Trouble Spot Training Review – Is Bruce And Janet Krahn’s Program Trustworthy?

In this Trouble Spot Training review, I’ll take a look at Bruce and Janet Krahn’s 3 phase training system designed to target your most stubborn body parts and transform your trouble spots. Now if you’re into online fitness and nutrition systems, then you have likely seen some buzz around Trouble Spot Training.

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As I mentioned above Bruce and Janet, the creators of this program claim it can tackle all of your toughest trouble spots. You know, your arms, butt, abs, and thighs.

Now, if this system can actually take care of those areas, then they deserve an award, but let’s first figure out if this program is everything that it claims to be because a lot of people make claims, but few back them up! So let’s dive right into this Trouble Spot Training review…

Trouble Spot Training Review

What is the Trouble Spot Training System?

The system is an easy, step-by-step instructional system that uses 3 specific phases to help you target and reshape those trouble spots. The 3 phases include a preparation phase, a fat loss phase and a trouble spot specific training phase. The program is designed for BOTH men and women. The goal was to provide a complete program that covers precise nutrition, nutrition, and a supplement protocol to really target those trouble spots.

The system goes through a variety of techniques such as drop sets, iso tension, static holds, and many more that target your arms, chest, butt, arms, and thighs, as well as other trouble areas that you can’t seem to get a grip on.

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The Creators Of Trouble Spot Training, Bruce and Janet Krahn?

So, you want to know about the creators? Who doesn’t, right? After all, you’re taking their advice and you need to make sure they aren’t some Average Joes, eating fried chicken on the couch every day. Could you imagine? Luckily, that idea will be kept to your imagination because Bruce and Janet Krahn are far from it.

Trouble Spot Training Review

They’re a husband and wife team and they have the walk and the talk to back all of that fat loss action up. Bruce is a fat-loss coach, and also provides lectures and talks on fat loss – and his secrets in this program certainly come in handy. As for Janet, registered holistic nutritionist.

So, her expertise is definitely within the nutritional section and her information on foods and your diet are just as important to your health and weight loss, toned body goals as the exercise is. So obviously, this dominating duo is definitely dominating the industry with their combined expertise.

Trouble Spot Training Review

What Comes With The Trouble Spot Training Program?

The entire Trouble Spot Training system comes with 3 different phases which I mentioned above and each of them offers something different. Let’s take a deeper look at them now.

Phase 1 – The Trouble Spot Training Main Manual – This section of the system is all about preparation and it gets your body ready for the next 2 steps. The interesting thing is that this part of the program has nothing to do with diet or exercise but it gives you priceless knowledge on things such as your hormones and even meal prep which is just as important to a successful and healthy transition.

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Phase 2 – The Trouble Spot Training Fat Loss Manual – This one is all about fat loss! It goes through everything you need to know to increase your fat loss, healthily and all through area-specific exercise and diet. You also get to learn about hormonal imbalances, and food intolerances than you may have or will experience – and you probably had no idea that it all pertains to your fat loss results.

Phase 3 – The Trouble Spot Training Muscle Building Manual  It is time to mold the statue. This phase is all about sculpting your body just the way that you want it, and everything to achieve your transformation is right here.

Trouble Spot Training Review

In addition, you also get a number of bonuses as well.

  • Bonus 1 – Trouble Spot Abs
  • Bonus 2 – Trouble Spot Arms
  • Bonus 3 – Trouble Spot Glutes, Hips & Legs
  • Bonus 4 – Trouble Spot Back
  • Bonus 5 – Trouble Spot Chest

I personally like the bonuses and honestly think they should just be part of the main program instead of bonuses, but I guess the creators had their reason for listed them as bonuses. Either way, when you purchase Trouble Spot Training you get the main course and the bonuses.

The Pros of The Trouble Spot Training Program

Some people, both male and female of all ages have sworn by this program and said it worked wonders for them. So, this is obviously a huge pro because you want a system that works. It provides people with the opportunity to finally achieve their weight loss goals, and to do so in a healthy, natural way.

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No pills, creams or supplements are needed – ever – and the Trouble Stop Program has proven that to be true.  More importantly, anyone can do it; young or old, male or female. The program is digital which means you don’t have to wait for it to be delivered. Once you purchase it you’ll have access.

Another pro, in my opinion, is that it’s backed by a 60-day refund policy. So after you put the time and effort into the program if you don’t see results all you have to do is email the creators and ask for your money back. Although you should keep in mind you do have to put the time and effort into the course to see any results, but you knew that already 😉

It’s also good to know this course was designed for both men and women!

The Cons of The Trouble Spot Training Program

The name of the entire system may be a little misleading. While there is a section of it that focuses on the troubled areas, your body is naturally going to shed the fat where it is genetically designed to come off of first.

In other words, it’s going to come off of your belly before your inner thighs, and there’s no changing this. With that said, it is a system that speeds up your fat loss and gets you to shed those pounds and if you work hard enough, you can certainly tackle those trouble areas.

As I mentioned in the pros of the program section of this review it’s a digital course so if you’re looking for a physical program then this isn’t for you. Now it’s time to conclude my Trouble Spot Training review.

Trouble Spot Training Review Conclusion

We have now come to the end of this Trouble Spot Training review. I hope you found it helpful and useful. As you guys know I only review courses and programs which are known to be credible and I get access to a lot of different courses. The good ones always deliver on the promises if someone actually puts in the time and energy, but I personally like this one a lot!

Why? Well, this is the course I used to actually help myself during my weight loss journey. As I lose more and more weight I found some weight just wouldn’t come off. I’m sure there were other workouts or methods which could have helped, but a friend of mine recommended this one.

I tried it and kept at it for 6o days and it really helped. I felt it was one of the most detailed digital courses. I use a lot of them now, but this one will always hold a special place for me. If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know this is the only one I have given a personal recommendation on.

Still, this was my results and it may vary for you, but you’ll never know if you don’t put the time and effort into Trouble Spot Training. I say give it a try and if you don’t like it, get your money back…it’s as simple as that! Before I go please keep in mind that although the name of the program implements that you will be focusing on the trouble areas of your body, you will actually be focusing on your entire body and your entire health. Tackling the trouble areas definitely comes along with that, but it is unfair to say that the program is specifically designed to do just that.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program or purchase it then you can visit the official Trouble Spot Training program by clicking on the following link:

Click Here To Check Out The Official Trouble Spot Training Website