Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – Is Rusty Moore’s Program Legit?

Here’s my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review which was created by fitness expert Rusty Moore. If you’ve been involved in the online fitness world you may know Rusty from his popular fitness website called Fitness Black Book.

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Rusty Moore is definitely an expert on a wide number of fitness-related issues such as muscle gain, fat loss, body fat levels, strength training and much more. So hopefully you’ll find my in-depth Visual Impact Muscle Building Review useful.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual impact muscle building is all about helping you to build a respectable amount of muscle in the right places while maintaining a low body fat percentage. This isn’t one of those fitness programs that shows you how to look like “The Hulk”. So if that is your ultimate end goal you would be better suited to seek out another fitness program.

The goal Rusty had in mind when he created the Visual Impact Muscle Building program was to help people develop bodybuilder physique. A good example of what this program does is to help you look physique wise like Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans or the guy from the vampire movie Twilight, Taylor Lautner.

This type of look has always been popular and seems to also be the look a good majority of women seem to go crazy over. I’m sure it has increased in its popularity due to superhero movies like Green Lantern, Captain America, and Thor. So let’s continue with my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review.

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What Does The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program Contain?

In my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review, I wanted to make sure we discussed what the program contained. Visual Impact Muscle Building is literally a three-phase routine that should take about half a year to complete. I know this may seem like a long time, but please remember these types of bodies are not developed overnight or over the course of weeks.

This is a serious program for serious people who are tired of looking just “average” and want to look like modern-day superheroes. Here is a small breakdown of the three different phases of the Visual Impact Muscle Building Program:

  • Visual Impact Muscle Building Phase 1 is almost entirely about gaining muscle in all the desired places without becoming too big and bulky. When you workout your reps are in the higher range, the rest between sets is short and the goal is to gain as much muscle as you can.
  • Visual Impact Muscle Building Phase 2 is more about gaining strength and definition, while still making you bigger. Reps this time around are in the medium range, rest between sets is short once again.
  • Visual Impact Muscle Building Phase 3 is entirely about strength. You will shed all excess weight with a cardio plan. Reps are in the low range and rest between sets is long. In the next part of this Visual Impact Muscle Building Review, I want to discuss the bonus that comes with the course.

The Visual Impact Muscle Building Bonus


Visual Impact Muscle Building also includes a special bonus bodybuilding techniques called The “shrink wrap effect” A good example is a picture below.Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

You will do this after the other three phases and ONLY after you completed the other three phases. I saw a review somewhere online where someone did this first and claimed they didn’t get any results. This person decided to give the program a bad review based on that. How stupid can you be?

If you didn’t follow the program the way it was designed how can you expect to get the correct results? Just follow Visual Impact Muscle Building to a tee and you’ll be fine. Rusty has a video that explains the shrink wrap effect in more detail on his official website and I highly recommend you check it out.

He actually has a number of different videos on his website which go into a lot more detail then I can in this Visual Impact Muscle Building review so to get a complete picture I recommend you give them all a watch.

Click Here To Visit The Official Visual Impact Muscle Building Website

In addition, when doing the Shrink Wrap Bonus you will also increase the amount of food you take in and go back to doing a higher range of reps. The muscles will look quite full and the skin will appear “shrink wrapped” around your muscles.  Generally, when you lose a lot of body fat, the skin loses elasticity. If you acquire muscle quickly, the loose skin will look very tight around your muscles. The next part of this Visual Impact Muscle Building Review let’s look at what else you get!

What Else Do You Get With Visual Impact Muscle Building?

The manual is 75 pages and 15 chapter. Most of the facts behind the workouts and training techniques are explained, in a way that everyone should be able to understand. Simple and to the point. You shouldn’t have any problems understanding the Visual Impact Muscle Building program and how to proceed.

A lot of those techniques have to do with multiple types of muscle growth (sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy), fatigue that grows over time, nutrients, and explains how different rest periods and rep ranges affect the way your muscles grow, and a whole lot more.

You also get a huge guide filled with exercises including both pictures and text. It’s pretty in-depth, more than 200 pages and has an index so you can find a certain exercise quickly. You also get some other stuff which is beyond the scope of this review.

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Also included with the Visual Impact Muscle Building system are printable workout charts, with exercises, rep range, sets and rest periods with instructions for each phase. Rusty wanted to make sure you had everything you needed to reach your end goal. Oh, before I forget Rusty also includes a pretty cool report which presents scientific findings behind most supplements.

This also includes in-depth interviews with leaders in the supplement industry. This is about 30 pages long. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of supplements, but over time I have come to realize there are a few which when used correctly can aid your ultimate fitness end goal. My personal opinion though is a good majority of them are a waste of time but do your own research because there are a few good diamonds in the ruff.

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My Personal Thoughts For Visual Impact Muscle Building

Visual Impact Muscle Building Program

After owning Visual Impact Muscle Building for about half a year and following through on it I’m pretty happy with the results. Bear in mind I was already in pretty good shape before doing it, but I really do see an improvement in my appearance.

I would have written this Visual Impact Muscle Building Review sooner, but as I mentioned this program takes a long time to complete, but when done every day it becomes like a habit and before you know it, you finished the program.

My staff and I have reviewed a number of different workouts, fitness, and diet programs, but this is definitely the most effective body transformation plan I’ve ever seen online in a really, really long time. I personally think Rusty should realize this program as some type of physical DVD system and get an infomercial going. It’s that good.  I know a lot of people that have transformed their body with it as well.

There is no lack of success stories for Visual Impact Muscle Building. Rusty really did a great job of presenting a product that over-delivered into an already crowded marketplace. As long as you follow the program you should see some really great results. It will take some time and effort, but obviously, if you’re here on this fitness review site I’m sure your an action taker and someone who follows through.

So I Should Buy Visual Impact Muscle Building Right?

Sadly I can’t answer that for you because I don’t know what your ultimate end goals are for. Everyone has different goals and you should pick a program that falls in line with your fitness goals. In my personal opinion, this program is a no-brainer if you’re truly trying to achieve the look mentioned earlier in this review.

Still, I always prefer to recommend the safe route when recommending a new program so here is what I recommend you do before spending any money.

Read all the information and take the time to watch the free videos. As of the time I’m writing this Visual Impact Muscle Building Review, there should be 4 videos on the main site.  The videos contain a lot of educational information so even if you don’t invest in the program you’ll still take some knowledge home with you.

Also, don’t forget you will always be protected by a 60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank. Let’s take a look my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review conclusion.

My Visual Impact Muscle Building Review Conclusion

Another thing to keep in mind is that Visual Impact Muscle Building is sold through Clickbank. So this means you are completely protected and Rusty also gives you a complete 60 Day Money Back Guarantee in case the program isn’t what you expected for some odd reason.

So when you combine all of the above with the contents of the program along with the training provided by Rusty this course is the perfect combination. Once again, check out the website and see for yourself. I got to run, but I hope you found my Visual Impact Muscle Building Review useful and helpful. To learn more about Visual Impact Muscle Building please visit the official website.