Truth About Six Pack Abs Review


After some waiting here is my in-depth Truth About Six Pack Abs Review. I’ve just read Mike Geary’s fitness book and I thought it would be worth a read since it is currently one of the most read ebooks about fitness. With my usual healthy skepticism, I purchased the book for the reasonably inexpensive price of $39.95 and below I’ve outlined my thoughts about Mike Geary’s publication by submitting my own, Truth About Six Pack Abs Review.

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My Detailed Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

As with any other program or product, there are a few criteria that need to be established for me to even consider a purchase. The first question I always ask of someone who is trying to convince me to buy their program is, “What are their qualifications?” What makes Mike Geary competent to advise me regarding the truth about six pack abs?

truth about six pack abs

I’ve communicated with Mike Geary by e-mail and was pleased with his prompt and personal responses, which were helpful and informative. I further found articles that Mr. Geary had written for major fitness publications and that he holds certifications both as a nutrition specialist and personal trainer. The next part of this truth about six pack abs review is what you’ll gain from the program.

What Can I Gain From This Program

Secondly, I ask myself, “What is this ebook about and who can benefit from purchasing the product?” Maybe the product isn’t geared for my demographic or won’t be an effective tool for me, considering my fitness needs.

If you are unwilling to follow the program and put forth the effort, this is not the program for you, but nearly anyone who is willing to put in at least a half-hour workout at least two times per week can benefit from The Truth About Six Pack Abs fitness regime.

Anyone who is interested in flattening their midsection or losing weight can realize these goals using Mike Geary’s program. Whether you’re a guy that wants to show a “ripped” abdomen or a gal that just wants to tone or slim your belly, the program can be tailored to your needs. Let’s move on to the next part of my Truth About Six Pack Abs Review.

truth about six pack abs review

For fitness beginners or those who have never thought about the actual anatomy of the middle portion of the body, the introductory portion of The Truth About Six Pack Abs starts at the beginning. This is critical information to allow the user to have certainty that they are training the right muscles in the right ways.

The next part of my Truth about six pack abs review is I want to look at the exercises. Currently, there are twenty different exercises. They are all effective and photo-illustrated for proper execution. Many can be performed without a trip to the gym, which is great for people who don’t have much time to spend on their workout. The cardio section is, again impeccably illustrated and informs about what cardio exercises should be performed and what timing can contribute to the effectiveness of the workout.

Of course, the nutrition section is an important part of any fitness plan, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a balanced diet regime that didn’t focus on the same tired old “cut out the carbs” routine that we all already know. My favorite part is that I can do a “cheat day” on my diet plan once a week without feeling guilty. Let’s move on to the next part of the Truth about six pack abs review.

Is This A Different Type of Ab Program?

My third question is, “What makes Mike Geary’s program different from any other fitness product that I can purchase on the Internet?” What could be so different about the six pack abs program?

In a word, everything. Easy to read, informative as to what needs to be done, unique dietary regimen and cardio plan along with twenty carefully illustrated, and uniquely effective exercises targeted for realizing your goals for abdominal fitness. Now I see why no other plan I’ve tried has worked as well.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs: What Is My Personal Opinion?

The final part of my truth about six pack abs review is I must evaluate the negatives of the product that I’m reviewing and as you might expect, there are some negatives.

The main one is information overload. Lots of reading and study to master the program, but what good outcome does not require some effort? I like to read and become informed, but some may not be as willing to learn this way as I am.

Overall my impression for the purpose of The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review was positive. I found the ebook comprehensive and the sections outlining the use of equipment, such as the stability ball and stairs useful, whether you are inclined to visit the gym or just try to fit in a workout while at your job. Check out the official website to learn more about The Truth About Six Pack Abs.