SpecForce Alpha Review – Can Todd Lamb Give You An Alpha Male Physique?

This SpecForce Alpha review has been in the pipeline for a while and I’m excited that I can finally bring it to you. Btw, if you’re a women then you might as well check out another review on the site because SpecForce Alpha is designed just for men!

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You don’t need me to tell you that any kind of workouts that are military-inspired are sure to kick your butt. I mean, turn on a movie such as Lone Survivor and you’ll see really quickly that military exercises will work the hell out of you, and by doing these workouts, you’ll have a fit body that is sure to drop jaws.

Specforce Alpha


Now, I’m not trying to scare you away from trying something like SpecForce Alpha, but you definitely need to be prepared for an intense program that will literally push you far past your limits.

What is it that they say? No game, no gain?

That’s also not to mention that this program is said to increase your sex drive! Basically, it’s the manly-mans way to fitness. So let’s move on with this SpecForce Alpha Review.

What Is The SpecForce Alpha System?

Well, if you don’t know already, it’s a program full of military-inspired workouts that have even been used within the Special Forces. You get right down in the gritty dirt and crawl your way to a rocking, toned body. It can be completed at home with absolutely no equipment which is always a bonus.

SpecForce Alpha Review

Click Here To Visit Todd Lamb’s Official SpecForce Alpha Website

It also promises to teach you Special Ops moves that have yet to be disclosed to the public. More importantly, SpecForce Alpha System is designed to work with everyone; regardless of your body shape – whether you’re packed with muscle already, or overweight.

A Look At The Creator of SpecForce Alpha, Todd Lamb

Todd Lamb is the guy responsible for kicking everyone’s butt with the SpecForce Alpha system. As a SWAT team leader from Canada and a tactical fitness consultant, he definitely has his knowledge of these styles of exercises. You know, the kind that truly tests your limits and that makes you want to ‘quit’… Which you definitely aren’t going to do because you have the willpower.

SpecForce Alpha Review

Seriously though, Todd Lamb will turn you into a lean fit, fighting-machine. What else would you expect from a guy like him, right?

Who Is SpecForce Alpha For

The SpecForce Alpha System is ONLY for men as I mentioned earlier. The program was designed for men and won’t produce the desired results in women. This isn’t some program for guys who just want to lose a couple of pounds.

This program is for those of you who are ready to make some serious transformation and want a RIPPED, ROCK-HARD, ALPHA MALE BODY, but more importantly, it’s for those who have the willpower to truly kick their health and fitness goals into high gear. You need to have a serious mindset while tackling your goals.

This is an intense program so keep that in mind, but if you’re reading this far I bet your inner bad-ass is ready to come out and take things to the next level!

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What Do You Get With The SpecForce Alpha Fitness System

Other than a sexy, toned body and sweat pouring down your face, the SpecForce Alpha system gives you an entire workout and knowledge that you will definitely gain from receiving. To get a little more specific, the program comes with the following:

  • The 7-Day Training Cycle which is used by the Special Ops themselves.
  • Target Focused Muscle is all about specific techniques that utilize your own bodyweight to give you those lean, ripped muscles.
  • Growth Hormone Production is all about sets and repetition which throws your fat loss abilities into overdrive.

SpecForce Alpha Review

  • The Alpha Male Mind shift which offers techniques that teach you about the mind power of being the alpha male.
  • Your Personal Macronutrient Profile which allows you to track your testosterone levels to reach optimal health.
  • Video Coaching which is like having a personal trainer right in front of you, targeting your muscle building and fat burning desires.
  • Before and After Workout Regimes which allows you to achieve the best possible results.

In addition to all of that, you learn how diet, supplements, and nutrition contribute to your fitness goals and get two really great bonuses that are FREE when you purchase the AlphaSpec Tactical Fitness System. Let’s take a look at these two bonuses.

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Bonuses From SpecForce Alpha

The bonuses are valued at $215 and when added with the SpecForce Alpha program really helps to supercharge your new Alpha Physique.

Bonus #1: 7-Day Testosterone Solution

  • You’ll learn what the most common veggie is that can reverse estrogen dominance within your body so that your natural alpha male testosterone levels can spike and kick into high gear the way you were meant to be!
  • You’ll discover how ancient civilizations used one type of seafood to ramp up and massively boost your virility…

Review SpecForce Alpha

  • Who said going to the fridge is bad for working out? In this bonus, you’ll learn about an “anabolic” powerhouse that’s sitting in your fridge as we speak and you should be driving after each and every workout…
  • Supplements can play a huge part in your alpha male development especially when your diet isn’t what it needs to be, but this supplement is pretty chill. It’s literally the ONLY supplement that supports high testosterone because most of the other ones are frauds and you shouldn’t waste your time.
  • You’ll also discover a bunch more nutrition and supplementation techniques and tips to take your testosterone to the next level quickly and naturally.

Bonus #2: The Black Ops MacroFlex Diet App

This bonus is pretty cool because you don’t see a lot of people giving away apps as a bonus. The Black Ops MacroFlex Diet App can be used from any smartphone or tablet and will tell you exactly what to eat to achieve superior fat loss and optimal muscle gain!

It also allows you to record what you eat so no more paper logbook unless you just like to keep it old school. Btw, no sissy food with this MacroFlex Diet.

SpecForce Alpha Review

You can eat anything you like as long as it fits within your macros! Grab a steak and eat like a man is supposed too! Want a beer? Go grab one? Want a burger….go grab one of those too?

It’s a really cool app and really helps to keep track of the whole system! Trust me, you’ll be spending enough time with the program so being able to take your mind off certain parts and let the app handle it for you will really help you stay on track, complete your goals and go full BEAST MODE!

Bonus #3: The Alpha Status Handbook

The final SpecForce Alpha bonus you get for FREE is called The Alpha Status Handbook and this is essential to the program in my opinion. It’s basically your step by step guide to embracing your new transformation into an alpha male! It’s one thing to look the part, now it’s time to become the Alpha!

  • You’ll learn a black ops trick which takes 10 seconds which will have you looking more powerful and masculine.
  • Mindset is critical and is one of the biggest factors in becoming an Alpha. You’ll discover a stealth mindset shift that will literally make you the focal point in whatever room you’re in!

Reviews SpecForce Alpha

  • Get the attention of any woman with a little known posture secret! You’ll be surprised at how well this works.
  • A social skill that most people don’t even know about that will anchor your new Alpha male status within any group.
  • This cool conversation technique solidifies your dominance within the group and lets them all know who the real Alpha is!
  • Discover how to make other men submit to your authority! One of the best parts of being Alpha! Other dudes won’t even attempt to try you!
  • A trick involving your voice which will have women hanging on every single word that comes out of your mouth! This one is pretty great!

That was the final bonus that comes with SpecForce Alpha. Now let’s take a look at some of the pros and the cons in the next part of this SpecForce Alpha Review…

SpecForce Alpha

Click Here To Visit The Official SpecForce Alpha Website

The Pros and Cons of SpecForce Alpha Tactical Fitness System

For starters, the biggest pro of the SpecForce Alpha System is that it comes from a creator who knows what he’s talking about. Todd Lamb’s knowledge and exercises are authentic, and with that, comes effectiveness. It is also a thorough program that doesn’t only focus on the exercises (although this is a huge element of the program), but also talks about the importance of diet and mindset.

Another amazing benefit is that it focuses on techniques to increase your testosterone levels which help you burn off the gat and gain that lean, mean, muscle. It’s even said to increase your sex drive! Now your interest is piqued, right?

As a bonus, the program does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, but if you’re serious about the SpecForce Alpha program, this pro shouldn’t matter because you’re not a quitter. It is nice to know that you can return it without a hassle if, for some reason, it isn’t for you.

Well, it’s certainly not an “easy” training program. After all, we are talking about the Special Ops regime, but it is easy-to-follow. You can’t be weak-willed with this program or you will give up and quit, and the Special Force doesn’t like quitters. The program isn’t for women either. Now don’t get me wrong, a woman can do the program, but it may not provide the results she is looking for.

The exercises and workouts were designed for men! Once again, this isn’t for someone who just wants to lose a few quick pounds. This system is for men who are tired of being Beta’s and want to take the lead and be Alphas. The program works if you put the time into it.

The other con for some people is that this course is completely digital. So you won’t be receiving anything physical at all! Nothing to mail. Once you order you’ll get access to the program.

The SpecForce Alpha Review Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of this SpecAlpha Review. Hopefully, you have a better idea of what you’ll get and what to expect with this program. You might think this fitness system isn’t intense, but I promise you’re about to get your butt kicked. As long as you have the mindset, which the program also teaches you about, you will definitely have a ripped body by the end of the program. It’s intense. It’s fierce. It’s the Special Forces workout regime; so you shouldn’t expect some lousy workout that will be a breeze.

If you put the time, energy and effort into this fitness program you’ll see results! The people who complain and typical ask for refunds are the ones who usually never use the product or just don’t have the will power to see the program through. Just imagine, what your life would be like right now if you completely changed your body and mindset to become an alpha male!

Imagine the way women would stare at you and how guys would respect you because they know if they act up you’ll put them in their place because you’re the alpha. You demand respect…It seems crazy, but it’s not. It can be a reality, but the question you have to ask yourself is…when can I start?

I got to admit, going through this course to review it has been a challenge, but I’m loving it! A lot of fitness programs on the market are made to fit the general public, but this one was designed for the guy who is ready to make some serious changes in their life.

Just remember, change is a process and SpecForce Alpha can be the start of that process. I highly recommend you check out the official SpecForce Alpha website if you’re interested in building a ripped and rock hard alpha male physique. Todd Lamb is the perfect teacher with both the knowledge and the experience to help you reach that goal.