Wake Up Lean Review – Can You Look 1 Pound Lighter By Tomorrow?

Here is the updated Wake Up Lean review. As obesity rates continue to rise, new awareness has now been placed on the health risks associated with obesity. Even so, losing weight is not as easy as it might seem. This is particularly true for men and women over the age of 40. Now, a breakthrough metabolism mineral discovered deep in the jungles of Panama is giving people over the age of 40 new hope for losing weight.

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One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is eating so-called healthy foods. And another problem is people start working out for long amounts of time. Unfortunately, these strategies often produce little results for most men and women. In many cases these can actually cause people to gain weight rather than lose weight.

In fact, many people often focus on creating a diet built around what are purported to be healthy salad dressings. These do more harm than good because they can trigger a hidden inflammatory disease that prevent weight loss.

A shocking percentage of people over the age of 40 have a hidden condition that blocks weight loss. Regardless of how many diets you go on or how much you work out, until this condition is addressed, you may continue experiencing problems losing weight. The Wake Up Lean system is designed to correct this problem and boost your metabolism so you can begin losing weight right away.

What Is Wake Up Lean About

The Wake Up Lean program is based on secrets discovered in the jungles of Panama during the author’s trip there several years ago.

This simple 21-day system helps to turn off destructive inflammation enzymes, as well as hunger hormones and stress sensors. The program also works to activate natural fat-burning cycles using special metabolism minerals.


According to the author of Wake Up Lean, individuals who experience difficulty losing weight could be suffering from a hidden chemical build-up that has been going on for years. Most people never even realize it, only know they have problems losing weight.

This is because the body is continually storing fat. Particularly around the belly and thighs in an effort to fight a health problem that doesn’t even exist.

When left untreated, this problem can become severe and lead to a number of health issues, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The author of Wake Up Lean states that individuals who answer yes to the following questions could be suffering from this condition:

  • Do you have 5 or more pounds to lose
  • Are you feeling constantly tired
  • Have you been forgetting things easily
  • Craving sugar and sweets more than once in a while
  • Experience trouble sleeping
  • Have headaches more than once per week
  • Find that losing weight is a continual struggle

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Men and women over the age of 40 frequently find themselves piling on weight because of a hidden inflammation enzyme that only turns on after the age of 40. After an individual reaches the age of 40, the body begins building up high concentrations of inflammation enzymes.

Christiann Leeuwenburgh, chief of the Division of Biology of Aging at the University of Florida confirms that cells in the human body can actually turn against it. Some cells eventually begin to secrete a substance known as adipokines, which can result in inflammation throughout the body and cause the body to store more fat, placing an individual on the path to developing Type 2 Diabetes.


Unfortunately, such chronic inflammation often goes unnoticed while continuing to reprogram the body to store more and more fat.

As this chronic inflammation continues to spread throughout the body, it also triggers other reactions that further tricks the body into never burning fat, as it should. Among those reactions is sending fake hunger hormone signals to the brain, convincing you to eat when you are not even really hungry.

This leads to continual snacking and eating all day, causing your digestive system to work around the clock. Eventually, this becomes too much and rather than your body using the food you consume as fuel, it begins storing it as fat around the stomach, thighs, arms, and face.

To combat this problem, you must learn to avoid three belly fat triggers:

1. Constant snacking only turns on the hunger hormones and putting a stop to fat loss, regardless of how healthy you may eat.
2. Long workouts actually slow down the fat burning process
3. Dieting actually causes stress sensors to turn on, destroying your metabolism

The Wake Up Lean program is based on a 13-second food trick. This trick turns off the inflammation enzymes and flatten your belly. According to the author of the program, anyone can do this at any age. The key to the program is selenium, a trace mineral that helps to prevent oxidative damage inside the body.

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Once an individual reaches the age of 40, the body naturally creates an oxidative environment as a result of the wear and tear it has gone through over the years. As a result, organs become stressed, small cracks begin to form in the heart, and the body actually fights to store even more fat because it actually thinks you need it.

The author of this program states that it only takes 13 seconds to obtain enough selenium to release the block on fat burning and eliminate inflammation enzymes.

Who Is Meredith Shirk

The author of Wake Up Lean is Meredith Shirk. She’s a professional trainer who discovered the secret to eliminating inflammation enzymes during a trip to Panama. She is often referred to as the Slim Down Savior because she has helped so many people discover the secret to losing weight.

Meredith Shirk Wakeup Lean

What Comes With Wake Up Lean?

The Wake Up Lean system includes a 10-day belly slimming blueprint for men and women. Using a strategic 10-day sequence that is designed to work with your natural fat-burning cycles, the program does not require counting calories or giving up carbs.

In addition to the 10-Day Flat Belly Blueprint, he program also includes 5-Minute Lean Body Bursts and the 24-Hour Fat Flushing Protocol.

Wake Up Lean Review

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Positives and Cons

The Wake Up Lean system certainly includes a number of benefits. One is that it only takes a few minutes a day. This is great for people pressed for time. And who do not have the time or resources to join a gym or spending hours each week working out. This program does not require any exhaustive exercises or restrictive dieting.

There is no calorie counting or need to keep a food journal. In fact, all it takes, according to the author, is a commitment of less than one minute per day. The program is also delivered digitally. This means you can put it to work for you without waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Meredith also backs up her Wake Up Lean system with a 60-day guarantee.

And if you find the system simply does not work for you request a refund.  Meredith Shirk will send back your money with no questions asked.

As with all diet and weight loss systems, it’s important to consider possible disadvantages. If there is a disadvantage to this program, it is that there are claims that the program will produce results by the next day. While it is only natural to have some skepticism regarding such fast results, since the program is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, there is really nothing to lose.

Wake Up Lean Review Conclusion

Overall, the Wake Up Lean system seems to be backed by solid research and science. Meredith includes numerous testimonials from individuals who have actually used the program and witnessed solid results.

Wake Up Lean also includes a money-back guarantee to ensure you can try the program risk free. Since there is nothing to lose, the system appears to be well worth giving a try. If you’re interested in knowing more about Wake Up Lean you can visit the official Wake Up Lean website.