Turapur Water Pitcher Review – The Best (CHEAP) Water Filter?

Here is our Turapur Water Pitcher review. Do you guzzle gallons of bottles of water because you think it’s the safest water to drink? If so, you’re not alone. Most people do the same thing, thinking bottled water is a safer alternative to tap water.

This is simply not the case. In fact, all bottled water could actually be accelerating the aging process, causing your joints to weather artificially, adding wrinkles to your skin, and creating health problems. There is a solution and this technology is already in use throughout Japan, where the average lifespan is among the highest in the world…

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And as we already know, eating processed foods can accelerate the aging process and cause harm to the body. What most people don’t realize is that this also applies to liquids.

Turapur Water Pitcher Review

It’s little secret that the human body must maintain the right temperature to remain healthy. There is also a second type of balance the body must maintain for optimal health, as well. Over the past half-century, the global population has begun to suffer from this imbalance, which is one of the leading causes of accelerated aging.

You may have heard of the free radical theory of aging. According to this theory, aging is the result of electrons being removed from the molecules within your cells. This process is referred to as oxidative damage. Such damage takes place around the clock and it is also one of the reasons that fruits and vegetables are so vital to your health; they are rich in the antioxidants necessary to block this type of damage.

Antioxidants protect your own electrons. Protection from oxidative damage is vital to stopping accelerated aging and boosting your energy levels. Mitochondria serve as the powerhouse for your cells by creating energy. When your mitochondria are attacked by too many free radicals, you begin feeling fatigued.

For the last several years, scientists have been testing the antioxidant potential of a variety of different nutrients to identify the best way to prevent accelerated aging. Now, a new technology is available that allows you to have an incredibly powerful antioxidant on tap in your own home with the Turapur pitcher.

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What This Turapur Water Pitcher Is All About

Hundreds of years ago, oxidation was not an issue. This is because our ancestors did not have to worry about such things as:

• Pollution
• Processed foods
• Fruits and vegetables covered and penetrated by pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins
• Pollution from cars, buses, trucks, and manufacturing plants
• Toxins on our fabrics, cleaners, walls, etc.
• Chronic stress from modern living
• Obesity
• Plastics
• Tap water and bottled water

Turapür Water Pitcher

Consuming a diet that is rich in antioxidants is a great approach, but in order to combat the powerful oxidation we face as a result of modern living, we must have access to more powerful defenses. The secret to this powerful antioxidant is hydrogen.

Hydrogen is considered the ultimate antioxidant because it has been proven to fight even the strongest oxidizing chemicals. Additionally, hydrogen does not react with other oxidizing agents, which are beneficial to the human body. Since hydrogen is so small, it is capable of penetrating the most vital parts of the body that need revitalization the most, such as the mitochondria.

The key to taking advantage of this powerful antioxidant is having a proper delivery system. Until recently, this proved to be challenging and expensive for the average consumer. A recent scientific breakthrough has now made it possible for the average consumer to access the antioxidant powers of hydrogen in the comfort of their own home.

The secret is water.

Not just any water, particularly tap water or bottled water will work, however. Regardless of whether regular water goes through a reverse-osmosis filter or is bottled by the best bottling company, it still cannot deliver the powerful antioxidant benefits you need to protect against accelerated aging.

Turapür Water Pitcher review

According to a three-year investigation conducted by the Environmental Working Group, the nation’s water contains more than 300 identified contaminants. Bottled water is no safer. Research from the Natural Resources Defense Council, following a four-year investigation, found that bottled water violated federal standards and state guidelines.

Stored bottled water can be even worse. A study published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology concluded that the bacteria count in bottled water can increase by a thousand times after just seven days of storage.

The key is ionization. Ionization refers to a process that converts a molecule or atom into an ion through the removal or addition of electrons, thus allowing hydrogen atoms to be released from the water. You might recall from science class that water is H20.

The H stands for hydrogen. When hydrogen is released by flowing the water through a special filtration process, the water is subtly changed at the molecular level. This is accomplished through the use of magnesium to gently react with the water.

While special machines were once required, this technology is now capable of fitting inside a simple water pitcher. Not only does this technology naturally deliver the antioxidants you need to reduce accelerated aging, but it also helps to improve the taste of the water.

This groundbreaking technology filters as well as ionizes the water using ordinary tap water. If you have ever had water fresh from a pristine mountain stream, you know how great it tastes.

The Turapur pitcher replicates that same pristine mountain stream water using water from your tap. The process is very simple. Just place the pitcher under your faucet, turn on the water, and fill the pitcher with water from your tap. The pitcher will then convert your tap water into powerfully ionized water. Even better, the pitcher is BPA-free.


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Two stages are used in this special pitcher to transform your water. First, a unique filtering layer of NSF-certified activated carbon strips is used to filter out bad odors and taste. Next, a layer of Ion Exchange Resin works to soften the water. In the second stage, minerals are used to enrich your tap water and free hydrogen from the water.

Who Is Nate Rifkin?

The developer behind this product is Nate Rifkin, who established a partnership with the inventor of the Turapur pitcher to make it more readily available to the average consumer. Besides this not a lot is known about Nate Rifkin.

What You Get With The Turapur Water Pitcher

The Turapur pitcher is currently available for just $59.95. With that price, you also receive free enrollment in the Priority Pass program. With this membership, you receive the pitcher with a new filter rushed to you.

This filter will last you for 60 days. In 60 days, you will receive a fresh pack of three filters. Your credit card will be billed $45 for the Priority Pass membership price. You will receive a new pack of filters every six months.

Click Here To Visit The Official Turapur Water Pitcher Website

Positives and Cons

The Turapur pitcher appears to be backed by a lot of solid research and science, which is comforting when purchasing a new product. While there is no guarantee, the pitcher does come with a three-year limited warranty for parts. If there is a downside to this product, it is that you will need to continue purchasing filters.

With that said, you are free to cancel at any time, so if you decide that the Turapur pitcher is not working for you or you do not feel you are receiving any benefits, you can simply cancel your membership.

Turapur Water Pitcher Review Conclusion

Overall, the Turapur pitcher is based on a lot of scientific research that makes sense. For many years, there have been concerns about the potential dangers associated with both tap water and bottled water.

Given that the Turapur pitcher comes with a warranty and you are free to cancel your filter subscription at any time, it appears to be a solid investment. You can visit the official website to learn more about this unique water pitcher.