Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review – Can Dan Long’s Workout Videos Help You Get Ripped?

Here is my Suspension Revolution 2.0 review. In terms of developing your physique, do the terms “ripped” and “chiseled” describe where you want to be? Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution 2.0 lays claim to getting you there faster and better than other fitness regimens. Is his “Never-Seen Before Suspension Exercises” all they’re cracked up to be?

Read on, and you will find the truth, according to me. Who am I? I’m just an ordinary fitness geek, seeking the same ambitious results as you. Below is my Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review of Dan Long’s program. Read on to see if it is for you.

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Suspension Revolution 2.0: What Do I Need To Do To Achieve “Massive Results?”

You might have guessed that this “revolution” involves suspension. The idea behind the system is performing exercises while portions of the body are suspended in mid-air. The concept may or may not be an innovative or breakthrough approach for you, but apparently elite combat forces and pro athletes train this way and achieve exceptional results.

Dan Long claims that using his system will allow you to break through your plateaus, thereby maximizing your lean, fit appearance by burning off even your most stubborn fat deposits. He claims that this works, because you are using all your muscles, not just the ones that are targeted by conventional means, such as free weights, or machines.

Suspension Revolution 2.0

Furthermore, he claims that his exercises not only use parts of the body never before exposed to intense exercise but also contain radical new movements that your body has never performed. Does Dan’s Suspension program really work better than what you are doing now? Let’s continue with this Suspension Revolution 2.0 review and find out.

Why Do I Need Dan Long’s New Program

When you work the same old muscles, in the same old way, your body becomes adapted to your workout. This means that your body accommodates so that it does not need to change as a result of your workout. Your goal, however, is that your body does change, by burning fat and adding muscle.

As most of you probably already know, only changing the stimulus will force your body to change. What Dan Long offers in his Suspension Revolution 2.0 program is what he claims are 191 new suspension exercises that you have likely never tried, or even heard of.

He maintains that it is not the act of suspension that is the secret to the exceptional results his program boasts, but his “combination of exercises and protocols,” that can boost metabolism, accelerate fat burning and enhance muscle building.

Dan Long: What Are His Qualifications?

If you have a strong interest in defining your muscles or enhancing your athletic performance, you have probably already heard of Dan Long. He is a Suspension Trainer Expert, based in Tampa, Florida and the creator of the “Kill Mode Training Certification.”

Dan Long Suspension Revolution 2.0

He has taught professional athletes and ordinary folks like us, the world over to access proper training and become the best they can be.

In his capacity as fitness coach and trainer, he has been featured on NBC, ABC, The Health and Wellness Channel and the Fox News Channel, as well as a variety of radio broadcasts and newspaper articles.

What Can I Expect To Receive When I Buy This Program?

My Suspension Revolution 2.0 Packet included three levels of workout videos that you can follow along, as the exercises are demonstrated:

1.) Four-Week Beginner Suspension Revolution
2.) Four-Week Intermediate Suspension Revolution
3.) Twelve-Week Advanced Suspension Revolution

As you can see, these levels represent your fitness routine progression and should be used in order to maximize benefits and minimize injury or improper technique. You need to master one level, before progressing to the next.

Suspension Revolution 2.0

I also received four bonus items with my order:

1.) Core-Blasting Accelerators – These are four-minute accelerator exercises to maximize your energy and calorie-burning benefits.

2.) Steel Pumping Power Sets – These workouts combine suspension with the use of weights.

3.) Strap Finishers – A collaboration with “Mr. Finisher”, Mike Whitfield, these are short, but effective finishing workouts that you can use during cardio, intervals or any other time.

4.) The Top Ten Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does – These are unique suspension exercises that you won’t see in other programs. These will target muscles you didn’t even realize you had which will equal a lot more fat burning for you.

Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review

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The Pros And Cons Of This Program

I still have not reached the Advanced level of the program, but I have seen some results at the first two levels. This means I won’t be sending back my package before my sixty-day trial period had passed. The website indicates that they will fully refund your remittance if you are not 100% satisfied with the program and its results.

I lost fat and gained muscle, just as Mr. Long had promised, but it certainly was not without effort! This program will indeed improve the results of your workout, but it is not for sissies! My increase in energy, after trying the program for a week or so was part of the pay-off, though. I was able to complete more reps and feel more motivated as I mastered more of the exercises.

You will also need a place to “suspend,” so be prepared to have a dedicated workout area (which you probably already do). Although the act of suspending may not be the entire key to optimum use of the program, it is definitely a requirement.

The fact that all the materials are in digital form means that they are easy to access, and there are no shipping costs. You can begin your workouts, as soon as you order. I was able to get a 50% discount on the program, but I’m not sure if this is still a possibility since I bought mine some time ago.

Was Suspension Revolution 2.0 Worth the Price of Admission?

To answer the question above, I would say, “Yes.” You get a lot for your money and the materials are clear and easy to follow. I’m still working on my “suspension physique,” but I have gotten some results, even from the beginner level. Something to keep in mind though is that suspension training isn’t for everyone.

I recommend you check out the official website first so you can get a better idea of what to expect. Dan Long has an intense video on the site that demo’s some of the exercises and is pretty fun to watch.

If you can keep an open mind I think you’ll get a lot out of this type of training and in my opinion, it’s always good to have a wide variety of fitness tools and techniques to help you reach your fitness goals. Click Here To Discover How Suspension Revolution 2.0 Can Blast Fat And Build Muscle