Stop Fat Storage Review – Evening Ritual Melts Off 5-7 Pounds Per Week?

Here is our Stop Fat Storage review. You may have noticed that as you get older, you gain more weight around your midsection. Suddenly, it seems like unwanted fat is on your belly, hips, and thighs – and it won’t go away.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. And while there’s no shortage of products available that claim to have the answer to weight loss after 40, most of them don’t work. In this Stop Fat Storage review, we’ll explain what the product is, how it works, and who it’s intended to help…

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And we’ll also check to see if there’s any research to back up the claims made about the product, reveal the pros and cons as we see them, and give you a final recommendation about whether Stop Fat Storage is a product that’s worth buying.

What Is Stop Fat Storage?

Stop Fat Storage is an informational product that provides information about how to put your body into fat-burning mode so you can lose stubborn belly fat and get in shape.

Stop Fat Storage is a product created by a certified nutritionist who has helped thousands of people lose unwanted pounds. In the main book, you’ll get all the information you need about exercises to burn belly fat as well as the right foods to eat to jump-start your metabolism.

The product includes both digital books and videos to help you change the way your body stores fat so that you can lose weight. It includes information about:

  • Which foods to eat to burn fat
  • Which foods not to eat
  • A daily drink that will help your body burn fat
  • Simple breathing exercises to help your body burn fat

Stop Fat Storage can work with any dietary plan you choose. It features simple recipes and an easy-to-follow daily regimen.

How Does Stop Fat Storage Work?

Stop Fat Storage works by switching off a key enzyme called hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, or HSD for short. This enzyme is what tells your body to store fat in your abdomen. By eating the right foods and breathing the right way, the makers of Stop Fat Storage say that you can switch off HSD in your body and lose weight.

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The heart of Stop Fat Storage is a simple drink recipe that you’ll need to make and drink daily. It uses ingredients found at your local supermarket. It can be used with any diet plan you choose, including popular options like the paleo diet and the ketogenic diet.

Who is Stop Fat Storage Designed to Help?

Stop Fat Storage is designed to help men and women over the age of 35 who have put on extra weight and struggled to lose it. If you’re someone who has tried a variety of diets with no luck, then Stop Fat Storage might be the answer you need.


One thing that sets Stop Fat Storage apart from other diet products is that there are different plans for men and women. That’s important because of our natural hormonal differences. A lot of diet plans are “one size fits all” but this one at least acknowledges biological, gender-based differences.

What Do You Get When You Order Stop Fat Storage?

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll get if you decide to order Stop Fat Storage. As we said earlier, this is an informational product that consists of digital books and videos.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The 30-Second HSD Deactivating System, which includes the recipe for the daily drink and some daily exercises to help you deactivate HSD
  • HSD Deactivating Lunch Recipes
  • HSD Deactivating Dinner Recipes
  • Ab-Friendly, Fat-Burning Dessert Recipes
  • Estrogen Balancing Meal Plan (for women)
  • Thyroid Balancing Meal Plan
  • Testosterone Balancing Meal Plan (for men)
  • Ab Toning Exercise Video

Stop Fat Storage Review – Evening Ritual Melts Off 5-7 Pounds Per Week?

Stop Fat Storage

You’ll also get a special bonus item, the HSD Deactivating Food Guide, which explains which foods to eat to help deactivate HSD in your body and lose the weight you want to lose.

Is There Research to Back Up the Claims Made About Stop Fat Storage?

Any time we review a health product, we like to check out the research to see what the scientific community says about it. Fortunately, in the case of Stop Fat Storage, that was easy. There’s a decent bit of research available. Let’s look at a sampling of what we found.

First, we found a 2009 study that looked at the link between HSD levels, inflammation, and obesity. The researchers concluded that there was a clear link, and that HSD played a role in the body’s tendency to put weight on in the abdominal area.

Another study from the same year reached a similar conclusion – specifically, that there was a link between the macronutrients consumed and HSD levels in the body. When HSD levels are high, the researchers concluded, there is an increased risk of obesity and heart disease.

We also found a 2010 study that examined a possible link between the introduction of testosterone or cortisol (the so-called stress hormone) into fatty tissue to see if they activated HSD. They found that both hormones played a role in HSD expression and might contribute to obesity both in childhood and later in life.

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HSD Graph

Finally, we found a 2010 study from India that looked specifically at the link between inflammation and obesity. The researchers concluded that obese people were more likely to have a high percentage of inflammatory markers in their bodies. There’s a link between stress and weight gain as well, since having high cortisol levels can lead to weight gain.

The key takeaway here is that there is ample scientific research to show a link between HSD levels and weight gain. In other words, it’s reasonable to believe that switching off HSD in your body can help you lose weight.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Stop Fat Storage?

We always think it’s a good idea to look at a product objectively and compare the pros and cons associated with it. Let’s do that for Stop Fat Storage now, starting with the pros:

  • There is plenty of research showing that HSD causes weight gain.
  • Stop Fat Storage is not a cleanse, and can be used with any meal plan or diet, provided you avoid the foods that elevate HSD and drink your daily juice recipe once a day.
  • There are special plans for men and women that take hormonal differences into account.
  • Stop Fat Storage was created by a certified nutritionist.
  • Great customer service and 60-day money back guarantee offered by Clickbank
  • Safe and secure checkout

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While there’s a lot to like about Stop Fat Storage, there are a few potential cons to consider as well:

  • The results shown on the website, which include a woman who lost 26 pounds in 30 days, are not typical and cannot be guaranteed. But that is the normal with any and all diet/nutrition/exercise programs.
  • Stop Fat Storage is not appropriate for pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 18, or anybody with a serious medical condition. You should check with your doctor before using Stop Fat Storage.
  • Stop Fat Storage is only available online and some people may prefer a physical book to read which isn’t available at the moment.

Overall, we feel that the pro outweigh the cons. This is a product that’s simple to use and backed by research.

How Much Does Stop Fat Storage Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll pay to get your hands on Stop Fat Storage. The good news is that the price is quite affordable, especially when you consider that you’ll get six electronic books plus detailed videos, along with the bonus book.

The current asking price for Stop Fat Storage is a one-time payment of $37. Even if you just look at the cost of the six books that come with the main product, you’re looking at a price of a little over $6 per book.

Because this is a digital product, there are no shipping and handling charges. It’s also worth noting that the Clickbank, the official retailer of Stop Fat Storage offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee. That means there’s no real risk associated with trying this product. You can return it any time within 60 days for a full refund.

Our Stop Fat Storage Review Conclusion

Our final recommendation is that Stop Fat Storage is a product that’s worth trying. It’s not a fad diet or fast, it will work with any meal plan, and it’s affordably priced.

To get your copy from the official Stop Fat Storage website today, please click here now.