Yoga Burn Review – Can Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Program Melt Fat?

Yoga Burn is a newly released Yoga program from Zoe Bray-Cotton, a well established instructor and trainer and in this review we’ll examine her new program to see if it can really help women melt away fat and improve their overall well-being.

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Over the last few years Yoga has really exploded. What was once thought to be a niche within the world of fitness is now considered mainstream. Fitness instructors talk about all the numerous benefits of Yoga and how it can reduce stress, but the truth is that Yoga can actually cause more harm than good when it’s taught by less than qualified individuals.

When the body is under stress a hormone known as Cortisol is released which causes the body to store fat. Sure, you feel good after doing Yoga due to the release and increase in oxygen from the breathing techniques, but the truth is your body is under a lot of stress from the movements and according to Yoga Burn this stress is causing unnecessary weight gain.

Other issues which can occur are pain from trying to perform movements which are beyond your skill level. So in this Yoga Burn review we’ll take a closer look at Zoe Bray-Cotton’s new program and see if it’s worth your time and effort.

Yoga Burn Review

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What Exactly Is The Yoga Burn System?

Yoga Burn, the new program from Zoe Bray-Cotton was created just for women so men won’t be able to find any use for this program. This Yoga program is unique in that the main goal of Yoga Burn is to help women burn fat.

Yoga, traditionally has been used for stress relief and overall well-being with fat loss a secondary benefit, but Yoga Burn focuses primarily on melting unwanted, stubborn fat. The program is offered in both a digital format and a physical format depending on how you prefer to consume the course material.

Regardless, Yoga Burn makes it so you don’t have to continue to spend money on continued yoga classes or spend time getting to class. The entire program can be done from the comfort of home during your spare time. You don’t even need a Yoga mat, but it can’t hurt to have one. The entire Yoga Burn program consist of a 12-week video series in a follow-along format.

You’ll be able to watch Zoe Bray-Cotton perform all of the moves and techniques and follow along. Yoga Burn corrects one of the biggest mistakes made my most Yoga instructors and that is body adaptation.

Yoga Burn review

This occurs when the body begins to get used to a certain technique or exercise and starts to adapt. When this happens the benefits you use to receive from certain exercises, moves or techniques no longer provide the same value or benefit. The body needs to constantly be pushed with new challenges, but it needs to be done in a progressive manner which doesn’t put stress on the body.

Earlier you’ll recall I mentioned how traditional Yoga can put stress on the body triggering Cortisol. Yoga Burn is broken down into 3 different progressive phases. Each phase prepares you for the next and none of the movements put stress on the body which means you get the benefits without weight gain.

During the course of 12-weeks the Yoga Burn program will move you through each phase which is designed to optimize fat loss and help with body shaping and toning. No other Yoga program that I’ve seen is designed for pure fat loss which makes Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga system unique. The phases are broken down in the following manner:

Her Yoga Secret

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Foundation: Phase 1 – In the first phase of the Yoga Burn system women will learn the foundation of the program and start to build a foundation of fat loss and health with their body providing the foundation.

You’ll start to develop flexibility and strength and the poses and movements are designed specifically for getting rid of unwanted fat and toning these problem areas. The movements and poses also help to enhance metabolism which promotes more consistent and rapid fat loss. Once the foundation is laid down you’ll be ready for….

Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secret

Transitional Flow: Phase 2 – In this phase of the Yoga Burn program you’ll continue to build up the strong foundation you started with phase one. This is where things really get moving and you’ll start performing body transformation poses and moves. It’s one thing to get rid of unwanted fat, but it’s a completely different issue to tone those trouble spots.

A nice addition to the second phase of the Yoga Burn program is a mood boosting second. This comes in handle with motivation and sticking with the program. Once you start toning your trouble spots you’ll move to the final phase of the Yoga Burn program called…

Yoga Burn Review

Mastery Flow: Phase 3 – This is the final phase of the Yoga Burn system and this will build upon the body transformations made in Phase 2. You’ll continue to reshape the body, improve energy levels, mood and overall health. This isn’t the easiest phase and will provide some challenge, but as long as you’ve progressed through phase 1 and 2 this phase shouldn’t be an issue.

What Yoga Burn Bonuses Are Included?

The first bonus included with the Yoga Burn program is an audio version of the program which walks you through the entire program. While most people will enjoy the video follow-along program many people enjoy performing Yoga on the beach or some place where a tablet can’t be accessed. This is where the audio comes into play. It can be downloaded onto your favorite audio device.

The second Yoga Burn bonus is a number of videos designed to help with stress relief and helps to assist the body with entering a tranquil and peaceful state of relaxation. The videos are called Tranquility Flow and are excellent quality. These come in handy after a long stressful day at work or when you just want a moment of peace.

Learn more about the Yoga Burn program and all the bonuses by visiting the official website

What Makes Zoe Brey-Cotton’s Yoga Burn Program Unique? What Yoga Secrets Does She Share?

Earlier I mentioned the fact that the Yoga Burn program us unique and what makes it unique is something by the name of Dynamic Sequencing. This is the backbone of the entire Yoga Burn program and is the true Yoga Secret behind this fat-burning yoga system.

So what exactly is Dynamic Sequencing and why should you care? In a nutshell it means you’ll performing specific yoga moves and poses at a certain time, done in a specific intensity and in a certain order. In essence you’ll sequencing together a string of specific poses and movements which trigger the production of fat loss hormones.

Yoga Burn Dynamic Sequencing

When performing these specific moves and poses in a specific order it causes your body to get stronger by responding to more intense challenges over a period of time. The difference with Yoga Burn is that these movements are done in a way that doesn’t put stress on the body so you won’t be trigger cortisol.

Think of it as a house of cards. Each card must have a strong foundation and be placed in a certain order to keep the house of cards going. If one card isn’t placed the entire house falls. Yoga Burn makes sure you always know the right sequence to get the most consistent and rapid results. According to Zoe Brey-Cotton individuals who stick with the program should start to notice results within a few days.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton

The author of the Yoga Burn program is certified Yoga Instructor and personal trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton who has helped hundreds of women get into great shape by creating a Yoga program designed for fat loss.

She decided to create Yoga Burn after hearing clients complain about their horrible results with traditional yoga instructors. This led here to develop her Dynamic Sequencing Yoga protocol which is the foundation of her program.

Yoga Burn Zoe Bray-Cotton

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Here’s a few videos showing Yoga Burn author, Zoe Bray-Cotton in action:

The Pros of the Yoga Burn Program

Yoga Burn is an interesting program since it’s rare for Yoga to focus on fat loss. This is typical left to exercise and cardio programs. So for Zoe Bray-Cotton to create a Yoga protocol designed for that purpose is pretty unique.

The pros of Yoga Burn is it’s Dynamic Sequencing which helps to reduce cortisol and provides a progressive system which keeps the body in a state of guessing which keeps fat burning hormones surging.

Due to it’s progressive nature Yoga Burn is excellent for women looking to get into Yoga without spending tons of money on classes and instructors. The program also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

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Cons of The Yoga Burn Program

No program is perfect and Yoga Burn is no different. Zoe Bray-Cotton let’s people know that it will take time to see results. This is why the program is based over 12-weeks. While some results can be seen within the first few days massive results won’t be seen until sticking with it till phase 3.

Yoga Burn isn’t for people who have a history of starting and quitting programs. While the system isn’t difficult it does require commitment. I list this under cons because for many people this will be because they want fast, quick results. The truth is that real results take a little time.

Does The Yoga Burn System Really Work?

People always want to know this answer, but when I give them my response they tend to get a little mad. The truth is Yoga Burn will work for people who want it to work for them. It’s quite simple really. You can’t get results if you don’t put the time and effort into the program.

The Yoga Burn program has already helped a lot of women transform their bodies and lives, but it does require a 12 week commitment, but for a woman struggling to lose unwanted fat this step by step system could be the solution.

Yoga Burn reviews

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Cardio and other forms of workouts put a ton of stress on the body and produce little results compared to the problems they can cause such as stress on the body, joint points and other injuries. Yoga Burn is a unique take on fat loss and the moves and poses are quite peaceful. Yoga Burn makes losing weight fun & enjoyable.

So if you tried diet after diet and workout after workout maybe it’s time for something completely new and different. You always have the 60 day money back guarantee if you feel Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn system isn’t a good fit.

I got to run, but I hope this Yoga Burn review helps provide you the information you need to make an informed decision. Right now, on the official website Zoe Bray-Cotton has a special video presentation which explains the entire Yoga Burn system in-depth and I highly recommend you give it a watch.