Why Squatting Heavy is NOT the best way to Tone and Shape your Butt

Hi! It’s Jess your booty type trainer,

Today we’re going to talk about why doing Heavy Weighted Squats is not the best way to tone your butt.

I’m going to take you into the gym with me and show you me doing heavy weighted squats versus using alternative booty exercises that require no equipment at all.

You’ll notice in this clip of me squatting heavy that I’m really straining to get back up to the top, because the weight is so heavy.

Versus here, when I’m squatting without weight, I’m able to really focus on and contract my booty muscles without any strain or struggle.

This is where the advantage comes in, because I can focus on my actual booty muscles rather than just straining to lift that heavy weight.

If you are not used to contracting your glutes during a squat you will most likely use your leg muscles instead which will defeat the purpose of doing heavy squats to train your glutes. (Most people are quad dominant and have a hard time activating their glutes no matter how heavy the weight).

The other huge advantage of not using heavy weights for your workouts is that you can do them anywhere, anytime.

Say you’re traveling and staying at a hotel – You can still do Booty Type Training.

If you’re at home with your kids and you’re a stay at home mom – You can still do these workouts.

If you decide you don’t want to pay gym memberships anymore – You can still do this workout

So that is a huge advantage. You don’t need to go to a special facility. You don’t need to use weights that maybe someone else is using. It really eliminates that barrier of access to equipment.

Not only will training your booty WITHOUT the use of heavy equipment eliminate the excuses of when and where you can do your workouts, it will also keep you safer from injury, and allow you better focus and concentration on the contractions of your glute muscles, which in the end is what really matters here when the goal is to firm up and shape your booty. Those contractions are everything!

Of course, squatting heavy can have amazing benefits for you. I wholeheartedly believe in strength training and working towards getting stronger.

When doing heavy squats you have to be really careful and you have to lift a weight that you can manage with good form.

In order to really develop your muscles, you need to be able to maintain constant tension on the muscle for at least 40 seconds. This is why in the Booty Type Training program we designed every workout around 40-second work intervals with 20 second rest periods.

Again, heavy squats do have their place and they serve a purpose in getting you stronger, but for the majority of women just looking to firm and tone their butt cheeks, this type of booty training using bodyweight exercises is going to be much safer and more effective for you.

I hope this inspired you to take action and get started with toning your booty regardless of whether you have equipment or not. Anyone can do Booty Type training from anywhere and it’s the safest most effective way to tone your butt!