Young Body Reboot Review – Does Drew Allen Roberts Have A Weight Loss “Magic Bullet”?

If you’ve surfed the Internet for health, fitness or weight loss answers, you are already aware of the mass of information and misinformation that exists on the worldwide web. Have you ever stopped to wonder why, or do you, like many who are desperate to lose weight and improve their health, give every sales pitch a chance?

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We all know “money makes the world go round,” so it probably won’t surprise many of you who are reading this that profit is the motivation. That’s right, their bottom line is keeping your “bottom line” fat and ugly! Not only that, but the same overblown weight loss industry may be endangering your health and even your life!

“Just such a ploy,” I thought as I read through the threats and promises on the Young Body Reboot website! I decided to try it, though, as I had many before it. For less than fifty bucks, at worst it would confirm my fears and hopefully keep me from making the same mistake next time…uhh, maybe. Anyway, here’s my experience with Young Body Reboot and maybe my Young Body Reboot Review will help you decide whether to try it or not.

Can Young Body Reboot Help You Like It Helped Ashley Daniels?
We’ll Find Out In This Review…

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First Things, First: What Is The Young Body Reboot?

Young Body Reboot? It is something like what you might expect from the name. It’s a program that claims to “reboot” your body. What does its founder, Drew Allen Roberts claim for the results of his reboot?

Roberts says that his revolutionary book is full of tips that will help you lose weight, re-energize your life and make you look and feel younger than your actual age; a “total body makeover”. He says that you can accomplish all this without body-busting exercise routines, fitness gadgets, fad diets or pills. He even claims that one of his success stories is a forty-one-year-old woman, who was able to lose eight dress sizes and almost 60 pounds in three months! Possible? Yes. Plausible? “Not really,” I thought.

I wasn’t out to lose 60 pounds or get down to a size four dress (which I’ve never been in my life, incidentally), but I liked the “re-energizing” aspect of the program. As a 37-year-old single Mom, recently divorced and looking to create a new life, I was beyond stressed. It was no wonder my energy levels were low, with everything that was going on in my life, but I felt as though I could do better, especially when it came to meal preparation, both for myself and my 11-year-old son. I’m far from a health nut and, like almost any American, I could stand to take off a few pounds.

young body reboot

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As I read through the information provided on the website, I was looking for some affirmation that Mr. Roberts’s system was based on some sort of science. He referenced an online forum, where a particular post caught his eye.

The question posed by the forum post was, “Why can’t many folks lose weight, even though they are making serious attempts at well-respected diet and exercise methods?” The entry cited a study from a school of higher learning, located in Liverpool England. Below, I’ve summarized the basic premise of the research included in the study, as outlined by the author of the post:

young body reboot reviews

1.) Your brain chemistry actually changes as you sequentially attempt to lose weight by various methods, over time.

2.) Described as “brain damage,” the result of this “brain inflammation” is the inability of your metabolism to appropriately regulate metabolic functions, by disrupting brain-to-body signals.

3.) This, in turn leads the body to incorrectly dispense appetite-regulating hormones, sending incorrect “empty” or “full” signals back to the body.

4.) Damage incurred by the brain and metabolism is reversible.

5.) Taking the right health and lifestyle steps can put these processes back on track and renew the body’s ability to lose weight in a natural and automatic way.

What Drew Roberts found was a series of methods that were somewhat contrary to everything he had been told, and eventually, come to believe about weight loss and how to accomplish it. He scribbled down the revelations and did his own real-world research, using himself as the test subject. He later enlisted someone else to try out what he had created, and she, as well, experienced positive and life-changing results.

Drew Allen Roberts? Do I Know Him?

No, I didn’t. I do now, though. Who is he and what is his “claim to fame?” As it turns out, it’s being a middle-aged guy that looks a lot younger than he really is. “Maybe a recommendation?” I speculated. His motivation came from helping himself and, eventually a friend, who was suffering from debilitating low energy and poor health.

Drew was sort of a weight-loss fanatic, who became literally “addicted” to seeking out information on weight loss, due to his own lifetime obesity issues. Constantly searching out his own answers, he took each posted recommendation and devised a way to put it to use.

Drew Allen Roberts Young Body Reboot

He didn’t really understand his positive results, but he was achieving them. Better medical check-ups, higher energy levels, more positive libido, and the one thing that had eluded him his entire life. He was actually beginning to lose weight, and he maintained that after putting each technique into practice, his results escalated.

Since stumbling across his “aha moment” Drew Roberts put his own findings to paper, in the form of a workable system, which eventually resulted in “Young Body Reboot.” His end product is an eating and exercise primer that outlines his findings and how to use them.

Mr. Roberts has gotten some recognition, in the form of invitations to share his findings with some top weight loss experts. Among them is, Bill Phillips, author of the well-known “Body For Life” series, who boasts articles and interviews in some leading body building and fitness publications. Roberts continues to help others revitalize their health through his e-book, which I found online at

What Did I Actually Buy With My Young Body Reboot Purchase?

The product is an e-book, authored by Drew Allen Roberts that proclaims on the cover, “Lose Weight / Reclaim Your Youth / Energize Your Life.” I was hoping against hope to avoid medical expenses and fitness memberships. Here’s what the volume contained:

  • A listing and explanatory outline of foods that boost metabolism, along with herbal, vitamin and mineral supplementation advice
  • A list of potentially detrimental foods that could be side-tracking your progress and harming your health
  • Week-Long Eating Guidelines , communicating the how, what and why of the sequential steps
  • Recipes and more recipes for health-building, disease prevention and slow aging
  • Movement and exercise to shape your body (These did NOT include cardio workouts, which surprised me.)
  • Calculating and tracking tool for defining your results and helping to keep you on track.

Young Body Reboot Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The thing that really “sealed the deal,” on my online purchase? I found that the materials were easily and inexpensively available, instantly in PDF format. Not only that, but they were backed by a one-hundred percent, money-back guarantee.

My thought was, “Why Not?” I’m not sure how much the program costs now, but I was able to purchase it using the secure website and my credit card for well under fifty dollars. I had two months to decide whether I would access the “full refund” option. I figured it was cheaper than the advice of a dietician or the systematic fitness regimen of a personal trainer.

There were lots of tips, tricks and techniques to try, some of which I’m still trying to integrate into my lifestyle. I’m not too sure if everything I’ve tried has worked on it’s own, or some combination of the information provided has driven my own personal results. This is not something I’ve been able to sort out from my own experience.

Although, the program was laid out in an organized way and in simple language, I did need to do a bit of studying. I backed up Mr. Robert’s information by making sure that the things that were recommended, with which I was unfamiliar, were not potentially harmful to my health.

I would not have been able to organize the information in the system by myself, without more background knowledge and a lot of time. I didn’t quite find my outcomes as easy as he reported, but five weeks into the program, I saw and felt changes.

Changes? What Changes? My Result and Opinions in Brief

Firstly, a cautionary comment here. My results are not yet complete, since I have not yet finished my eight-week trial. However, at this time, I am unlikely to request a refund. I have experienced enhanced energy since implementing the program. I cannot yet speak to the “vitamin and mineral supplementation” suggestions either, as I have not yet used them.

I initially wanted to try the program without these elements. I did not practice dietary supplementation in an organized or regular way, before I started the program, but will probably integrate them slowly, if it seems to be a logical step after my trial period ends.

My ordinary, everyday life continues as usual. I experience stress, skip some meals, and don’t always eat as I should, but Drew Allen Roberts’ recommendations seem to be working for me. By the way, although the literature contains no cardiovascular component, this is something that I already did pre-Young-Body-Reboot.

I still don’t do any stair climbing silliness, jump roping juggernaut, or marathon running, but I do try to get in a brisk walk or recreational swim every few days. In the end I think Young Body Reboot is a solid program which I applaud for focusing on healthy habits. The information is based in science and easy to use, but for people seeking more information you can visit the official Young Body Reboot website by clicking here.

Click Here To Visit The Official Young Body Reboot Website