book or buying a program. It comes from putting in the time and effort and when you do I think you’ll be surprised at how quick you’ll see results.

Pros of The Program

Specforce Abs is one of the most unique ab training programs I’ve run across because unlike most programs it tells you to follow unconventional advice instead of mainstream ab training information. This entire program is based on real-life training secrets done by elite Spec Ops members.

Unlike a lot of other ab training Todd Lamb tries to really educate you on what you’ve been doing wrong so you can learn from it and then what you need to do now to achieve the results you’ll looking for. Specforce Abs is easy to consume and since there is a program for both men & women no one is left out.

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Todd’s program also focuses on building a strong core first which then helps develop your six-pack abs. This is critical in my opinion as it leads to a much stronger foundation. The entire program is digital which means no waiting times. All you have to do is pay and you’ll get instant access. Specforce Abs also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so if you’re not happy with it for any reason just ask for a refund.

Cons of The Program

My biggest complaint with Specforce Abs is the lack of a video training module. I would have loved to see some follow-along videos or workout videos as I’m really into video.

Currently and this may change since I have an early review copy there isn’t a video component. It’s just the handbook and the two bonuses, but don’t let that make you think this material isn’t legit because it’s some great content. Everything in the handbook is all you’ll need and the bonuses are just that, bonuses.

Specforce Abs Review Conclusion

It’s hard for me to say this is the best ab training program out there because there are a lot of good ones, but I’m comfortable in saying that this is one of the best ones out there. A lot of core training and ab training products are full of fluff and hype and their “secret” method is do crunches lol.

Todd Lamb really does a great job of explaining the different core strengthening techniques and exercises and I think I’m still most impressed with the 5 factors I mentioned earlier.

This step by step approach really made a lot of sense to me and I’ll be keeping that in mind going forward. I think Specforce Abs for Women and Specforce Abs for Men does a great job of educating people on the dangers of traditional ab training and then provides a safe approach that supercharges results.

So if you’re looking to get rid of that fat around the mid-section and sport some flat, sexy, six pack abs I recommend you check out Todd Lamb’s Specforce Abs program and give it a try. You can find out more information about it by visiting the official website.